Veer stretched himself as he woke up. The sun was shining and the weather was clear. His small house was filled with a warm glow. He opened his window and breathed the fresh air. He waved at the girl that was running past his house.
“Kuiken! Where are you going to?”
“Father called for me. I must be quick..”
“What did you do this time?”
“Nothing I swear!” The girl shouted over her shoulder as she ran to the town not all to far from his house.
Veer walked down the stairs and looked in the mirror. A chicken like creature looked back at him. He was a chicken and proud of it. Only not of the history they shared. Chickens had once tried to capture the bunnies of the next planet called “Konijntjes”. But Veer was a fought free chicken that could be compared with a Hippy from some sort of old planet that died centuries ago. Although chickens and bunnies fought every so often, Veer never fought with any of them. He much rather loved to eat seeds and read a good novel.
Kuiken, the girl that had run past his house was his best friend and both of them ran a sort of resistance against the war. The only problem was that Kuiken was the youngest daughter of the king of “Kuikentjes”.


The day passed, and Veer did his normal things. He cleaned the house, cleaned up his little garden and then wanted to enjoy the rest of this warm sunny day when Kuiken bashed into the house.
“I did just clean the house.” Veer said when he looked at the mud trail that Kuikens paws left behind.
“Sorry Veer.. But I’m just so angry!” Veer could see it in her black eyes that she really was angry. He had almost never seen her this way. Perhaps even never.
“What’s the matter?”
“Dad wanted me to stop playing around and … and … oooh! I’m just so angry!” Kuiken picked up a little stone statue and wanted to throw it away, luckily Veer took it out of her wings and placed it where it belonged.
“He wanted me to move away from our home and marry some old chicken somewhere far away from you…” Kuiken looked at the older male chicken and almost cried. He didn’t know this, but she actually loved him. He wouldn’t treat her badly nor would he ever think of her less than she was. But he was such a scatterbrain and he had never noticed her looks.
“That won’t happen right? You will stay here?”
“Of course! I’ll run away from home and live here.”
“I would like that, but there is just one problem.. They’ll look here the first second you’re gone..”
“Well then.. What do you suppose we do?”
“Why don’t we go to Konijntjes? They’ll never look for us there.”
“Are you mad? How are we going to get there?” Kuiken sighed out of frustration. They had planned on going to “konijntjes”, but not this soon and defiantly not this sudden.
“When is your father planning on moving you?”
“Within the week..”
“Why so sudden?”
“Probably because he feels that we’re being a threat to him..” Kuiken grinned. Although this was a difficult time, that was a rather sunny thought.
“Perhaps.. But that means that we simply don’t have time to do anything for planning.”
“It will be an adventure..” Kuiken said dreamy and her eyes were shining with a strange light.
“Are you enjoying this?” Veer asked.
“We were planning this..” Kuiken looked at Veer
“Yes, but not jet.. and the danger.. You do know your father doesn’t really like to be spoken against do you?”
“We’ll be like thieves in the night…” Kuiken said and hopped from one foot on the other.
Sighing, Veer walked to the kitchen and grabbed some food with them.


They had travelled a long way in the darkness of the night, but now they needed transportation towards Konijntjes.. A different planet.
“Well I know how to fly a shuttle.. But my dad keeps them locked away tight..” Kuiken said when they stopped for a second.
“Well then.. Perhaps I know a better place to get a shuttle.”
“You do?”
“Hmmm, let me see.. Not far from here are some shuttle workshops. If we take the right one, we’ll get safely on Konijntjes.”
“I do hope so..” Kuiken whispered as they went on.


Getting inside a workshop wasn’t hard. Picking a shuttle wasn’t hard either.. But flying away with a shuttle unnoticed was another problem.
“Let’s just fly away and try to shake the guards off..” Kuiken suggested.
“Well we won’t get far with that way of thinking..”
“But of course.. Staying here trying to think of a plan, then getting to the point where you do know it isn’t going to work without making noise.”
“Oh alright! Just leave then.”
“Yay!” The younger chicken yelled and stepped on the throttle.


About a million light-years further was hovering a little shuttle.
“Where are we?”
“Are we lost?” Veer asked angry
“Well.. I know how to fly a shuttle.. but that didn’t meant I could read a map..”
Hitting his own forehead he looked at the map of stars and planets and thought he wasn’t any good with it.
“Isn’t there an automatic pilot or something?
“Well yes. But that’s just boring don’t you think.”
“Well I do. I’ll just hover around some more.. We’ll get there.”
“I thought that was something men would say.” Veer muttered


“Finally!” Veer looked outside and noticed a small pink planet.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing..” Veer said quickly.
“Good, I’m going to land this thing.”
And when Kuiken landed (and not all that good) a loud and piercing sound was triggered.
“What’s that?” Kuiken shouted to be heard above the sound.
“I have no idea..” Veer shouted back.
Kuiken pointed at the distance, her eyes were wide and big of fear. “Warrior bunnies!”
Veer looked for an escape and accidentally looked at the sky. “Warrior Chickens..” He screamed as he pointed.
“Damn..” Kuiken screamed. Veer grabbed her by the wing and pulled her towards the bunnies. Kuiken screamed and was panicking.
“Will you be quiet?!” Veer yelled and made sure that they weren’t spotted by either parties.

Kuiken all witnessed the next episode as a blur, but Veer was calm and noticed how a small greenish bunny screamed something and killed so many chickens. Veer also how her friends, 4 a little bit older than she was and 1 old black bunny fought together. He also felt how time stopped, how those 6 bunnies and they were swooped away from Konijntjes and were bashed into another world which he didn’t know.
He constantly felt the presence of Kuiken, and was strangly comforted by her.


"What happened?" one of the pink bunnies asked.
"I don't know.." the greenish bunny said. She had still the long sword in her hands and looked at it from every angle.
"Isn't it abvious." Veer said when nobody answered. He had studied the language of the bunnies and could speak it rather well. "It is a transporter sword. If one has enough energy, it transports."
All 6 bunnies looked at Veer.
"You.." the same greenish bunny hissed and wanted to attack.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The chicken said calmly. "Or do you want us to transport again. Who knows where we'll end up next."
"He's right Fleur." the black bunny said.
"I believe it is best if we don't fight here."
"Why is that?" a pink with green bunny asked sarcasticly.
"Well... I don't want to be attact by that thing over there." The chicken pointed at a snake like reptile.
Veer and Kuiken got close together. The black bunny called his students close to him and noticed that all 5 of them were present.
The snake like creature didn't notice them, but the blond haired girl running after the reptile did.
"Decoration or Candidates?" The girl asked.
Nobody said anything.
"i presume that you aren't decoration.. Well.. Welcome on Lantessama. I'm Cyan and you have to be there." She pointed at a cave and without saying anything, left.

5 minutes later they still stood there. Two groups of the worst enemies.
"So are we going to go to that cave?" Veer asked.
"What did she mean by decoration?" a pink bunny with an axe asked.
"Let's have a look.." Veer said. " You can all wait here if you want.." The chicken said to the bunnies, but they followed as well.
Perhaps this was the first step into peace...

Lucas sighed for the 25th time that night and Cyan could take it no longer. If he kept on standing at the drafty entrance of their sleeping chambers he'd surely catch a cold and then she'd have to take care of him again. She didn't mind in particular, Lucas was just far more pleasant when he was healthy than when he was ill.
"What is it?" she asked.
"I just wonder how they do it..."
"Do what?"
"Hide the eggs while we're not looking."
"you mean you planned to stake out the plains the entire night to catch the Easter bunny?"
Cyan asked, raising her eyebrows in a way that told Lucas that she would find it quite the achievement if he managed to do just that.
"They have to move sometime." he said stubbornly.
"Let's bet that by tomorrow all the eggs will be hidden where you couldn't see them from here."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because you're advertising your presence by standing there in the full light."
Cyan sighed, "Just let the damn bunnies do their work and go to sleep. I don't want to note down names and colours all day tomorrow on my own."
Lucas sighed for the 26th time that night, gave in and turned down the lights. When he turned around to go inside he couldn't help but wonder if the soft breeze he felt was caused by the natural processes of high and low pressure fields, or by a waist-high creature with big ears bolting by.
"Don't you dare look!" Cyan called, "You're as bad as a kid."
"Just one look!"
Lucas promised.
Of course nothing was out there. Not even the smallest twitching could be seen in the shadows. Lucas sighed for the 27th time that night, making it a new record for Cyan who had been keeping tabs, and walked inside.
He'd barely closed the door when ears of all shapes and sizes came up from behind, below, beside every possible hiding place on the Lantessaman plains. For the next hours they were as busy as during the days, though the activities were very different indeed.

"Cyan!" Lucas called out excitedly, "I see eggs!"
"Of course you see eggs."
Cyan remarked dryly, "It's Easter. It happens every year."
"Don't you ever wonder how they do it?"
"Honey we live in a world where teleportation is daily business. Why would I?"
"Let's just go."
Cyan smiled and followed Lucas outside to the Candidate Quarters. As usual a bunch of unique weird-looking creatures had gathered for the Easter Egg Hunt at Lantessama, bunnies, chickens, humans -always a minority around this time of year, and guardians. Cyan got a headache when she tried to imagine just how hard to write their names would be and yelled to get the attention of the noisy crowd.
"Listen up! The Egg Hunt is now open, so go find the eggs!"
Cheering erupted and the candidates moved out in small groups, each taking the direction they were sure destiny was in. Cyan closed her eyes and relaxed. Silence was so nice and comfortable after a near sleepless night.
"Wasn't that a bit plain and fast?" Lucas asked.
"Everyone got going, didn't they?" Cyan retorted.
Lucas knew better than to complain more after he'd kept Cyan awake most of the night, tossing, turning and even getting up occasionally to go look at the plains. Nothing had happened when he did that though.

The large group of killer bunnies from Konijntjes gathered around their teacher Meester. They were used to following his lead and in this foreign environment the small cute bunnies had found that even with axes, swords and poison people found them too cute to resist. More than one of them had been ambushed, squeezed silly and shaken toward concussions and broken bones. Maybe it was for this reason that the younger bunnies had come to like the two chickens, Veer and Kuiken who were older, bigger, but sadly also their natural born enemies.
"I want to go with Kuiken!" Elly, a completely pink, and therefore still largely innocent bunny exclaimed, hugging the uncomfortable peaceful chicken.
"Then I'm going too." Gaill, Elly's best friend, squealed, though she was more advanced in the art of war, she was easily influenced by her younger friend and also liked the firey, free chicken that had fled her homeworld because her father had betrothed her to a man she didn't love. Even in little killer bunny heart's there's room for romance after all.
"Then we can go with Veer." Puro and Gry, the two male student bunnies called out. They were both young as well and had overcome their hatred of the chickens in this strange environment. After all, why should they fight each other when they didn't even know where they were? The two chickens were older than them, so they had a better chance of getting home.
Meester nodded, sending a thankful glance towards Veer and Kuiken who grudgingly agreed to take on a bunch of their enemies even if it were only children. Fleur on the other hand, the youngest, but also most vicious and far-advanced, of the bunch looked at her friends in contempt and called out:
"Traitors! How dare you do this. I wouldn't get near a chicken unless to kill it!" and of she went.
Meester sighed and headed after her, knowing that that was easier than trying to convince the young irrational bunny that they needed to cooperate to get home. He easily caught sight of the fully armed, black-tempered bunny as she rampaged across Lantessama.
"An egg!" she suddenly called out and trotted toward it, curiously looking at the egg from all sides. Meester observed and prayed that Fleur'd impress and get it over with. However, Fate wasn't so kind. The egg cracked, hatched and revealed a green-tipped blue chicken female.
Fleur snapped and stampeded toward the little hatchling, sword drawn, calling every ugly chicken name in the book. The chicken, feeling the murderous intent, reading the malice from Fleur's red-hot aura didn't stay to ponder and get stabbed. In stead she fled as fast as her legs could carry her toward safety. Fleur tried to follow it and kill it, or at least hurt it, but she was no match to the chicken, which was larger than her even at birth. Cooling down, she continued her search.

Meanwhile, the unlikely group of bunnies and chickens was slowly and steadily heading to the ceadra dunes at the northern side of Lantessama Isle. The dunes were almost like a maze with twisting valleys and dead ends. In short, the perfect hiding places for eggs.
It was no wonder then that all around eggs cracked open and ears popped up. Elly and Gaill giggled while Puro and Gry called out in surprise when the first bunny approached them. The pink female approached with her ears radiating in all directions, trying to pick up more sounds. Finally she moved a bit closer and nudged Elly who promptly fell to the ground. The bunny looked surprised and started licking Elly, which made her giggle.
"Stop!" she called, "It tickles!!"
"You're not hurt?" the bunny asked.
"No... just a bit startled... ehm Unconvee."
A second bunny, a male yellow, ran into the little endearing scene, and grabbed Puro by the neck, "No-one's captured you yet?" the bunny asked after having thoroughly sniffed his desired partner.
"No..." Puro said, just a tad scared.
"Then you're mine!" the bunny squealed, throwing Puro in the air and then bolting around him in a series of intricate patterns, "My name is Liebig, ok?"
"Ok..." Puro answered, hoping the yellow bunny would stop.
Two more bunnies, a blue female and an orange male, were sitting a little distance away, looking on the scene and wondering if they should join in or stay hidden and wait for others to pass.
"Dragna..." the orange male said.
"Yes, Mesh?" she answered.
"We should take this chance. No-one else might come."
"True... but they carry weapons."
"They also walk hand in hand with their enemy. they're not that bad, just misguided."
"You saying we have to teach them the right way?"
The two stood up as one, as they had come out of their egg as one, and stepped into the growing circle of bunnies to play with their new friends and steal the chocolate out of the special baskets all candidates had received at the start of the hunt.
While the four killer bunnies were busy, Kuiken carefully arched closer to Veer. As usual the older chicken didn't even notice her arrival and she felt frustrated that he didn't even get that she liked him.
As usual Veer was lost in his own thoughts and he seemed to be following a trail. Well at least they'd be alone together, Kuiken shrugged, and she followed her crush deeper into the dunes. She never did look at the ground, which is why she didn't see the oddly shaped tracks that Veer was following and why the two chick dragons sitting together around the corner came as a complete surprise to her.
"Hello!" Veer called, looking at the chick dragons with reverence, they really were marvellous creatures.
"Are you ours?" the two replied.
Taking a closer look, Kuiken noticed that one was male, spotted a dusty grey and the other was a myriad of oranges, reds and flame-tipped yellow feathers. One was cold, the other hot and both seemed to know just what they wanted.
"They've got to be ours, Daiya." the female remarked, "They found us."
"It is true they found us, Lussi." the male replied, "But was it fate or fluke?"
"Flukes are often fate."
Kuiken got bored of the conversation already and called out, "If you're not sure than we'll just leave and you can think a bit more and wait forever since no-one's going to find you again."
"She has a point." Daiya said.
"I like her." Lussi agreed.
"So now we're yours. What will you do?"
"Feed you?" Veer guessed.
"Such excellent candidates they found this year." Lussi remarked.

 Some small stats of Veer and Kuiken:

Kuiken is a young chicken of about 20 years of age. She is the youngest daughter of the king of Kuikentjes. Her father doesn’t like her spending lots of time with that Hippy of a chicken. That was why he arranged a marriage with an old wealthy chicken that would always go for a young and juicy chick.
Kuiken herself is a rather hippy like chick herself. She doesn’t believe in the war between both species and will never fight or make her hands dirty with blood. She has a rather firy personality and loves to fly shuttles. She doesn’t really know how to land them, but still lives so it will probably won’t be that bad at all…
She has a secret crush on Veer, but he doesn’t really noticed her in that way.  



Veer is a middle aged male chicken of 35 years old and lives in a small cottage just outside the town where Kuiken and her family live. He met her when she was 15 years old. He was going round with a petition, and she was dressed up to go to some sort of chicken ball.
Kuiken had then followed him and that way got to know where he lived and went back almost every day.
Veer found the little chicken a new rather violent breeze in his every day life, and welcomed her. He was a rather scatterbrain and sometimes listens to Kuiken to easally. Wich gets him into trouble from time to time, but that doesn’t really matter. It makes life interesting.