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Name: Ryunijiaoth
Nickname: Ryua
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Abstract Destiny
Parents: Dracar x Akheth
Species: 1/2 Dragonheart, 1/2 Pernese
Description: Ryua has a cobalt blue hide with white-silver armour. Her wings are rainbow-coloured and make her noticed wherever she goes. She has a longish snout and the Pernese nobs. A rainbow ridge runs from the top of her head down her neck.  
Adult Size: Pernese Blue
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
   *Teleportation, The ability to go anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized.
   *Chameleon, The ability to manipulate the colors, patterns, and textures on one's hide. 
    They especially excel at camouflaging themselves among rocks and other natural environments.
   *Exhale Fire, The ability to expel twin streams of fire from the nostrils.
   *Heart-Sharing, "Half my heart to make you whole." 
    In dire circumstances, the dragon can split their heart and share it with another. 
    From this point onwards the two are irrevocably linked, will feel each other's pain, and the death of one will result in the death of the other.
Peculiarities: These dragons cannot initiate a bond outside of the Heart-Sharing ability, but can be the target of another's bond.
Personality: Ryua is a haughty and self-confident dragon. She is a leader at heart and will take charge. She almost never doubts herself, and if she does, she's quick to find an explanation and move on. Perfection can't be reached, but Ryua is convinced that she is getting close. She doesn't like to do things on the sly so she is quite open about her motivations and thoughts and will expect others to do the same. She claims she doesn't judge, but she has little patience for other entities who want to try things differently.   

Ryua looked around and sighed. Her halfbrother, Udraakir, had stalked off to the large, mostly uninhabited continent of Syl'Neriss and was now probably sulking somewhere. And worse, he was hiding, looking for a green dragon in a green forest when he wanted to hide was pretty difficult. Especially when the both of them possessed a special Chameleon skill. 
On normal occasions, Ryua would just leave her brother to sulk. But today the Laedrys had asked them to meet her for some special assignment. So she couldn't just leave him and go to the Laedrys alone, that would reflect badly on her. There was only one strategy left she could use. She would have to taunt him out in the open. But since they didn't share a particularly strong bond as siblings and Udraakir didn't have telepathy, that meant Ryua would have to broadcast. She just hoped nobody else was in range to pick up on what she was about to do. 
"Go ahead and sulk!" She yelled in her mind, "You're a chicken!"
Ryua waited but got no reply. 
"See if I care if you want to waste your time!" she tried.
Only silence greeted her. Time for the trump card.
"And just when you might get an opportunity to bond too!!!!"
A green head poked out of the bushes just beside her, Ryua had to dig deep to refrain from blowing fire to her half brother, but she managed.
"Really?" Udraakir asked.
"The Laedrys asked us to meet her. You know as well as I do that can only mean one thing. She wants us to attend a hatching in her stead."
"That does indeed seem to be a recurring theme." 
"So what are you waiting for? Let's go!"


Udraakir and Ryua arrived on Techotl. The planet was pretty unusual with most of the activity taking place in the trees. For the Nexus official visitors however, platforms had been constructed so they could rest without having to cling to trees. Both dragon siblings looked around nervously and waited for someone to guide them to the right place. 

Before them, row upon row of bleachers stepped down across the most elaborate and expansive structure hung in the trees of Techotl. The platform extended across multiple branches and touched several trees, each one adding to the support structure. At the center of the platform, opening up like a gargantuan iris, lay a tightly woven net covered in soft, well trampled grasses and leaves. The threads of the net were easily as thick as a man’s torso, but fitted so tightly together that they cast a black shadow beneath them. The grasses and leaves served as padding only. The lightest that could be found, for atop the net sat the most precious of cargos.
A half dozen curious fledglings huddled together in a tight ball, their heads twisting this way and that in response to the endless sea of chatter wafting off the bleachers. The fledglings were antirraperna to a one, each sporting an impressive head fringe and the awkward, gangling limbs of youth. They chittered amongst each other, high pitched trills answering guttural rumbles.
Fom the branches of the surrounding trees, the sleek, beakish heads of the Antirr looked down. They would not be as easily swayed as the half-Pernese Antirraperna, but maybe they could find something that caught their interest today. They certainly had a wealth to choose from. 

- snippet -

Ryua tried to stay a bit in the shadows. She was here to support her half-brother, he might be an old stick-in-the-mud and way too gloomy for his own good, but he deserved happiness. Still, the haughty dragoness did find plenty to look at. The world was interesting, it's inhabitants, the winged humanoids intriguing. Maybe she would find something to share her heart with among them. Or maybe she would find something in common with the half-Pernese Antiiraperna. But then, bonding by venomous bite sounded pretty exciting too. Just the challenge alone made her defiant. Ryua wondered which would make the first move. 
A violet-purple Atirraperna bonded to Udraakir and by the looks of it, her brother was completely enamoured by his new companion. While people continued to enter the net and some of them offered songs and music, Ryua waited at the edge.

The display of such quick affection between the green dragon and the violet antirraperna was not received with as much joy from those in the branches overhead. The antirr were aware that their kin required a bond far more so than they did. Even so, they didn't like how quickly they went about it. Like love-sick fledglings desperate to believe that one shared moment was enough to foretell the rest of their lives. 
One in particular found this connection to be not only far too speedy, but also a gross public display that was truly unwarranted. He slithered down from the trees, his dark scales a near match for the trunk of the tree on which he crawled. When he reached the netting, he sidled up beside a blue dragoness who also watched the new bond blossoming before their eyes. The antirr grumbled and grumped under his breath, and sent to her a series of complaints regarding how things were supposed to work around here. Narrow, yellow eyes examined her up and down before following up the complaints with a quick series of notes to convey a name. After the song came another assault of images. This time of his scowling, disapproving façade. Zumaa, the images implied.

- snippet -

Ryua smirked at the complaints and replied telepathically:
"My brother is a romantic. He's made his choice and will not back down from it, his vow will be for forever. He seems to have found one that's just like him. But I agree, he shouldn't be as in our face about it." to which she added images of majestic dragons flying in a brilliantly blue sky and rainbows sparkling, followed by a little nod of her head and her name: "Ryunijiaoth."
Communicating thus with images, feelings while underscoring with grunts, bugles, notes and thrills, the two very different but equally confident dragons managed to get some kind of dialogue going. Both decided they liked each other, both knew that they would meet again. Neither was certain what the future may bring, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Name: Audio - Sonogram
Spoken Name: Zumaa (lord frowns in anger)
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Nidus Adanuk (Techotl)
Species: Antirr
Description: A dark, bark-brown serpentine dragon with tough scales and a black tiger-stripe pattern across his body. He has a double set of wings, the first being feathery, reddish-brown with big eyelets at the center, the second being leathery and plain. Both sets have vestigial limbs attached to them by which he can adjust his flight path and grasp and climb trees on his home planet.  
Adult Size: 30 feet (length)
   *Telepathy, low grade telepathy that allows them to communicate thoughts, impressions, and images across short distances (in sight). 
   *Verbal communication
       >Singing: can communicate over great distance by song in an extensive vocal range 
       >Mimickry: can mimic sounds they have heard before (however they cannot form new sentences or thoughts with parts they have heard before)
   *Venomous bite: they produce a peptide toxin that causes swelling, pain, paralysis, and sometimes death. The antirr then follow the scent to their prey.
Peculiarities: Emotions are shown by the stand of their flexible head tendrils. 
Personality: Rigid and overbearing, Zumaa knows he's better than those halfbloods that have come to being on his world. Grudgingly he will have to admit that they do have their own advantages, but they're far from as adapted as the original species that evolved on the planet. He's prim and proper and knows his way around a command chain (where he is at the top of course). We'll see if he'll ever sire some halfbloods of his own.  

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