Linden walked into the water. He gasped as the cold reached his body. he hesitated for a moment and then dove under with a determent look on his face. Linden resurfaced in the middle of the lake, the nearby waterfall crashing down in the lake. He had heard a treasure was hidden there. Like all boys from his age, he had dreamed of becoming a pirate. They never had too little to eat and the greatest of them were smart and cunning enough to outrun the lord's men. And still the peasants paid the Lord for protection when in fact they got none. 
Linden's family was barely surviving and now there was a new mouth to feed. Linden had thought seriously about becoming a pirate, more so than his friends. But he didn't dare. And that was bad for the self esteem of a 14 year old boy. Linden knew he had to do something to help his family. It didn't matter what, as long as he got to be brave. The treasure in the waterfall seemed to be a good place.
The mountain wall looked all slippery with moss from the shore, but down here Linden could see that climbing it could be done. there were enough foot- and handholds and when he'd fall he'd hopefully hit the water below. Linden started climbing and soon found a small narrow cave leading in. It was a good thing he was so small and thin. 
Once again he congratulated himself on being the smallest boy in the class. He was fast and witty and knew how to outrun the older and bigger boys. And more importantly how to make a fool out of them. He smiled. He would be the best pirate in the world!
His fear of being caught was forgotten and Linden looked further in the cave. Trying to see what was in. The cave was dark and suddenly he remembered the ghosts of the boys that had gone in before him were said to still roam here. His fear returned and he had to swallow a lump down his throat to breath again.
No turning back now. he thought and went in.

"Who goes there?" a deep voice suddenly asked.
Linden jumped and nearly broke into a run back outside. But fear froze him entirely and he felt like he weighed a thousand ton.
"Ahh, a brave one." the voice said.
"Who, who are you?" Linden asked.
"I'm the guardian of the gate."
"There isn't a treasure here?"
"Only a treasure of knowledge and countless ways out of this place." the voice said.
"What happened to the others?" Linden wanted to know.
"They ran back and fell into one of the crevices. But you haven't run."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"I can't move my legs."
"Hmmm, I didn't do that."
"Are you going to kill me?" Linden finally dared to ask.
"Why no."
"Than what are you going to do?"
"Guard the gateway."
"Isn't that boring?"
"No, just a bit lonely."
"I can come visit." Linden remarked, feeling sorry for the Gaurdian.
The guardian was silent for a few moments.
"I think I would like that." he finally said.
Linden didn't quite know what to say.
"I know, I'll give you a reward for your kindness." the gate said.
"Gold? Money?" Linden asked.
"No, those riches pass, I will give you access to the gateway."
Better than nothing Linden thought.
"You will be allowed to pass freely between worlds and all I ask is to tell me what you've seen."
"How do I start?" maybe there'd be riches on the other side to help his family.
"I will show you the first world. It's been intriguing me for a very long time now. It's called spectral Rhea and they have dragons there."
"Dragons?" Lindens eyes grew large with fear.
"Not bad dragons, companions to help humans."
"I could use someone to help me." carry my riches he finished the hought.
"So you could." the guardian said and a soft glowing portal opened on Linden's right.
"Go." the guardian said and closed his shining gold eyes.
Linden stepped through and held his breath. The next second he was in a dark forest. People running around him. They hadn't even seen his grand entrance or else they didn't care.
"A newcomer he." a girl spoke behind him.
"Er, yes." Linden answered.
"Well, go on, the dragons don't wait you know." she smiled at him and showed him the way to the eggs.

"You'll have to get her some toys." the girl told him when the small forest dragon had chosen him.
"I have? But I don't even know what she likes!"
"Don't worry, you'll know what to get her."
She led him to a big storage room, filled with food and toys. "Just pick." she said.
Little Eiken, as he had named his dragon followed him and snorted at all the toys he touched. Finally she pulled him into the direction of the plant section. There Eiken hugged a tree.
"How am I ever going to get that out?" Linden asked.
The girl pointed to the pots and said, "Don't worry, we have smaller trees than that."


"Can we go on an adventure Linden?" Eiken asked her bond.
Linden thought for a moment. It had been quite a while since they had last passed through the mountain. Guardian might like to see them again.
"Sure." he said and smiled.
Eiken jumped up and down in their small cottage home. Though Forest dragons were small, they weren't exactly teeny and Eiken bumped her head continuisly against the ceiling. She was too excited to be hurt though.

A mountain landscape appeared below them. Linden was glad he was on Eiken. Linden was glad Eiken could carry his light frame in flight. Guardian hadn't exactly put them where he had asked him too.
"Where are we?" Linden asked.
"It looks like a Valley!!!"
Indeed. Linden saw the mountain face parting in front of them. Green pastures, steep mountain sides and a river flowing below it all.
"It's pretty." Eiken said.
Linden agreed. The scenery was breathtaking, but what were they supposed to do down here? Guardian always sent them for a reason.
"A dragon!!!" Eiken exclaimed.
"Down below! He's sleeping."
"Yes a very lovely he."
Linden slapped his face. He didn't want to hear girl talk at this point in time. It was hard enough having a female dragon when it came to passing young things. Young dragons, young humans, young animals... everything they wanted to mother. At least Eiken had some sense of adventure in her to make up for all the girlish stuff.
Eiken landed beside the sleeping dragon and looked at him.
"He's older than me." she said.
"He is?" Linden couldn't see any difference.
"What are you doing here?" A voice asked.
"Oh sorry, we weren't disturbing your..."
"Vlyl. the man said.
Linden looked back and got the urge to thwap his head as he saw Eiken laying beside the other green dragon, tails entwined with a sleeping smile on her face.
"I think we have a match." he said and left it at that.




The Boy

NAME Linden
AGE 14
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Appearance Small and thin

The Dragon

PARENTS Wild Clutch 3
MATE Valley Vlyl

Linden is a Candidate at Spectral Rhea