Name: Luana
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Description: Luana is dark-skinned with wavy black hair, dark brown eyes and a nose that's too big for her face. It's the family nose, but she hates it with a vengeance. She is short and has stout limbs and broad shoulders. She wears bright colours to divert attention from her shortcomings.
Personality: Luana is uncertain and has a lot of complexes. She is a nice girl, trying to compensate and be loved for being friendly and helpful but that doesn't stop her mind from being sharp at times. She has an internal dialogue running that would surprise any who know her (except maybe her little brother)
Hobbies: Preening, spending time in front of the mirror, internal sarcasm
Skills: Acting, colour combination
Family: Eldest daughter in her family, she has two younger siblings, her brother Marak (15) and a baby sister (4)
Pets: Bronze Moi (m) from Dragonhope Weyr


Luana stood in front of a mountain of dresses, skirts, pants, shirts and shawls and felt frustrated. Nothing seemed to fit right today. Or if it fit, it was the wrong colour, or an old design. She let out an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes, whispering: "Why must it be so difficult to pick clothes?"
Her brother gave her a glare and said: "Just pick the red dress, you know you like it best."
"I didn't ask you." she answered coolly.
Her brother was absolutely impossible. He was always on her case and just generally was annoying. He seemed to have made his goal to make her life difficult. The fact that her mother asked her to keep an eye out for him every time they went somewhere was even worse.
"I'm going for the green dress." she hissed and took the fluttery green dress. 
It was pretty but showed too much shoulder so she randomly paired it with a purple shawl and guessed it didn't even look half bad. The crisis averted, Luana exited and ignored her little brother following her. He wouldn't get into an accident anyway. 
As they reached the large square of the hold proper, Luana's eyes widened for there was a dragon. A deep blue dragon with a veritable dragonrider who looked to be only a little older than her. And just as she was eyeing the dragonrider, he turned and looked her way.
She thought her heart would stop as he motioned her over. Luana forgot all about her brother until the boy asked:
"Are those firelizard eggs?"
"They sure are. We're handing them out at the holds because they'll only go to waste if we don't give them away."
"Don't they just bond each other?" Luana asked, feeling very accomplished that she knew this.
"They do but then they're a pain to care for." the dragonrider, Ef'lem, grinned.
"I want one!" Marak called.
"I'll take one too." Luana answered in a -hopefully- seductive way.
"Coming right up." Ef'lem said and dropped an egg into their waiting hands.
Within seconds the eggs cracked and Marak was holding a green and Luana a bronze firelizard.
"Give them a name, feed them and then they're yours. If you don't care for them, they will just fly off and join a pack anyway." the dragonrider warned them.
"Oh we wouldn't want that." Luana cooed and Marak shook his head.
The dragonrider seemed to pick up on Luana's flirting as he suddenly asked: "Would you like to come and visit the Weyr?"


The two brown dragons that had parented this clutch, Kalapatith and Ranoth, alternated tending to their clutch. But they were together when the voices of their unhatched children rose to call for candidates to bond. Among the usual assortment of human candidates at Shigan Weyr was a plethora of alien species. A few holdborn kids squirmed and stared, but Shigan was used to Nexus diversity. And to the weird looks some of the holders gave their dragons. The lot would get used to their new digs in no time. Impression always fixed that right up.
One of the largest eggs rocked and split just as the last stragglers rushed to the sands.
A large brown hatchling spilled into the sand. He was a light, dusty color with bars across his wing membranes and marks along his neck in the semblance of feathers. He was a hefty boy, stout across the shoulders with broad wings - especially for a hatchling. While a pair of greens burst from their shells next to him, he took a long moment to preen before regarding the flurry of candidates before him. His gaze was warm and friendly wherever it landed, but it paused over a brightly dressed Pernese girl.
:: Luana :: the robust brown trotted toward his intended, head high. 
:: I am your Cryptophath. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. ::
The girl's brother stood nearby wearing a solemn expression. Luana had spent more time picking out the perfect outfit than she did attending candidate lessons, but she'd still managed to impress a dragon? Even the dragons seemed to think she was nicer than she really was. :: She's got her merits :: a brusque mind-voice brushed through Marak's mind. :: But I think you're the better choice.::
A pale blue dragonet approached Marak from the remains of her shell, flicking egg goo off her white-crescent marked wings. Her. This blue was definitely female!
:: I'm Duculath, and I think we'll be pretty good together. ::

Name: Cryptophath
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Size Class: Brown
Adult Height: 8'7" at shoulder
Abilities: Assisted Firebreath, Telepathy, Teleportation
Personality: pioneering, fair, approachable, polite


Cryptophath looked calmly at his bond as she worried about appearances still. Maybe it was sensible to do so as a first impression could only be made once. But in a world where telepathic communication and bonds with dragons were so important, looks were far from everything. 
"I can hear you thinking." Luana sighed.
"What I think is true. You look wonderful. You are fun to be with, smart and mostly responsible."
"Hey!" Luana called.
"I jest." Cryptophath placated, "Come on it's time. The lady won't wait much longer."
"Should I maybe tie a ribbon around your neck?" Luana worried.
"I doubt that's going to matter much, but if it makes you feel better...."

Lantessama Isle
Lunana impressed at Shigan Weyr