'Wake up Cyan!' Trix yelled at her sister. 'It's almost dark. We have to get ready!'
Hmmm.. Why... I don't want to...' A voice answers under the sheets, her foot sticking out.
Trix, the oldest sister with long brown hear in a braid and blue eyes, got the sheets and pulled it away.
'Don't!' Too late. Cyan had to get up now. She couldn't stay in her warm bed anymore. 'I'll get you for that... Just wait..' Cyan mumbled getting up, striking on her hair cause it was tangled.
Trix smiled, she knew Cyan wouldn't do that. At least she hoped so.

After about an hour of puffing and complaining, they were ready to leave.
'What are you going to do today?' Trix asked to say something.
Cyan looked at her sister, she hadn't forgotten that Trix woke her up. 
'I'm going to look for a new planet. I will call it "The Planet of Cyan" or "Cyans Planet".' She smiled. Trix thought that was the first time she had done that. 'What are you going to do?'
'I think I'm going to look for some star shapes.'
'How are you going to name it then?'
Who said anything of finding my own star shape? No I'm just looking for those with a name.'
Cyan looked at her sister like she was crazy. 
'You're crazy!'
Trix didn't say anything, she was used to the fact that Cyan had another way of thinking. She just smiled
'Why answering? No it's more fun to say nothing.' Cyan said sarcastic.
Trix smiled again. She was just teasing Cyan.
Cyan mad a grrrr-sound and then gave her a bump. 
'You disserve it.' It was always like that. Cyan knew it was to get her a bit mad. But with Trix she mostly played the mad part. She was proud of her big sister and she wouldn't admit it, but she looked up to her. Trix was smart and knew on almost everything an answer. And she could do some sort of trick so she got always right.
'I don't'
'You're a bad sister! First you wake me up and then you don't say anything at all!'
Cyan started to laugh. Her bad mood was over.
Trix looked at her. She wondered how Cyan could change her mood just like that. She could be very mad one time and the other she's nice to you again. But you got what you disserved, as she thought of course. But you could only love her. She was so sweet.

When they arrived they went to there teacher.
'Ah, the sisters have arrived. You're late.' He looked at Cyan.
'Sorry. I've got out of bed too late.' She looked at the ground.
'Why do you sleep?'
'I want to be awake when I find my own planet!'  She looked at him with a glitter in her eyes.
'You have to be really lucky to Find your own planet. It's like the persons that have the opportunity to impress a dragon, they are very lucky to.'
The teacher loved the stares, but when a dragon came past them, he secretly looked at them than the stars.
'Now go on and look!'
Cyan and Trix went to their telescope.
Cyan wasn't paying much of attention. She was thinking of payback.
'How am I going to get back at Trix?' she thought
She was looking through her telescope when she had a plan. The plan was to invite her to the beach. There she would make Trix all wet! Yes... It wasn't that great, but it was only that Trix woke her up, she had to do it... They would be really late if she didn't.
A smile played on her mouth.
'Why are you so happy? Found your planet?'
'Haha... No, I didn't. I was thinking.. Maybe we could go to the beach when we are ready. Please?' Cyan looked at Trix.
'Why not... I don't have anything planned for tomorrow.'
'Thanks!' Cyan smiled.
'What is she up to?' Trix wondered She looked at Cyan, but she was looking for her planet.. She wouldn't do anything...

When it started to get light they were free to go and Cyan and Trix left for the beach.
They were talking about all sort of things when a dragon flew over. They looked at the green dragon. It went between. Where did it came from?
'Come on.. I want to know where it came from!'
'No, we shouldn't bother the dragons...'
'Are you scared?  What could happen?'
'A lot.'
'Ok, I'll go alone than.' Cyan turned to the direction the dragon came from and walked away leaving a sister behind, wondering what she should do.
'Wait! I'll go with you... But if something happens, you're to blame ok?'
Cyan smiled.
 'Yes yes, come on...'
They walked, more Cyan pulling Trix with her, to a tower that sticked out.
'What is that?' Cyan asked.
'I wouldn't know...'
'Lets find out then...' Cyans eyes glittered with adventure.
Trix sighed. 
Why did she come with her sister? she thought

The wondered around and then Cyan found an entrance to the tower.
'Here are dragons...' Cyan whispered.
'Well duh...' Trix said smiled when Cyan looked at her, a bit mad.
'Lets go closer....'
'I don't think......' Cyan was already gone. Why did Trix need to be the oldest?
She followed Cyan, wondering why they could come so close. But when she thought that they got caught.
'What are you doing here?' A girl asked.
'Uhm...' Trix said
'We were just looking, I was curious.. And my sister Trix followed me. She didn't want to do this.'
It's ok I guess. But next time take the front door will you.'
Cyan smiled. Trix felt relieved.
'There are more openings for candidates. If you are so curious, here's your chance of experiencing a hatching.'
'Oh thank you, thank you! You won't be disappointed!' Cyan yelled.
'Stttt' Trix said 'If it isn't any problem we would love that.' She smiled nervously.
The girl looked at the two sisters. 
'Follow me.' while thinking, what a strange pair...
They looked and looked. When Cyan saw an egg move she looked at Trix. She was to busy looking at the eggs. She didn't want to miss one single thing.
Cyan had forgotten all about the payback...

The firt egg hatched. It was a blue dragon with lightning strips. He went to the boy standing in the corner. He looked happy. the went away whil the other eggs rocked.
Oh I hope it will be my turn soon.. Cyan hoped.

The next dragon was a pretty green dragon. She was a bit small, but normal. She was speckled. It turned at Cyan. They lookedt for a moment to eachother but then she said We'll find a planet yet, Cyan! Maybe we can name it after the both of us! My name is Estrath! Cyan didn't know what just happened. A dragon talked to her. She felt happy, loved and most of all safe with the dragon.
"I like it. The Planet of Cyan and Estrath. It has a very nice ring to it." She smiled at Estrath, she crooned happy  and they left the hatchinggrounds too. Trix was still standing there, waiting...

Cyan's green speckled dragon Estrath

The next dragon that hatched, had a hard time to dicide which life-partner she would coise. Trix felt hope. But it went to the other girl. Trix looked down, a bit dissapointed; but there were still two eggs left...
The next dragon comes into this world, it's a brown dragon. He walked to the last man standing there.
Now Trix was allone. She focused on the last egg that was rocking really hard now. A yellow dragon came out. and started running towards her. But it tripped on some shells. Trix ran to her and helped her up. Trix brushed the sand from her wings and said:

'You ought to be more careful, Miryl'
Miryl nuzzled Trix affectionatly 
Yes but I know that you'll always catch me when I fall, or at least help me back up afterwards... She smiled and left the hatchinggrounds.


Trix' yellow speckled dragon Miryl

Trix met Cyan outside. Cyan laughing at Trix 'Told you that we had to come!'
She looked from her dragon to Trix. 
'What's your dragon's name?'
'Yes, yes... It's all because of you.' Trix said sarcastically, then she smilled at her dragon 'Miryl and yours?'
'Estrath. She likes to find a planet too!'
Trix rolled her eyes and then started laughing so loud that she almost suffocated.
Her dragon, worried, ran to her and tripped again. Cyan and Trix helped her up.
'Are you alright?'
I think I'll always be clumsy... Trix laughed.
Cyan looked at them wondering what was so funny. She shrugged thinking that Trix was hopeless.

The two sisters and dragons are very close now.
Cyan walks a lot with her dragon and then when they are out of the weyr, she gets on Estrath and then she flies away for a whole day. She loves to fly. Estrath to. They act the same are grupmpy at the same time and do everything the same. Trix sometimes finds that anoying. But what Trix doesn't know is that she does the same as Cyan. She loves her yellow Miryl.
Trix was scared the first time they went to fly. But her dragon told her that there whas nothing that could happen so Trix took off and didn't look down.
Cyan's first time was a new experiance. Trix and Cyan were both standing on a ledg. Cyan hopped on her dragon and they flew. It was after an hour that Cyan noticed that Trix wasn't following, so she disided to get back and see what her sister was up to. When they arrived, she saw Trix flying.
'Well done! I thought you were to scared...' said Cyan. But Trix didn't hear it so she said to Estrath what she needed to say to Miryl. Estrath answered: 'She was scared. But she's glad that her dragon talked her into it.' Cyan laughed but stopped right away when she almost fell.

Estrath and Miryl are weyrlings now. They have grown!!! Cyan and Trix are very happy!

Cyan's green speckled dragon Estrath

Trix' yellow speckled dragon Miryl


Cyan's green speckled dragon Estrath


Trix' yellow speckled dragon Miryl

As you can see, the two dragons, of the two sisters are adults now. Even more compieting with eachother.. They all want to be the best. But who doesn't? Lets just hope nothing happens to them :)