This is Elena's Egg. She's a wind dragon and I hope she'll be pretty. Soon her egg and Levit and Sering will move to a small beachy cove on the Isle of Gineya. I know they'll like it there and I hope of getting one more dragon before starting to make up breeding charts. Of course my plans involve world domination }:)

They have moved. Elena was really awed by the huge amount of space in her new home. The old pages had been small, certainly now Levit and Sering had grown to adulthood. It was a bit sad though to hatch and immediately have to leave a place. Levit and Sering told her Tri Peak Isle had been beautiful.
Elena can't wait until she is a bit bigger when she will be able to fly. Exploring by walking with wings flapping behind her isn't quite comfortable.

Elena was taking her first steps out. She would conquer.
She screamed as she fell, but soon found her wings slowed her fall. She flapped and cried out in triumph as she seared higher. She flew!

Of course, little birdies don't fly long...Teen dragons however can fly for miles and miles. Elena loves it too. Searing through the sky, flapping her wings above the Crescent vale mountain range and laughing as she outflies the child and novice Wicena's.