Name: Lehna
Age: 21
Gender: Female 

Description: Lehna is a small young woman with short medium brown hair, honey-coloured eyes, a wide nose and large mouth. She is built like a runner with a slight figure and sinewy muscles. Lehna enjoys wearing fitted clothing that leaves some skin exposed since she overheats easily. She prefers subdued colours. 
Personality: Lehna is loud and outgoing. She's brash and says what she thinks without worrying about the consequences. She'd feel more at home in a rowdy bar than at a formal party. Lehna cares little for possessions, the only exception a necklace that was a gift from her father. 
Hobbies: Tasting good food.
Skills: Running, Memorisation, Message carrying
Family: Lehna grew up in a small hold family. Her father was a message runner like her and her mother worked as a nurse. Lehna has a younger brother who works as a carpenter. Her father died while out in a job several years ago. 
Pets: Green firelizard Alathea (f) from the Dragon Soul (defunct). 


Lehna followed the wind and was happy to have the wind in her back at the end stretch of the current job. She'd ran for the largest part of the day, only taking a few breaks to get the message here on time. And she'd be paid handsomely as well for her effort. The money was more than welcome since work had been few and far between lately. 
Slowing down to walk the last stretch and cool down her muscles, Lehna entered Rarun Hold and made her way to the Lord Holder's House. Rarun was a hold but it wasn't more than a few houses put together. Still, it had a lot of farming land and was prosperous enough.
"Message to the lord." Lehna supplied after she'd knocked on the door and was greeted by an old manservant.
"Come in." the man gestured and brought her to a room with comfortable chairs. 
A man was already sitting, looking a bit uncomfortable in his leather breeches and jacket. It wasn't exactly inconspicuous attire so Lehna knew immediately that the man was a dragonrider. By force of habit, her right hand went up to her throat where she stroked the little green stone on her necklace. It was a nervous habit she'd developed almost as soon as she'd gotten the necklace from her father. He'd been a message runner like her and had given her the necklace to celebrate her promotion to journeywoman. He'd been so proud of her. 
A fleeting sense of loss stabbed her heart as she remembered the day only a year later where the message of his dead had come. Stealing her mind, Lehna forced the memory out by focusing on the room. Even if the house of the lord was modest, the interior was decidedly more comfortable than most of the houses in her own hold. The walls were painted with geometric patterns in soft colours and the chairs had padding. The glass in the window was of high quality and she even saw a light fixture. They were few and far between but maybe the vicinity to the Weyr could explain the luxury. 
Lehna wanted to go closer and examine it, but didn't dare to do so with the dragonrider present. Looking at the man, she checked him out with little hesitation. He had a good posture and was tall with black hair in a pony tail and blue eyes. 
"Hi, My name is H'aeny." he told her. 
"Lehna." she replied, "I guess you're up first. I could have run a bit slower." she joked.
"Sorry to come in between." the young man shrugged.
"No problem, it's something we can't plan for."
"Those light fixtures are amazing, right?" H'aeny asked and continued: "I am just getting used to not lighting candles myself. By your looking I'm guessing you came from somewhere without much modern conveniences."
"Petran Hold." Lehna replied
H'aeny whistled, "I know where that is, you're fast if you ran there from this morning."
Lehna shrugged and said: "It's my job. So I train."
H'aeny's eyes lighted a bit when he said: "We could always use some extra people at the Weyr. I can wait for you to deliver your message and take you there if you want."
It sounded a bit like a pick-up line, but wouldn't that be so bad? Lehna knew she was very interested in seeing a Weyr up close. She'd only ever been in the vicinity of them and never actually in one. She'd have a story to tell her mother and brother when she got home.
"I'd like that." she nodded.

H'aeny was summoned in and after half an hour, Lehna got her turn to deliver her message. As she walked out with a breadroll and some water and a pocket full of coins, she almost imagined H'aeny having left and their conversation to be something she'd imagined. But he was there, waiting.
"My dragon is waiting inside the Weyr so we'll have to walk."
"Don't tell me you'd fly the short distance?!" Lehna said before she could keep it in.
"No, but some people would maybe not believe I was a proper dragonrider without a dragon."
"Call me gullible." Lehna said, "But I believe you."
The two of them walked the couple of miles to the Weyr, the mountain walls growing ever taller as the neared it. They entered and it was as if Lehna had come to an entirely different world. The inside of the Weyr was bustling with movement. People, dragons, firelizards, whers... there was a lot to take in. 
"Wait a minute." H'aeny said as he went to look for someone who could enter Lehna into the candidate roster.
Lehna obliged and just looked. Suddenly a young boy pulled her sleeve and grinned up at her.
"Are you new here?"
"I am, I came with H'aeny."
A knowing look crossed the face of the boy and he said, "I'll give you this."
Before she knew it, Lehna was left with an egg in her hand as the boy darted away, no doubt finding more unsuspecting visitors to peddle his eggs. 
Movement in her hand caught her attention and a green firelizard lifted her head to look at her. Lehna stared in the dragon's shiny golden eyes, felt the bond click in place and was just about to ponder on the beauty of the universe when the firelizard opened her mouth and let out a shrill and annoying cry of hunger.
H'aeny chose this time to return.
"I see you got a firelizard." he grinned.
"Apparently I did."
"I'll show you how to take care of her and then get you to your quarters."





Lantessama Isle
Lehna is a Candidate at Dragonhope Weyr