Naugur & SiGerath

Name: Naugur
Age: 18
Gender: Male 
Species: Human
Origin: A Nexus-connected World

Description: A very skinny, 5'6 tall, ruddy young man with slightly curly, extremely long, sandy hair that reaches all the way to his ankles. He has large brown eyes that have flecks of green in them. 
Personality: Envious, High-strung and Charismatic
Short Bio: He was Searched a while ago, after presenting themselves at the Dragonry as a possible candidate, but failed to bond at first; he agreed to bond a dragon to follow a friend or fellow candidate.


Naugur looked across the hatching sands. He'd assigned himself as a candidate some time ago after seeing one of his friends get searched. If Riucol got searched than he would do just as well. Riucol had impressed a blue on his first hatching while Naugur had been left standing. But that didn't matter because Naugur knew that the right dragon was out there for him. 
Most people found him a bit difficult at first contact, thrown by his high-strung personality and obvious flaws. Mostly though, they warmed to him quickly because Naugur really was just as he appeared to be. He didn't like being left behind or not getting the same as another. He was high maintenance and jittery. But he was also outgoing, honest and charismatic. People flocked to him once they knew him.
And for this, Naugur knew he wasn't a bad person. Things would work out for him.
"I see you know yourself." a brown dragon sent as he approached him.
"Self-knowledge is the root of wisdom." Naugur replied.
"I like that. I think we're a step in front of others. Let us join together and climb the ranks."
"I'd love to, Sigerath."

Name: Sigerath
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Size: 35' long
Parents: Gold Mirheth x Bronze Atreyuth
Species: Pernese Dragon
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Origin: Darkling Dawn Weyr
Personality: Not easily upset, Smart and Disdainful


Naugur and Sigerath had worked hard to find their place in the wings. For now they were still new and training, but one day they aimed to be wingseconds or maybe even wingleaders. Everyone could dream. Dreams and aspirtations meant you had motivation to work. 
"I'm excited for today." Naugur couldn't help but say. His level of tension was already pretty high.
"I have no doubts." Sigerath told his rider.
"Well aren't you cool as a cucumber." Naugur replied, "But that's a good thing."
"Just don't distract me and I'll win this flight." Sigerath said.


Lantessama Isle