Name: Sylvia
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Description: Sylvia has long brown hair, green eyes and a healthy complexion with freckles. She is average in height for a Pernese woman and rather thin since she doesn't eat nearly as much as she should. Her clothes are decent but show signs of repair and the colours are mostly faded. 
Personality: Sylvia is like a Disney Princess, so full of potential for joy and wonder that with just the right push she could glow. She just needs to find the start of her story and be on her way. For now she is not all that interesting and seems rather mousy. Sylvia is working as a serving girl and though she's not against working, she has a difficult time keeping her curiosity at bay. She gets scolded for looking and examining things but nothing she's taken to heart. 
Hobbies: Going to the market and dreaming of all the expensive wares. 
Skills: Mending clothes, making basic patterns, embroidery
Family: The middle child of a couple of Holders who have to work odd jobs to make ends meet. 
Pets: Green Eslinde (f) from Anerion Weyr


Sylvia was working, dusting pottery and furniture in a spare room in the hold when the dragon flew by. She gasped and nearly dropped the delicate jug that was probably too pretty to actually be practical on the floor. Not much later servants were whispering that a dragonrider was visiting and she strained her ears to get any piece of information she could catch. 
"He came from Dawn Watch Weyr." someone said.
"There's firelizards! A whole basket of them!" another one called a little louder.
"Hush, it's not like we would get one." another chided.
Sylvia followed the voices and soon ran into the female dragonrider, not to be mistaken in her leather riding gear. The pants and vest looked warm and they revealed far more than Sylvia would be willing to show of her body. Although there really wasn't much to show, thin as she was. She barely had a curve to boast about. The young woman crossed her path, smiled and suddenly told her: 
"Meet me in the courtyard later. I have a gift for you."
Sylvia didn't know what to think of the woman but she wouldn't oppose a dragonrider.  So she met up with the woman as she'd been instructed and waited, half assuming she would be asked to do something. Maybe fetch her diner in exchange for a coin or something.
"Would you like a firelizard egg?"
Hope shone from Sylvia's eyes, but she shook her head with a sad expression.
"I wouldn't be able to care for it. I can't exactly bring it with me here to clean. And we hardly have food to feed the family as it is."
"And what if I give you a new job? You could clean at the Weyr, there's no-one who would bat an eye at you having a firelizard and the cook loves the little things so she always treats them to leftovers."
Sylvia didn't have to think twice, that all sounded so amazing.
"I would like that."
The dragonrider hugged her shoulders and then put a small egg in her hands.
"Careful, they tend to hatch quickly when someone holds them without gloves or cover."
And indeed, the shell collapsed as the small green firelizard within found her way out. The female firelizard had large wings and a long tail. Her small head had large eyes and swayed lazily until she found Sylvia's gaze and squawked for food.
Sylvia laughed and hugged the dragonrider back who seemed to hold onto her for a bit longer than was normal. But then dragonriders were a different sort of people. 
"Come on, I'll take you to the Weyr and you can get to know the place."
Sylvia nodded eagerly and followed, meeting her first dragon and then immediately getting to touch and ride it. Suddenly the dragonrider laughed and added: 
"It seems you might be eligible for another job at the Weyr. The one of Candidate."


Sylvia waited anxiously in front of the eggs. She'd been in the sands cavern often enough over the past months. Sometimes getting taught in the Candidate class, other times in her temporary job as cleaner. She'd been allowed to go there since she was a candidate and Sylvia had done her best to not mess up the chance she'd been given.
So she'd worked even harder than when she'd been in the hold and yet it hadn't felt like work at all. She kept her gaze focused on the eggs and almost forgot to breathe when the first shattered.

text (waiting on the official hatching)


Sylvisk lifted her head and twitched her ears. All her senses, even the more unusual ones, were working overtime. As she tried to determine her destiny, the wher-unicorn hybrid, gazed at the stars. But the twinkling lights did not divulge their secrets.
"Sylvisk!" Sylvia called, "We're needed at the sick bay!"
With her nocturnal nature, it was only natural that Sylvisk was often on duty during nights. The two of them might never be princesses, but they could be heroes. Although unicorns were said to be partial to princesses, Sylvisk was quite happy with her former-drudge companion. In fact, Sylvia's training to cleanliness had made a ton of difference when starting their medic training at the Weyr.
"Let's hurry!" Sylvisk answered and glided from her quarters to the Weyrbowl.

Name: Sylvisk
Pronunciation: sil-vee-sk
Species: Wher-Unicorn Hybrid
Rank: Mid
Gender: Clutching (She/Her)
     Colour Codes: #E6E2D8 | #D9CCAD
     Pattern: The Leopard Spot Appaloosa
     Size: 5’8 at the shoulder | 17' in length
     Size Range: Scout Wher
Diet: Whericorns are omnivores, able to digest grains and greens as well as meat.
Personality: Enthusiastic | Playful | Caring | Passionate
     *Telepathy – The ability to communicate mind to mind.
     *Teleportation – The ability to trans-locate via movement in and out of a null-space known as ‘between’.
     *Telekinesis – The ability to move small to medium sized objects with the power of the mind
     *Heat Sensing – Specialised organs on either side of the muzzle allow them to sense heat (sight)
     *Radiation Sensing – Able to sense the ambient radiation, the changes in local radiation, and the radiation of objects.
     *Gliding – Their wings aren’t big enough to achieve powered flight, but they can glide for a long way
     *Healing – can heal even major wounds, though the larger the injury, the more energy it takes.

Lantessama Isle
Sylvia impressed at
Dawn Watch Weyr