Blue Dragons

Voxifera and Female Blue Heilquelleth from Cathar Utopian
Enea Volare and Grey-Blue Windstilleth from Cathar Utopian

Arius and light blue Marduth from Darkling Dawn Weyr
Ivan and Blue Laynth from Tiyaza Citadel

Infantani and Blue Ijnafth from Tripaldi Weyr
Ameno and Blue Lukerafth from Tripaldi Weyr

Andrea and Blue Imeenne from Cy Dragonstake
Simen and Blue Zeuixeth from Cincanta Wey


Purple Dragons

Divano and Lavander Nebleth from Cathar Utopian
Hymne and Dark Purple Kriegth from Cathar Utopian

Impera and Purple Prinzessinth from Cathar Utopian
Dressanas and Purple Cream Sempra at Lantessama Isle