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Name: Shirith
Gender: female
Colour: iridescent purple
Breed: Ryslen (Flurrier) Mutt
Size: About Old-World Blue-sized (6-8 feet).
Dam: iridescent green Saktishanatath (Ryslen Flurry 01)
Sire: light brown Khalbalahath (Ryslen #2)
Clutch: Starburst #4
Abilities: standard telepathy, teleportation, fire breath (assisted w/ firestone)

Shirith is an excitable dragon who loves all things girly: flowers, baby animals and all colours of the rainbow. Never say that she is "just" purple. She is so much more than that. She is a warm swirly mix of Lavender, Violet and Rose and just as fragrant!

Sakishanatath was, though happy about having children of her own for a second time, not one to be kept waiting. So when she finally felt her nice-sized clutch of seven eggs begin to radiate movement from under her wings, she was relieved and called for Khalbalahath to summon all the gathered candidates. 
Sakishanatath purred and Khalbalahath beamed as their firstborn broke shell. The hatchling was a rich iridescent green, her hide shimmering with all the colours of the spectrum under the dominant green colour. She shook herself off, and pranced to the candidates.
Two more dragonets rocked themselves into the world - when their eggs broke, they got up and started off towards the candidates. These two were an iridescent blue of a sky-like colour, and the second a brown who was also iridescent, like earth that held many shimmering jewels.
The brown made his choice first, and while the blue trotted off to the nearest food source, another iridescent green hatched, this one paler than the first.
A short pause made a couple of pessimists in the crowd think that hatching had come to a close, but they were proven wrong when an iridescent blue came free of his shell and made his bond immediately.
The next egg to hatch began to crack slowly, and the first limb that emerged was something different to the Old Worlders that resided at Starburst (most of them, in fact). A purple forepaw chipped away at the shell, and the crowd seemed very happy. A rare, hatched on the sands! When the hatchling came free, the searchrider Silvri - who was just passing by at the time - nodded. Purple was a common Ryslenese colour, her own dragon was of a violet hue. As she continued on her way, the purple directed her mindvoice to Emynth, the Weyrwoman's dragoness. 
"Would you mind if I stayed here? I would like to spend time alone. I think it would be good for my creative mind." 
Upon the dragon's approval, the purple smiled. 
"My name's Shirith!" She sang, in the most beautiful of voices.

Sadra had spent his time at Lantessama isle growing up. With his personality he managed to stay out of trouble - at least that the Laedrysses knew about. He'd taken up a living space at the Northern side of the island, overlooking the ocean and free from anything that might hinder him entering or leaving his chamber. It could get a bit chilly in winter but with his feathers and fur he honestly didn't mind a bit of cold. 
Right below him though, was the house of a small purple dragoness. Shirith she was called and she smelled of spring and flowers. Suffice to say that she did get cold in the heart of winter. Sadra often heard her shivering at night and he wondered why she didn't use her magic to keep warm. But apparently after hearing around, Sadra managed to find out that she didn't have magic. 
So one night he climbed down in his human form and decided to strike up a conversation. Going as a human meant he wouldn't be as imposing. She might turn him away but Sadra felt like that wouldn't be true to her character. Everyone he asked told him that she was friendly and innocent. 
Sadra cleared his throat and called: "Hello, Shirith?"
A wave of rose and lavender assaulted his sensitive nose. Shirith's purple head appeared around the bend and she curiously approached.
"Hello, I'm Sadra, I live in the unit above." he told her.
"Nice to meet you. How can I help you?"
"I was wondering if I could help you. You seem rather cold at night."
"Have I been keeping you up?" Shirith asked horrified, wondering if maybe her teeth had been chattering. Also, wasn't the one above her that silver feathered dragon with the nice sparkling blue gem on his forehead? 
"Yes, that would be my other form." Sadra told her, "I thought I'd fit in here better like this."
"True, it's a small space but I live alone." Shirith answered.
"Is that why you don't move?" Sadra asked.
"I was told the southern-facing rooms are larger and reserved for pairs or large dragons. So I don't really have an option."
"That sounds discriminating." Sadra said, genuinely worried about the dainty purple dragoness.
"I don't know..." she started to downplay the issue.
"No that won't do. Let me escort you to a place where you can bond." Sadra said, "I have heard some of the dragons talk about a place called Ryslen. There is supposed to be a large clutch there and several of the native people are there already to bond. It wouldn't hurt for us to go there too."
Shirith grew silent and thought about things. She hadn't really intended to bond quite yet but Sadra was like her night in shining armor. He was offering to escort her and to keep her safe while she waited. Could she really turn him down? The more she thought about it, she felt like this might be her destiny. Girly dreams of love and fated encounters filled her mind until she could only say one thing:
"Yes, I'd love to go."
And so it wasn't long after that conversation that Shirith found herself waiting for her silver knight who'd transformed back into his dazzling draconic form. Together they took flight and shared the mental image that would take them to the peculiar cauldron that housed Ryslen. 
They were greeted with a magical white-edged world. Snow was everywhere and Shirith found herself shivering. A sudden wave of heat warmed her from her core and when she looked up, she saw Sadra's gem sparkle. 
He smiled reassuringly at her and together they spiralled down, landing and announcing their purpose for visiting. Shirith felt all the more certan that she would enjoy her time here. 

“It’s time” came the telepathic call to any who would hear it.
Candidates, spectators and officials all hurried to the designated place in the Drift. The drak mothers still had their wings screening their eggs from view, and dozens of the hundred or more visible eggs were rocking where they sat, the little dragons within working on the double to out and find their One. Though not all of these would need to bond to survive.
Eggs hatched one after the other, the resulting hatchlings showcasing a myriad of features, colours and patterns, though with the expected white and snowflakes being the most abundant. Trying to follow the hatchlings soon became impossible as they mixed with the novos.
The whiter of the two prism children of Winter and Elizabeth was quicker to find her bond, hurrying right up to iridescent purple Shirith.
‘Hello, hello, hello.’ The hatchling babbled to the adult dragon. ‘I’m Gwyneth! I love you!’

 Name: Gwyneth
White Wild Prism
Old World Mutt
 Parents: Winter & Elizabeth
Ryslen Flurry 2021-2023
8 feet at the shoulder
Energetic, Loving, Cheeky.
   * Telepathic Speech
   * Teleportation (self)
   * Assisted Fire Breath

Sadra walked to the edge of his lair and shifted into his draconic form. He now shared his home with Namaskar. Shirith had vacated the cave below and had moved with Gwyneth to one of the larger southern-facing lairs. He'd helped the two of them pick and believed they had found a great place with a natural wind break. The two girls got along great and were training for some sort of future event involving aerial dancing.
"You do realise they're up to something?" Namaskar asked.
"Why do you think that?"
"We would have heard about any upcoming aerial event."
Sadra shrugged. Whatever it may be, they would find out sooner rather than later. It's not like Shirith or Gwyneth could keep a secret.

Meanwhile, in the girls' home, Shirith and Gwyneth were plotting plans.
"I understand why you call him a knight." Gwyneth said, "But I don't feel that he fancies you."
"He took care of me. That must mean something."
"And what about Namaskar?" Gwyneth asked, "He's pretty too."
"Handsome, men are called handsome." Shirith said, "And you have a point. he's pink and fluffy."
"Sadra is silver and fluffy though. Fluffiness won't tip the scale either way."
"Choosing is hard." Shirith sighed.
"So why choose?"
Shirith sat up, "Why indeed?"

Shirith and Gwyneth  made certain Sadra and Namaskar were in view. Shirith made certain the wind carried her scent to them and Gwyneth called out for good measure. Next thing the boys knew, they had been challenged to a flight. Dragons around them knew better than to join the flight as the girls had sent a very clear 'stay-away-if-you-know-what's-good-for-you'-signal and so the sky was theirs alone. Sadra soon realised why the girls had been practicing aerial dancing. They did look radiant while they swerved, ducked and raced through the clouds. But neither he nor Namaskar would back down from the challenge.
The boys chased, swapped and tagged each other. Never losing sight of the girls but not being clear as to who they were chasing. At the isle, no-one had a clue of what was happening. But with a closed flight, a clutch was sure to happen so no-one really minded who flew who. The resulting offspring would clear up that mystery...

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Shirith is a candidate at the Ryslen Flurry 2021.