I don't have her yet, but I will receive an egg soon...for the time being I went crazy on getting toys for her :)
I got her this really cool little green dragon plushie at the AAD shop to help her sleep in the dark ocean's night. And a ball to play with in the waves, sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow. And, how could I forget about this, she will be a seadragon, so she'll have fun playing with the ever cool AquaShee Dolly.

I got Sering today! Well her egg. Sering will be a beautiful female seadragon with her black and blue colours. I hope she and Levit will get along good....but you never know.

Sering hatched! Well, she hatched some days ago, but i just wanted to play with her for a while before i put her up for everyone to see. She's such a pretty little dragoness I could cuddle her to death....really.
I've gotten to know her a little better, although she still sleeps 20 hours a day. She's very sweat and caring when not sleeping though. She and Levit share a nice secluded beach-area. And when the tide gets high, she gently pushes him back.

Sering grew to childhood today, she's very pretty and mostly swims. She and Levit do play together now and again, but mostly they are too busy training. When they need to sleep however, they still cuddle up besides each other. She likes playing with the AS dolly.

Sering is a beautiful serene teen. She has no problems what so ever and likes to read and write stories when the sun is setting. She has a very good imagination, although her stories always feature a small seahorse named Plotsy. I don't know where that came from.

Sering is a beautiful adult now, graceful and gentle, swimming the waves...