Rising Fog
Subtle like winter's Rain
Hidden dreams
Followed for ever in vain
Oh torturous Fog
Play not with my mind
Tell me the secret
For my dreams to find

Greyne watched as the fog lifted a bit. She didn't know this place. One minute she had been out in the gorge, the next she had seen the iceblocks tumble down toward her... and now she was here. Wherever here was. The place seemed deserted and everything seemed black-white. There was a lake in the distance, a small gazebo at it's edge. Greyne didn't know how she knew the words for these strange structures. She had never seen one of them before.
Suddenly a shadow flew overhead. A bluish shadow. The first colour she had seen since she had gotten here. The shadow noticed her too. She was still coloured... still flesh and blood, was she?
"Who are you?" it echoed
"What are you doing here?"
"I don't know." Greyne sat down and stared at the gazebo.
"I live there."
"Who are you?"
"I am Hazen... No-one has ever entered my part of the world."
"What world? Am I still in Iceland?"
"No. Spectral Rhea... Though this isn't really a place. It's more of a non-place. Something that doesn't exist." the creature spoke.
"Do I still exist?"
"You are here... You think. What do you think?"
"That the blocks killed me."
"It could be."
"Will you stay with me?"
"Do I have another choice?"
"Not really... there is no way out." the creature said landing beside her. He was blue with feathered wings and horns. Blurry at the edgs for some reason. Greyne looked down at her hands... She was rather blurry too. And transparent... a thing that frightened her.
"My name is Hazen, Greyne. Welcome to Fogged Road"

Haizen was received as a prize at Spectral Rhea
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