I don't have him yet, but I will receive an egg soon...for the time being I went crazy on getting toys for him :)
I got him a rainbowcoloured ball and a nice red dragon plushie and a cool winged ettin dolly to flutter around with him.

Today I got my egg :)
This my friends contains Levit. For obvious reasons I can't say much about him because he is still in his egg. I can say however that his colours are black and orange.

Levit hatched! I had him rest for a day or two so he could be up smiling here. He's pretty feisty if he's not sleeping, but he sleeps even more then Sering.

A few day after his hatching, Levit is now a full child. He's training his wings at the moment, if the wind is right he can lift himself 2 inches from the ground! He's determined to fly as soon as possible. And when he's not training, he's usually playing with his ball...he keeps the dolls close to his bed for the spooky dark nights.

Look! Levit is a raging teen now. When you see him running toward you, please lay down and hope someone gets there before he has a chance to play with you :)

Levit runs and flies, toys and shouts. He is adult...