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Hagalaz was a single brother in the Reikwaz family. It was an exception to be single. Although he and Mannaz were 2 years apart, he never said anything to the boy. He liked him as a brother because he had to. He liked his other brothers because he had to. He only liked to be alone and kill small animals for fun.
At some time, he left home for other reasons than his brothers had.
He left because he wanted to learn more about the art of sneaking. He had always wanted to be a killer that people could rent.

As he walked on the strange road, he looked out carefully. This road was known for its robbers and killers. Perhaps he would get lucky and enter the group. Otherwise, he would be killed and that would be that. 
But Hagalaz was lucky and didn't got killed.
To join, was a different story. He had to do several test, which he passed easy.

Years passed and he learned all about killing and sneaking. He was the pupil of his master, and Hagalaz thought that his life couldn't be any better. But then, something happened that he will regret for the rest of his life. 
On a rather warm morning, when the sun filtered through the trees, the army broke into the little cottage he had called home for so long. They broke down everything that they could get there hands on. And although Hagalaz and the other killers fought with their knives, they were outnumbered and they lost.
Hagalaz stayed alive, although he wanted to be killed just like the others. But they brought him with them to their camp.
Thrown into a small room, just enough room for a bed, he was locked up. He wanted to break out of it, but the lock was to heavy. But he had time. And he would break free.

But when they got to the training camp, he bumped into some old friends; his brothers.
"Hello brother dear." He said between his theet.
"Hello Hagalaz." Thurisas said. "I need your help."
"Help? after what you did to my home?"
"Home?" Thurisas asked sarcasticly. "You can't call that abandoned farm a home."
"So you want me to help you? After your men killed my men, AND locked me up?"
"Hagalaz... I didn't know... Really." Thurisas turned away, leaving Hagalaz alone in his sorrow.
How could he except this from him? He had killed everybody. It was only fair that he killed him in turn to revenge his master's death. But that meant that he had to kill his older brother..

Hagalaz waited and waited. But again something happened and mixed his plans up.
Thurisas and Hagalaz were walking together, talking about nothing really. Hagalaz wasn't paying any attention. He would soon kill his brother quickly with the little dagger in his boot.
But in the shadows, he saw a movement. His trained eyes had seen it, his brother hadn't. He had a feeling that this shadow would attack his brother. He was after all the leader of the army.
Hagalaz was thinking of how it would be when his brother died. The sorrow of his other brothers, the sorrow of his mother and father, and he would be alone again.. He would have to ran away, never be safe..And although he had waited for this moment for some months now, he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't kill of let his brother be killed. 
"Thurisas, watch out!" Hagalaz jumped in front of Thurisas and cought the flying dagger in his shoulder. Then all became black.

"Hagalaz?" It was Thurisas, his voice was distant, and his head banged together with his left shoulder.
Moaning, he opened his eyes. He looked at 8 scared faces, all of his brothers.
"Are you alright?" Ehlaz asked with a tight voice.
"No. I got a dagger in my shoulder! How would you be?"
"He's alright. Why don't you go outside now. I think we're with to many. Come back later. Teiwaz, you can stay." Thurisas said.
There was a lot of noise when all his brothers left the room, and then it was finally quiet. 
"Hagalaz.. Thank you. We got him and arrested him. Don't you worry about that anymore."
"I wasn't." Hagalaz said. His thong seemed as paper "Could I get something to drink?" Eihwaz came in the room with some cool water.
"Don't you drink it all. You'll be sick." Although he didn't want to listen to Eihwaz, he did drink it slowly.
After the drink, he felt much better. He sat up straight and looked around.
"Hagalaz.. I need to ask you something." Thurisas said. His eyes were direct and he couldn't see what he was about to say.
"What is it brother."
"I want you to be the leader of the second Aett." He blurted it out. Hagalaz looked from Thurisas to Teiwaz.
"What about him?" He pointed at Teiwaz. He was older, and therefor better for the leadership.
"I'm the leader of the third Aett. And I want to stay there. I don't care about rank."
"Fine." Hagalaz said. He didn't really think his brothers were seriously, but then again. He, a leader... It would be fun. 

After some weeks of care taking from Eihwaz, he got better and finally could walk around.
It seemed that his brother was serious about him being a leader. Well then... He would be a great leader and teach all of his men the fine art of killing.

Training his men was fun, teaching his men all he knew about swords and daggers was even more fun. He made a group that was vicious, but only in combat. And he liked it that way. It was better for them, especially his two younger brothers Eiwaz and Ehlaz.
That way, they wouldn't get as hurt as he had been in his life. 
His shoulder was all better now, although it aced  from time to time. Soon he wouldn't feel a thing and that thanks to his brother Eihwaz.

When his men were ready, they left for battle. But they never got to battle, they were stopped by a dragon and his rider.
He was babbling about not wasting their life for some noble man. And although he was right, Hagalaz wondered what else he would have to do. 
But then a dragon would take enough of his time to worry about that later.

two dragons and two eggs remained on the sand. A moss-coloured male land dragon with a triple ridge of spikes on his back and an icy blue winged male with bright feathery wings.
“Björn.” The moss-coloured dragon called to the plastic surgeon, “How do you like my spikes?”
“They seem very sharp.” Björn whispered mesmerised.
“They are. My name is Herkuyiss.”
The white demon then looked in the eyes of the remaining candidate, the runic warrior Hagalaz. A deep cold spread into the mind of the one time wannabe killer for hire when an icy presence entered it.
“My name is Geirkrass and I look forward to living with you.”

Geirkrass turned out to be a dragon that loved the icy cold mornings that soon made clear that not only halloween had passed, but winter was coming. Sleeping outside, thinking that there was nothing more lovely then being able to see your breat, making sure that his rider had enough training.
"Geirkrass.. I've had enough. I'm going to have some diner." Hagalaz said, he was standing in a puddle of icy cold water and with nothing on but his leather trousers. In his younger days he would have waited. But not anymore. He was planning on having a drink.
"Awww.." Sensing his riders plans, and knowing he wouldn't be able to convince his rider otherwise saing: "Are you going to sleep outside with me? It's going to snow!"
"Will you let me enjoy myself now then?"
"Would i ever do otherwise?"
"Uhm.. Yes."
"Oh alright." The dragon turned around and went for a refreshing dive.


Hagalaz is a candidate at
The Lantessama Halloween Clutch

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