Yellow Dragons

Trix and Speckled Yellow Miryl of Cy dragonstake
Jaelle and Yellow Keulra from Cy Dragonstake


Green Dragons

Mayli and her green dragon Merridith of Ryslen
Cyan and Speckled Green Estrath of Cy DragonStake
Flow and green Anahitath of Darkling Dawn WeyrGaea and Green Sikion from Sanrix Azon
Timothy and green Reth of Blue Sky Weyr
Illusion and green Basteth at Darkling Dawn Weyr
Madona and Green Liebchenth from Cathar Utopian
Isabel and Ocean-Green Roebeth from Tiyaza Citadel
Zand and Light green Naith from Tripaldi Weyr
Aarde and Dark green Vnaedth from Tripaldi Wey
Stephanie and Green Taseque from Cy Dragonstake
Lacuna and Green Occulith from Cincanta Weyr
Dirk and Foliage Xistern at Lantessama Isle