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Give-away Character by Ktrenal

Name: Sieyia

Description: 5'7" tall, athletic build, cool brown skin, amber eyes, long black dreadlocks
Personality: Hard-working, Responsible, Serious 
Short BioSieyia grew up at the docks of a southern seahold. Her mother worked in a shop doing laundry and mending clothes and her father was a sailor. Sieyia made no attempts to hide that she preferred her father's company and her mother took it in stride as her daughter voiced very few preferences. Sieyia was diligent in all that she was told to do and her parents wished they could have provided a better education. But a dragon isn't all that interested in booksmarts and when the searchriders came to the hold, Sieyia was picked out without delay. 
HobbiesSwimming, enjoying nature.
Skills: Mending sails, she has very even stitches when sewing.

BondBrown Aivelth from Sithean Weyr


Sitting towards the back of the hatching sands was a relatively unobtrusive egg. Not small by any means, but so entirely average in appearance that it was easily overlooked. Its hatching went almost entirely unnoticed, when a handsome caramel-hued brown dragon made his entrance into the world. He didn't hesitate in his choice of rider, however, moving determinedly towards Sieyia. Now he drew attention, just through the focus of his movements, but that didn't matter to him.
"I'm here, Sieyia."

Personality: Reliable, Focused, Glamorous
Size: Average Brown


Sieyia watched as Aivelth paraded down the Weyr. The caramel-brown dragon carried himself with the grace of a bronze while retaining the practicality of a brown. He didn't pretend to be anything he was not but his self-confidence was charming to anyone who saw him. Add to that his tendency to focus on others and many a female dragon had expressed interest in Aivelth as a suitor.
"Has the one finally appeared on the boards?" Sieyia asked.
She couldn't remember how many times she'd asked this question and her fellow dragonriders, especially those impressed to female dragons were probably all stretching their ears to hear the response her dragon would give.
"She has." the exalted reply came, "Can you please sign us up?"
"Of course." Sieyia smiled.

Lantessama Isle