Name: Ynu
Age: 23
Gender: Male 

Description: Ynu is a lanky young man, with shaggy brown hair, long arms and legs and a voice that hasn't quite recovered from puberty and still sometimes rises without warning. His skin is pale and prone to sunburns and since he's not used to the heat he is usually red and sweaty. Ynu prefers to be alone, but he's often around his two younger sisters to make certain they don't get into trouble. He's very protective of them.
Hobbies: Walking in solitude, reading. 
Skills: Calm contemplation and common sense. 
Family: His parents work in the Weyr as supportive personnel. He has two younger sisters, Asha and Asia
Blue Aoee (m) from Eriol Weyr
Bond: Brown Nirath from Alternate Benden Weyr

Rukbat’s gentle rays pressed against the aged stone of Benden’s immense Bowl, but did little to alleviate the persistent winter chill.
Ynu and his sisters were working through one of the many chores they’d been assigned since arriving in Benden. This morning they were cleaning the herdbeast pens. It was something they'd helped with before but that didn't help with the smell.
Suddenly though, Ynu and the other candidates were ushered back to the barracks to change into their white robes. What followed was a chaotic dash to make sure they were on time for the hatching. The three siblings only made it in the knick of time. On the Sands, the first shell cracked as Akyth thrummed a lyrical welcome, her pale hide glowing faintly in the thin, wintery light. Danath settled at her side as the dark, wet nose of their first hatchling peeked through. Eyes whirling a tranquil blue, Danath added his own deep warble to that of the queen - the thrum picking up as the hatchling struggled free. Determination seemed to be the youngster’s trademark, as the little one finally spread their bronze wings wide 
More eggs were shaking, with a trio of greens bursting free to find their intended while the female bronze eventually made her way up into the Stands to choose her rider from among the spectators. Akyth seemed pleased with herself, and gently nosed a small gathering of eggs that had been shaking vigorously while the bronze made her selection. Before long, another set of greens emerged, along with two browns. Initially, the browns seemed to stare at each other for a long moment, then the lighter of the two marched off to find his match in Ynu, announcing his name to be Nirath.


Ynu worked with Nirath and felt that they were well-matched. The cooler Northern climate agreed with him well and the training had taken some of his clumsiness away and had filled out his frame. His hair remained on the unruly side but some of the resident ladies had told him they found it endearing and roguish. Ynu felt there were worse things he could be called.
His sisters had matured and had become adults in their own right and though it stung a bit, it's not like they had listened to him much anyway. But sometimes Ynu wondered what would happened next. Would they stay here at Benden or would they be scattered around the globe?
"What does it matter when you can get to them in the blink of an eye?" Nirath asked.
"I guess you're right. It's just we'd never been apart until we impressed. And even then we had training together. But now we're about to become full-fledged dragonriders."
"They'll still be your strength." Nirath told him wisely, "You'll always be their big brother."
"As you are the big brother of their bonds." Ynu winked.
"That I am. But I'm not really interested in them." Nirath admitted.
Sure they had hatched from the same clutch, but dragons sought a mate, not a familial bond. Getting his over-protective rider to release his worry about his sisters might be a good start for them to start looking for a suitable pair. And nothing said they had to find the right one of the bat. 

Lantessama Isle