Mayli was a girl who lived on her own in a small cottage nearby the sea. It was a very beautiful place. She went there when she turned 20. Now she"s 22 years, blue/grey eyes and long blond hair, and small freckles on and around her nose.

Mayli went outside to look at her herbs.

When she was in her garden watering the plants she heard someone calling her name.. It was Lucas; he was 23 years old, raven black hear with brown eyes and his smile was to die for. He was a good friend of Mayli, although she had a crush on him, and always loved to talk to him.

"How are you Mayli?" he asked

"Everything is fine, it could be a bit colder" she smiled "but it"s not likely to change"

"Oh maybe we could take a swim" Lucas smiled back and there was a sparkle in his dark brown eyes.

"Yes that"s a great idea" looking deep in his eyes and wondering if he loved her as a friend or more...

"Lets race, the winner gets a kiss from the loser ok?" His smile changed into a grin .

"Ok, I take the challenge" and Mayli started running.

Normally Lucas was much faster then her but now she was there first… She stopped and looked behind her, Lucas had disappeared.

Mayli wandered around and finally she found him. He was laying flat behind a bush. She went to Lucas and as she wanted to ask him what happened he pulled her down and pointed at a little nest near the bush. It was a nest of a golden firelizard. Mayli"s mouth fell open. She walked this road almost every day, and had never found the nest…

Lucas made a gesture that Mayli had to follow him.

When they were at the beach he started talking again.

"We have to watch the nest one at a time… yes, that"s what we do till they come out and feed one so they stay with us."

"And you think that I"m going to help you?" she smiled, she always wanted a firelizard so it was unavoidable that she was going to help Lucas.

"Oh come one…." His eyes turned very sad "Why not?"

"I"ll help you but only if we take a swim now, you still own me a kiss" Mayli smiled hard.

Lucas his eyes turned again and smiled at her, it was a strange smile… he had never smiled like that… Mayli wondered could it be?

"I"m waiting" mayli said

Lucas bended in her direction and kissed her.. Then he whispered in her ear that he loved her they kissed again.

They sate beside each other listening to one another. It seemed that he had loved Mayli for a long time now and because of the excitement of the nest he became brave enough to kiss her and tell her that he loved her.

For the next couple of days Lucas and Mayli took turns to watch the nest. Mayli watched the nest from morning till the afternoon and then Lucas the rest of the time. But Mayli couldn"t sleep… She was either thinking about Lucas or thinking about the nest. So after 3 days they were laying next to each other behind the bush.

Mayli was the first to spot the firelizards flying over the sea to the nest with seaweed and fish.

She looked at Lucas and fell in love all over again.. It"s hard to describe how they both felt.

It was the first time they ever witnessed a hatching of the little creatures.. And they would never forget that day, it brought them closer together.

When the firelizards began to sing shivers ran over mayli"s spine... It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard.

The eggs began to move.. Harder and harder.

Lucas searches Mayli"s hand and grabs it. Mayli handed him the food with the other hand and gives it to Lucas.

The singing became harder and intenser.. It wouldn"t be long now.

And then it happened.. The moment where everyone was waiting for. The first egg hatched; it"s a blue little happy firelizard!

The other eggs were hatching to..

Lucas reached out his hand with a little bit of food.. One of the hungry newborns ate it, and instantly wanted more. It went in the direction of the food and into the bushes straight to Lucas.

Mayli couldn"t wait anymore and took a bit of food herself and reached it in to the nest.

Two firelizards attacked it. A bronze and a blue one. She gets more food making them come into the bushes. The rest of the nest flew away with the other firelizards. When they were all gone Lucas and Mayli came out of there hidingplace with their little lizards.

They went to Mayli"s house to feed the little ones some more. They feed them fish and meat, they love it :)
When they were fed Lucas went home. That was the first night that they were apart since they found the nest. Mayli already missed him. She hugged her two lizards. ‘I have to find names for you two. Hmmmm let me think...."

She took the bronze on her lap and looked at him. ‘I"m going to call you Dill." The lizard makes a happy noise :)she puts him down

"Now for you.... Chaldoon"

When she went to the kitchen to get some food for Dill and Chaldoon someone knocked at the door.

Mayli opened it and she saw Lucas. "I went home and when I got there I missed you too much so I went back to you. I hope you don"t mind." She gave him a hug and said : "of course I don"t mind! Come in." She smiled and kissed him

"I was just going to the kitchen.. Does your gold want some food?" Mayli asked

"Always! And if you have something for me...." He smiled

"Yes I"ll make us diner. I hope you like it, I don"t have a lot of food..." She looked at the 3 firelizards and smiled.

"Our lizards are sleeping, now we can talk about us" said Lucas

"Ok, tell me." She smiled at him but he was staring at the ground...

"What"s wrong?" Asked Mayli a bit concerned

Lucas took Mayli"s hand and put a ring around her finger

"This is a ring of my grandmother... I want you to have it to show my love for you."

"Oh" is the only thing Mayli could say. She hugged him and kissed him

"Thank you, I"ll never put it off"

"It"s late... Can I stay here?" Asked Lucas with a puppyface

"Of course!"

A few months passed and the lizards are a lot bigger now. Mayli awakes and sees Lucas laying next to her and kisses him. She goes out of bed and checks up on Dill and Chaldoon. "What do you think of flying?" The two make happy sounds and she goes outside and lets them play and hunt.

But after a while she sees a beautiful dragon. It flies around her, it"s like Mayli has to follow the dragon.

She looks at the dragon and decides to follow it. But first she calls Dill and Chaldoon back. They instantly come to her and land on her shoulders. "Go to Lucas and when he awakes bring him to me..." She pets them and sends them away.

Mayli looks at the sky and sees the dragon again. She follows it. She can keep up very easily.. Mayli hesitates a second... It"s so strange... How is it that I can keep up with the dragon? And why wants it me to follow it? Where is it taking me?

The dragon lands and looks at Mayli..Mayli, enchanted by the dragon, takes a step in it"s direction. The dragon flies away again. Mayli puts away her doubts and follows it.

It"s a long way. It seems endless and when Mayli"s doubts rise again she sees a weyr..

The dragon flies on top of the weyr mountains and spreads its wings... The creature is very pretty.

Mayli picks up all of her courage and looks for an entrance.

She goes around the weyr but she can"t find anything. She goes to sit down on a rock. Why did I have to follow that dragon?! Look at me now.. I don"t know where I am or how to get back home...

The dragon on top of the weyr makes a sound, Mayli looks up and sees the dragon landing and almost pointing in a direction. She goes to that direction and sees a small entrance at the back of the weyr.

She goes in and after a dark passage she enters a large cavern. She looks around and sees a lot of people around one of the hatching sands...

She thinks back at the time she and Lucas got there firelizards. A smile is on her mouth when she comes back to reality. Mayli goes to the spot and sees a lot of eggs laying next to each other.. A whisper in the group: ‘The eggs are hatching!"

Mayli takes a good look at the eggs and sees them move.

The first dragon is born and the next, and so one... All impressing one of the persons around Mayli. There are still a few eggs there.. One is moving, when it gets out of it"s shell Mayli finds it"s presence in her head and smiles

Mayli impressed Green Merridith at Ryslen Weyr!