A phone went off in a dark and silent room. “Hello?” a soft voice of a woman said when she answered the phone and made the ringing sound stop.
The woman heard someone breathing at the other end of the phone, but that person didn’t say anything.
The woman tapped with her fingers on the table where the phone was placed on. “Very funny Nelly.” She said “Next time make sure I don’t have display on my trusty phone telling me who is calling.
“Awwww come on Amber..” Nelly said. “Where is your Halloween spirit?”
“It’s been long lost ever since I met you.” Amber said, hanging up the phone. It wasn’t as if she didn’t like Nelly. Not at all, she was a very good friend. Only not around Halloween. Nelly had this thing where she wanted to make the ultimate Halloween joke and scare the living hell out of Amber.
“Who was it?” A lower voice, that of her boyfriend Michael, asked from another room.
“It was Nelly…” Amber said, smiling when she went towards his voice and found him in the sofa where she had left him. They had been watching a movie together. She nodded at the movie and asked “What did I miss?”
“Nothing much.. It’s a romantic comedy.. I’m sure you can pick it up easily.”
“You don’t like it?”
“Well… I would have liked to see a horror movie..”
“Don’t you start..” Amber said, giving him a little push. “If you don’t like it, why not make a little snack or something?”
He smiled getting up and walking to the kitchen.

When he got back, he brought in somebody. “Look who I found outside?”
He brought in a black caped and hooded person which seemed to not have a head.
“Great to have around for Halloween parties.” Michael said.
A raspy voice said “Hello” as if it was send through a machine first.
“Hi Nelly.” Amber said, shaking her head.
“Again?” Nelly took off the hood revealing her blond, curly hair and grey eyes. She looked a little disappointed. “ooh! What are we watching?” she asked, snuggling next to Amber and making herself very comfy.
“We were watching a silly romantic movie, and I made snacks. Enough for the 3 of us.” Michael smiled and went to sit on the other side of Amber.
“What? No horror movie?” Nelly asked.
“I’m watching?” Amber said a little annoyed.
Nelly and Michael looked at her and both mumbled sorry. Amber smiled and said “Why not play a horror game? It’s obvious I’m forcing you two to watch this movie.”
“It’s a good thing that I brought some games!” Nelly said happily.  

They had begun a game called “Escape from Terror Mansion” They were well in the game, laughing their heads off when there was a knock on the door.
“Oh? Any of your plans?” Amber asked a little sarcastically.
“No.. not really.” She said, looking at her cards. She shrugged.
“Well I’ll open it.” Michael said. He went away from the girls and a little bit later he got back inside.
“There was this guy at the door, asking if he could use our phone. He’s making a call right now.”
“And you just left him there alone?” Amber asked
“Uhm yeah? He didn’t look like a bad guy. He said his name was Syll or something?”
He looked at both girls and sighed. “Alright. I’ll go eavesdrop on him now.”
“Let’s give him a scare.” Nelly grinned, got up and pulled her hood back over her head.
“Oh come on Nelly..” But she followed her anyways.

“Stranger.. What are you doing in this house?” The raw metallic voice from a moment ago went trough the empty hallway.
Amber and Michael were both looking from behind a corner. The man, turned around slowly, but only his head did.. Making a soft cracking noise with every bone that broke in his neck. All 3 were horrified.
“Just making a call.” And as he had said that, both Amber and Michael felt a little gust of wind from behind them. Amber turned around first.. her eyes grew big from terror as she saw something blue-ish grey. Unwillingly she took a step backwards and stepped into the hall. “Ah.. the lady of the house..” The guy making the phone call said. Turning his head and broken neck towards her. He took a step backwards (his head was pointing towards her, but the rest of his body was still pointing the other way). Amber, for whom it was too much, screamed at the top of her lungs. Then she heard a little chuckle. It had been Nelly. Not understanding Amber turned towards the headless person that was her friend.
Was it all a joke? “Michael?” She whispered. Michael stood behind her, not knowing what was happening either. 

“Good job S’yll! And of course you too little dragon.” Nelly winked.
“I hope we didn’t scare her too much?”
“Not at all. She’ll get over it. Especially if she sees the eggs.” Nelly said.
“Eggs? Nelly? Michael?” Amber didn’t know what to do.. When that S’yll person asked both her and Michael to come to his world she just followed him. Michael wasn’t in a complete shock as her, but he had more sense then to leave Amber alone with that lady killer that called himself a finder.

As two more eggs hatched the last demon on the sands, the pale winged male, looked at the candidates. He seemed to take his time choosing before he finally lifted up one leg. Pointing he singled out Michael and said in a low vibrating growl:
”You shall be mine. My name is Pruishian, remember it well.”
A brown land dragon, his arms and tail seemingly armed enough to wage a small war on his own, or at least to feature in a Rambo movie. The other dragon was female, a vibrant leaf green demoness with twin horns and a vicious tail.
It was the brown dragon who moved first. Making his way through the candidates he finally stopped beside Gavin. The land demon looked up to the personal trainer and nodded. This was the person who would be right for him. Muscles and a brain.
”Markise.” Was all he said, but it was all that was needed.
The green dragoness was ready to make her move when a scream interrupted the hatching. The scream echoed and it’s origin took a while to reveal itself. It’d been Amber who’d screamed. The earthian woman who’d proven to be very hard to scare had fallen for the oldest trick in the book.
“Something grabbed my ankle…” she panted.
“Surprise!” her friend Nelly smiled.
Behind their backs a dark serpentine form slithered away. Though Evilness had wanted to disturb this year’s Halloween hatching more, he’d decided that having a dragonrider owe him would be better. He passed Cyan and felt her angry gaze pierce his back.
After the slithering nuisance had left, the green dragoness scraped her throat and then took the step she’d been about to take nearly 5 minutes ago.
“Amber… if you’d like to get her back,…” she smirked, with her cold blue eyes burning,
“I know a trick or two that might disturb her. Just call me Sap’rah.”

Three eggs hatched next. A dark brown demoness with ram horns and a sharp curved blade on her tail was the first to hatch and the first to move. Lightning quick she dashed toward the candidates. Barely avoiding a few of the onlookers she made her way all around the cavern until she lashed her tail tenderly against Nelly’s legs.
“You are mine.”
She hissed.
“I wouldn’t dare to argue, Shauntey.” She said as she patted the head of her dragon.



"Michael! Make it stop!" Amber cried out as she was scared again. All the dragons had grown into adulthood, and Nelly's dragon Shauntey loved to scare Amber as well. Sap'rah tried her best to convince Amber to make sure they were scared too. Michael just looked at the two women and dragons and he and Pruishian tried to not have an apocalypse on the small island known as Lantessama Isle.