Name: Bruno
Gender: male
Age: 21
Key Words:
energetic, bright, optimistic

Bruno checked the altitude of his balloon and cursed. At the same time a smile lit up his face because he knew things would be getting interesting. Bruno wasn't one to worry overly. He was young and optimistic. the thought that he might die in a crash in this one time foolish adventure didn't even enter his mind, let alone crossed it.
Two days ago had he decided on what his next adventure would be. Yesterday he'd prepared, today he'd left. With a single, unmodified hot-air balloon would he fly to the Gineyan Crescent Vale Heights. After all it was said that you could only reach this mythical place by foot or by air. Bruno didn't want to be ordinary. He'd fly in. If he'd ever leave the place he'd consider walking. Or sledding down the slopes. That's the way he was and would ever be.
Bruno had dealt with troublesome situations before, but this time the danger was dire indeed. He was loosing altitude fast, most likely due to a leak and he'd barely enough fuel to make it to the next cliff. But Bruno'd be damned before he walked. With all the energy and optimism inside him he set to work and managed to get the unthinkable out of the vehicle. The balloon barely looked like one when it topped the final cliff, but it did make it. Bruno jumped off and watched as the balloon seemed to die at his feet.
"We've been expecting you." a lispy voice told him.
"It was spur of the moment." Bruno answered, looking at the blond-haired, blue-eyed man in front of him. He usually was a good judge of character but somehow he couldn't read this man.
"We know all." Dresden smiled and gestured for Bruno to follow him.

Bruno followed Dresden into the vale via a well-constructed secret door that made Bruno's mouth water in anticipation. This was every adventurer's wet dream. Secret passages, mountain retreats, dragons, lisps...
"Please go inside and wait." Dresden announced.
"Aren't you going with?"
"The eggs are better left alone." Dresden shrugged, "If one hatches you bond. if not I'll be here to pick you up in an hour."
Dresden walked away and Bruno looked around. There was a hole in the stone ceiling. Little light was coming through it, but this high up in the mountains that could mean a lot of things. Still it had been nearing sunset when Bruno had landed, it was safe to presume night was falling.
"It is." a voice yawned behind him, "I'm tired."
"Who are you?" Bruno asked looking at the light-coloured hatchling.
"My name is Luobej."

Luobej (m)




Skill Learned: Refresh (lv1)


Mate: Forest Frenuli
Skills Learned: Heal (lv2), Create Light (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Resurrect (lv3), Throw Lightning (lv2)
Shockwave (lv3)

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