Groen had been called to the planet that Star City was circling for her next bonding chance. Rumours, Thoughts, Opinions and Ideas were flying around about wheter or not the Dragonry should stay open, but in all honesty, Groen did not care much about that. She wanted a dragon, asap. It seemed like Geel and Violet had bonded ages ago and all three of them were yearning to go home again.
On site, Groen saw a multitude of eggs in different size. The smaller ones were rocking violently while the larger and largest ones were only vibrating softly. How peculiar. Groen was startled even more when the eggs smallest eggs hatched in unison, spilling out a wave of one-headed, one-tailed arx atra mons hybrids.
Groen waited, but not a single one of these headed her way.
There was a brief lull after all of the first wave had bonded, and then the middle-sized group of eggs really started rocking and cracking their shells. Who knew what signal they were responding to, but with the stage clear, the next size-group of hatchlings rolled to their feet. These hatchlings were two-headed and two-tailed, and the new secondary head was as plain and unadorned as one of Cayndra'cza's own, but otherwise they were physically identical to their first-wave siblings, complete with floating wings. Two of them went straight to the feeding tables, following their bondless siblings, but that still left three others investigating the candidates.
The next of them didn't make it to the candidates until she'd finally managed to stumble her way across the moss, her feet having somehow managed to find every available snag in the growth, while her tails whipped around and threatened to further trip her, and her bobbing heads just barely kept from bumping into each other.
"Oof!" Eldera exclaimed, as she finally collapsed on the moss near to where the star dancer Groen hovered. "I think you better keep me away from all your plants… I'll just trip on them and tear them up by the roots!

Name: Eldera (formal: Eldera'vah)
Bonded to: Groen
Gender: Female
Color/Type: Green Soldier #12
Breed: Alskyrian/Arx Atra Mons Beast/Eastern Mutt
Abilities: Fire-Breath. Telepathy. Teleportation. Venemous Stingers.
Height: 17'0"
Length: 51'0"
Genetic Rating: Not Available
Personality: Eldera'vah is a good-natured type. She's not particularly outgoing, but people who meet her and get to know her will agree she's pleasant and kind. But, she is also quite clumsy. She stumbles not infrequently, gets her tails tangled every other day or so, and regularly knocks her heads together by accident.
Cyborware: Eldera may redeem one minor cyborware token upon adult-hood.

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