Mieke's Realm of Dragons

Twilight Star guards the candidates ever so fragile on their journey to impress a dragon.
Music playing is "Open Arms"

Mike and Green Lilimasith
Menygma & Moon-Obsydian Snow Mavysle & Sun-Obsydian Snow-Horned Kirdoek
Kyron &???

Shadow Dragons
Matrix and Small Air Shadow Huldra
Kyara & Queen Air Meliva
Kendgy & Weak Air Medsyk
Malpsychan & Horned True Chaotic Irszer
Koldiceen & True Chaotic Berkansz

Holiday Dragons
Myriam and Obsydian Blood-Opal Serena (f)
Prof Kofar and Silverlight Dawn Kevin (m)
Kilimay and Dawn's Blood Elliot (f)
Prof Movolsky and Mind's Desire Cox (m)
Marix and Purple Jesse (m)
Kariny and Pink Amanda  (f)

Keltic Spirit Glade Dragons
Kalysa & Snow Yceran
Kivara & Flower Chidellen
Korona & Storm Hael

Special Dragons
Mountain-Fire Lanfear (birthday)
Forget-Me-Not (gift)