AYurgan B

Yurgan turned around in the forest breathing in the deep moist smell of the forest. At moments like this, when she was all alone with nature and her thoughts -which were in essence one- she was the happiest person on the planet. Moments like these had been known to make her smile and goof of.
"Like I'd ever goof of..." Yurgan smiled whispering as she closed her eyes and dreamed away on music.
"Of course I am."
"Quit talking to yourself, it's a sign of madness."
"Quiet you!" she told her serious side.
Why should the serious side be in control all the time anyway? Some times people had to have fun or they went crazy, climbing towers with guns or going into a lake and never coming out.
"Those are totally irrelevant facts." the voice of reason told her.
"Those things happened for real."
"To people who were schizophrenic or depressed already."
"Shush! Speaking to oneself is a sign of schizophrenia."
Her voice of reason didn't have an answer against that remark and remained silent. However she turned it, the voice of reason would never win. It couldn't get above the loud screaming of her heart that told her to run through the forest, fall down and frolic with baby dears. Ok maybe not the dears though she would have loved frolicking with them. Owls would have to do if she could get them to stay close enough.


An hour later Yurgan was busy tending a rather hurt tree. Someone had used it's base as a camp and charred half the roots. Yurgan felt very sorry for the tree. Not only had someone burned him -or her, let's not be sexist- half to death, but also, and much worse for an ancient tree like this, someone had dared made it accessory to a crime. 
"Sorry for this." she told the tree and waited.
A soft breeze blew through it's leaves, making them rustle softly in the wind. Somehow Yurgan got a sad feeling. She blamed the tree. She had always been over-sensitive to emotions. People had teased her when she was younger. She could still remember her little brother go: "So what is this coffee mug thinking, Yurgan? Is it mad that I didn't use a coaster?"
"No but mom will be if I tell her."
Yurgan grinned. Her brother had been one of the easy ones, always a step behind. Other people hadn't been so friendly. One day Yurgan had given up feeling emotions and telling about them. She felt and did nothing. But not in the forest. When she was alone she could do whatever she felt like doing.
"Even running naked through the bushes, hugging trees wherever I see them." she said. 
Some ignorant lady had thought she actually did that when she had gone around asking for money. Unbelievable. At one point the lady had almost thrown her out of her house saying she was a no good hippie secretly storing nuclear bombs in a WWII shelter in the forest she was tending. Like hippies kept nuclear devices so close to where they lived. Now if she was ever to keep bombs...
"Crazy!" the voice of reason warned.
"Careful." The voice of illogic replied, "It's always good to know where the bombs are."
"Where was I?" Yurgan suddenly interrupted her thoughts.
"Oh yeah, the crime."
It was highly dangerous to start fires during summer. Why on Earth anyone wanted to make them was beyond Yurgan.  You had to go through all the hassle just to get permission for camping. Everyone knew who had camped where and when. Everyone knew fires were forbidden (unless contained in a metal box because then they couldn't find evidence). And still they found burns. Luckily there had been rain. Yurgan sighed. She knew she wouldn't get any more work done until she found out who had hurt the tree and given them a rather long and tedious lecture on forest care.


Yurgan was at the office of Forest-control looking through files. The fire had only been a few days old.. otherwise the rain would have cleaned the site. Going through the files was easy, getting the file past the secretary was not.
"You know I'm good for it!" Yurgan tried.
"Oh no you're not! Last time the file nearly got washed, dried, sucked up by a vacuum cleaner and eaten by wild dogs." Irma said, "You're not getting it."
"But I need it!"
"And I need to keep my job." Irma said.
"Can I at least copy the address then?"
"Now see, you can get solutions if you try hard enough." Irma said sarcastically
"Thanks Irma."
"Just don't let me hear any complaints about your behaviour."
"You won't." Yurgan said smiling nicely at Irma...."Because when I'm done they won't dare to come anywhere near this place ever again."
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that."
"Having trouble with your ears?"
Yurgan left the bureau laughing. Irma was always good fun. She seemed very strict and rational but she was just as big a goof as Yurgan. She wouldn't tell a soul she had taken the address. Yurgan took her bike and rode up the long downhill road toward the address she had copied. At least it was a downhill drive, she told herself.
"Riding is good for the environment and your figure." the voice of reason told her.
"Shut up!" Yurgan never liked her voice of reason, the thing was too confident. Some people around her looked her way and Yurgan suddenly realised she had been talking out loud. She rode even faster, trying to conceal her blush by bowing her head to the ground.
About five minuets later -feeling slightly better- Yurgan arrived at the address where the criminal resided.
"Don't you just love words like resided?" she asked herself.
"I'm not too fond of them." her voice of fun told her, "too high up."
Yurgan shook her head and resumed a more normal social attitude. People didn't like her coming to visit with all her voices wide awake and talking. Yurgan could understand why, they were a bold little bunch. Voice of reason never liked the cookies while Voice of fun always asked for more... They just didn't get along. Yurgan reached the door and knocked. When no-one opened the door Yurgan went around the house. The gate wasn't locked so maybe someone had broken in and left the owner to bleed to dead. She was doing her duty as a civilian and one of the good guys.
No-one was in the back yard. Yurgan walked up a porch and looked through the windows. She didn't see a soul. She shrugged and turned around. Suddenly she noticed something. had that door been unlocked and open? She couldn't recall if it had. Carefully she approached it and went in the house. She was now a criminal... of course she didn't pull innocent trees into her shortcomings as a person.
"Hello?" she asked.
A noise came from her right. She turned, but too late. Something hard knocked her down. Yurgan fell to the floor, bumping rather hard to the wall. She gasped for air and pulled the thing that was blocking her view - a rather big boom box- out of the way. 
She heard more noises to the left in what seemed to be a kitchen. Yurgan got up and ran inside. No-one had ever knocked her down before. That was just something you didn't do. Once inside she wished she hadn't gone in however. The person that had knocked her over wasn't normal. His eyes were big and his legs and arms were thin, with veins running almost on top of the skin.
Yurgan took a step back, but it was too late. The man grabbed her. He pulled her close. So close she could smell his breath.
Yurgan shook her head, blinking her eyes against the spit that had flown in.
"Oh, but they all are. I do that to them. And I will do it to you."
Suddenly Yurgan felled a pulling sensation. She blinked her eyes and when she opened them she was not in the house anymore. The man was still holding her. More by reflex than by actual reasoning she kicked his chins and pulled away. Yurgan fell down into the grass and stayed there for a while. When she looked back up the man was gone... but on the place where he had stood she felt anger and she was certain she could almost hear: "Nooooo." fading away.
Yurgan shuddered. She was tired and shaken by her experience. Not to mention she didn't know where she was. The sky was blue, the grass were green, that was all ok, but she had never seen the houses in the distance.
Yurgan turned around startled. A man, younger than her, still boyish in his looks stood behind her. Yurgan studied his face, looking for elements that weren't good. But she couldn't find any. He seemed a rather good fellow, sturdy and dependable -words she despised when used to describer her self-
"Where am I?" she asked.
"Usually you introduce yourself first." the young adult said, "I'm Tai and you are on Spectral Rhea."
"Spectral Rhea?"
"Don't think about it. People get here in weird ways all of the time. And when they do it is my job, "he pointed at himself, "to get them to the nearest hatchery. They always get here for a reason."
"I'm Yurgan." Yurgan said, "I got here by accident."
"Pretty normal."
"What's a hatchery?"
"I'll tell you all about it on the way there." the man said and whistled.
Not far off a dust cloud appeared and a large yellow creature appeared. Yurgan shrugged. Seeing as the creature didn't hurt this scrawny figure, it wouldn't hurt her either. Plus it seemed well trained.
"Come on. The eggs won't wait." Tai said and crawled on the creature.
As Yurgan crawled behind him he started:
"This is a dragon. There are several species...."

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The Tree Doctor

NAME Yurgan
AGE 27
Eyes Oceanic Blue
Hair Bark Brown
Appearance Tall and professor-like with glasses and a pony tail

The dragon

PARENTS Forgotten :p

 Yurgan is a Candidate at Spectral Rhea
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