Samuel (Sa'l)

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Name: Samuel
Gender: Male

DescriptionA muscled young man with a dark skin, brown eyes and short black hair. Samuel is large but he doesn't stand out and not many would find him threathening. He is very strong though because of his work with horses.
PersonalitySamuel is a calm, collected man who doesn't speak much but listens to what happens around him. He is very good at keeping secrets and would not exploit his knowledge to get ahead in life. Instead he prefers to keep to himself and sometimes, if he really likes a person, he'll help in a subtle way.
Short BioSamuel was born in a large hold to his parents who were drudges. He was never meant to rise far in life but his exceptional talent with the horses (and other livestock) earned him a job at the stables.
HobbiesRelaxing with the horses, caring for them.

Pets: -
BondBrown Aoneath from Sithean Weyr


Samuel spent most of his time in the stables. He had a little cot in the corner and generally felt more at peace when he was around the horses, even at night. The lord holder didn't mind him sleeping there. In fact it probably saved him the cost of a guard although no thief would be intimidated by Samuel, no matter how big he was. The tall young man wouldn't hurt a fly.
But when nature struck in the form of fire or storm, Samuel's presence generally helped keep the horses calm. They were his priority and he didn't doubt that he would risk his life to save them. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that. Samuel much preferred calm and quiet days. He felt most at peace when he was grooming the horses anyway. There was little else that could hold his attention. He'd never been a good student. But what good was reading, writing and arithmatic to a stable boy? He just needed to be able to know what horses there were and how they liked their food.
A sudden commotion outside disturbed the horses and nervous whinnies went up in a couple of the stables.
"No need to worry." Samuel said, "It's only a dragonrider come to visit."
He'd been warned upfront by the head of the stables that the Lord Holder was expecting a visit today. No doubt they would talk about the tithes they owed the Weyr for their protection and maybe there would be talk of a flight in the near future. It had already been some time ago since the last one and a healthy Weyr needed plenty of able dragons to defend them from thread. That meant some of the herdbeasts would be sacrificed to be drained by one of the queens. If they were lucky they'd be able to use the meat but that wasnot always the case. The gold dragons were big and some had a large appetite. If that was the case though, Samuel would have to keep the horses inside so they wouldn't get spooked, or worse...
Once the dragons were calm, Samuel went outside to see if anything had been decided. A blue dragon filled the pasture outside and the stablehand couldn't help but stop and stare at the big beast. It's muscles flexed and it's wingsails flapped lazily as it seemed to be stretching it's wings in the afternoon sun.
The dragon suddenly noticed Samuel's presence and stared back at him. Samuel froze and wondered what to do. He politely bowed his head in greeting. Before he could do anything else, the dragonrider exited the hold and noticed him.
"No need to be shy." the man tapped his back in reassurance, "My dragon here thinks you might be a good choice to stand for the clutch of our senior queen. She's due to rise any day now. I guess he's getting a headstart on his search-duties."
Samuel didn't know what to make of the overly jovial man. Was he joking or was he talking seriously? So Samuel just nodded and tried to get on with his work. A flight would mean selecting the herdbeasts they'd offer and putting them in a wide enclosure.
"He's not joking." the dragon suddenly spoke in his mind, "I'll be coming back for you."


Samuel waited at the egde of the hatching sands. He could touch the wall by stretching out his hands but refrained from doing so. He'd always been patient and he didn't want to run around and spook the hatchlings. Some of the other candidates seemed to not know better. They tried to jump in front of wandering hatchlings, causing some of them to be injured. Samuel knew it was important to let newborns get their bearings first.
About halfway into the hatching, the stableboy felt eyes upon him. And not the eyes of spectators, these felt unusual. Looking around, Samuel made contact with a brown hatchling that sat in the remains of his broken shell.
"Waiting is good and all, but I'm getting bored." Samuel heard in his mind.
"We can't have that." Samuel replied.
A few seconds later a name popped up in his mind: "Aoneath."

Personality: Stable, gentle, sarcastic
Size: Large Brown


"Looking at the ladies again?" Aoneath asked.
Sa'l, as Samuel was known around the Weyr, smiled and replied: "You know me better."
"I can only hope that you suddenly develop an interest by my mentioning it."
"You can surely try." Sa'l agreed.
In fact, the dragonrider agreed that the time was approaching where he should be starting to pay attention to the occasional flights. Bed partners were easy to be found and affections were freely given if one sought them out. But Sa'l had never been one to look for lust alone.
"Who says we need to stop at lust?" Aoneath poked, "I don't mind a more lasting connection."
"Let me know if there's someone who catches your eye." Sa'l suggested.
"You do the same."

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