Old Futhark



The young man with short brown hair, and light brown eyes, walked slowly, with his head in the clouds, thinking of possible problems and what to do with them. He was very intelligent and with that, he had never played with his other brothers. He had kept himself aside. Together with Kenaz, he could have long talks about math or even problems and his thoughts of them. 
He was the smartest of all the Reikwaz brothers, and had the same problem as Kenaz. He couldn't fight and he was to stubborn to even think of learning to fight. But as all young men, he had to go to the army and he had to do there something. 
It was probably wasting his time there, but he couldn't do anything against the law; although he had tried to find a glitch. He was surprised when he found out that he couldn't find any mistakes.

In the distance, the gate of the army started to take form. 
Hagalaz had escaped the law. But for how long? He knew that it would bite Hagalaz in the but, but he had said nothing. Talking to Hagalaz was like talking to a brick wall. It wouldn't move even if you shouted at it or asked nicely.
Sighing, he walked through the gate, hoping that he would have to do no fighting. otherwise, he would sit on the ground and won't move until some justice would come.
Unfortunaly, he had to sit on the ground for about 5 days. His brother Teiwaz, the leader of his Aett, had brought him food and water. Unfortunatly, it was autumn and rain fell the whole day and sometimes even at night. Muttering to himself that he would get a cold this way, he waited and waited.

Another 3 days passed when finally Thurisas came with some good news. 
"Mannaz... Get up. You won't have to fight. But you'll have to keep an eye on the expenses of the army.
"Great!" Mannaz sneezed and Thurisas leaded him towards Eihwaz. "Take good care of your brother, and perhaps get him into a hot bath. He smells!"
Mannaz smiled gratefully at his younger brother who was the healer around here.

Later when he was better (a cold was a very nasty thing. You could dye from it) he started to examine his new job.
(We're not going to tell you anything about it because then you would be asleep much to quickly.)

"Mannaz! Get your nose out of those books. We're going to leave." Teiwaz called
"Huh? Leave?"
"Yes... You're going with us. You can help Eihwaz with the wounded."
"But all that blood." He felt that he got pale just by thinking of it.
"Get over it man. Pack now."
Packing as slowly as he could, then walking as slowly as he could, he got on his horse and they left. He had hoped that they would leave and forget him, but that didn't happen...

Later that day, when they were on the road towards the battle, Mannaz not all to happy, they bumped into a dragon. He had read about them, and he had always known those existed. He jumped really high when the rider asked them to come with him. He didn't have to think twice.

Three more eggs hatched. A lavender demon, winged with peculiar frizzy hair and lightning-shaped horns was joined on the sand by a bald silver winged demon who, despite the fact that he had wings lacked wing sails. The third hatchling was a pale unhealthy shade of grey-brown with a set of small leathery black wings and wavy beige hair.
It was the lavender male that made the first move. He walked regally toward the candidates and stopped in front of Mannaz, one of the Runic warriors, though to say Mannaz was a warrior was an overstatement.

“Why fight when you can use magic…”
the dragon spoke.
“I think you and I will get along fabulously, Hookryll.” The man nodded.

"Look Mannaz! I can levitate stuff!"
"Great Hookryll. Now put me down."
"Do I have to?"
Mannaz started laughing. He knew that it was hard to say no to this dragon. Unfortunately the dragon knew that too and wasn't shy to use that ability as well.
Gently putting his rider down, the dragon started to move other things in the room.
"I always wanted the bed over here." The dragon said. Mannaz shrugged. He had had worse than this. Having a roof over his head, a friend for life andmeals when he wanted them was all he needed really to be happy.



Mannaz is a candidate at
The Lantessama Halloween Clutch

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