Bijel Naglass Lienar
Age Baby Age Baby Age Baby
Gender Male Gender Male Gender Male
Species Lanta Halloween 2004 Species Lanta Halloween 2004 Species Lanta Halloween 2004
Personality Bijel is a very picky dragon and has good eyes. He knows what he wants and he will not take less then that. Personality Naglass is a very charming dragon. Every dragoness swoons when he walks past. He is a real gentleman and has a very cute cape, that he loves to flick around when he turns. Personality Lienar is a gentle, kind dragon with a very high and almost feminin voice.
He thinks highly of justice and will do everything that is right
Weapon Axe Weapon sword and dagger Weapon Axe

Baby Bijel, Naglass and Lienar all sat happily together in the sun. Donriven walked towards the 3 babies. "You do know those weapons are mine and in the end i'll get them back?" He looked at them sharply.
Bijel looked at Donriven "You mean.. I have to give this wonderful axe back?"
Donriven nodded adding: "They are all from my very special collection."
Cyan popped out from behind Donriven, poking him in between his ribs. "Hey! Try picking on somebody your own size." Donriven glared at her, breathing in to say something, but getting interupted by Lienar. "I thought we got these.." The dragon looked sad, feeling a great deal of injustice.
Donriven quickly glanced at the dragon, thinking he saw tears and quickly saying "No, no. Don't cry.." He heard a soft smurk and again glared at Cyan. Cyan answered his glare with the sweetest smile she had "Coffee?" she asked in just a sweet voice.

All 3 dragons had grown up together and had gotten used to just being with the 3 of them. Some years had passed, and Donriven finally gave up on asking for his weapons. Both Lienar and Bijel had lovely axes and were usually busy cleaning them and practicing with them. The praticing was usually on Evilness. The poor venus fly trap that hissed and tried to find cover.
Naglass on the other hand had more practice in using his charms. He could have bonded easily, but he just didn't want to. All girls, dragon or other were in danger whenever he was in the room. Even Cyan, who normally was rather good at keeping everything on a distance was swooned easily by the lovely sword and dagger dragon.
On a very dark day.. In other words on October 31th in the year 2007, all 3 dragons wanted to try something else. They were going as candidates for the new and wonderful haloweenclutch of lantessama Isle

Bijel, Lienar and Naglass are candidates at the
 Lantessama Haloween Clutch of 2007