Keneopo & Jaryth

Name: Keneopo
Age: 21
Gender: Male 
Species: Human
Origin: Nexus-connected world
Description: A slender young man, 6'2 tall, with straight hsandy hair that reaches to his shoulders and is streaked with purple. He has round green eyes. 
Personality: Quiet, Scared and Cheerful
Short Bio: He was Searched not at all, but managed to end up on the sands by accident; he agreed to bond a dragon because they have nowhere else to go.


Keneopo shook his head, wondering where he was until it all came back. His head pounded, not from the fall, but from the heavy drinking the night before. He and his mates had ended up drinking too much and somehow it had seemed like a great idea to check out the hatching cavern. He faintly remembered them sneaking through the weyr's halls and then meeting the eyes of the gold dragon that was the mother of this clutch. He'd been mesmerised by the swirling colours of her eyes. 
He must have fallen asleep in some hidden alcove or something. Keneopo was surprised he'd slept through the people entering the caverns. But now he was coming to his senses. And that meant he became conscious of the many eyes that were upon him. Disapproving eyes most likely for having disrupted a hatching. He guessed that meant he might never be able to visit Pern and it's dragons again. Well there were more places in the nexus anyway...
"Don't you like Pern?" a quiet but amused voiced asked.
"Of course I like Pern." Keneopo answered, "I'd love to stay for a while, Jaryth."
"I think no-one will find fault in that."
"Because you'll need to train with me of course."


Name: Jaryth
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Size: 32' long
Parents: Gold Jhajerth x Bronze Argaeth
Species: Pernese
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Origin: Darkling Dawn Weyr
Personality: Humorous, Quiet and Easy to get along with


"Are you ready?" Jaryth asked his rider as they left their weyr.
"Are you? You'll be doing the work." Keneopo returned.
Keneopo ran a hand through his sandy hair, the purple streaks a reminder that he was a bit of an odd bird in the Weyr. He wasn't from pern originally but had made it his home after bonding to Jaryth. He had no intention to leave. And that meant fully engaging in everything Weyr life had to offer. And today that meant a mating flight.
To be honest he was a bit nervous and shy about entering such a thing. But as Jaryth had reminded him, it was a commonplace thing. And Jaryth really wanted to test his mettle. Though his dragon was easy-going and quiet, he also had a strength and a drive to complete the things he started. 
"You'll be okay, you'll see." Jaryth said and added with a small chuckle: "Good luck."
"Yeah yeah. Get on with it."

Lantessama Isle