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Name: Kreenoth
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Description: A handsome dragon with a hide that fades from dark blue to black, blue wings and blue-green eyes. He has two straight white horns and a ridge that extends from his forehead down to the base of his neck. Personality wise Kreenoth is trusting and kind. He can be a bit of a prankster but it's all in good fun. Kreenoth certainly doesn't want for anyone to get hurt.
Place of Origin: Nexus Forum Giveaway (Darkling Dawn)

Kreenoth entered the Rapture and was immediately energised by the movement that was all around him. People, dragons and all kinds of other sentients were milling around doing odd jobs to prepare the large ballroom for the event. Somewhere close scientists were busy experimenting while the 16 pairs of dragons guarded their eggs. Kreenoth didn't see any he recognised but hoping to bond one later he would go and get acquainted with the parents when things calmed down a bit.
Seeing all the black and white, Kreenoth suddenly understood why the Laedrys had asked him to attend. Clearly there was some kind of dress-code and that explained the small white bow she'd lend him to wear around his neck. He'd kinda deliberately dropped the little strangling device somewhere along the way in the elsewhere though and there was no way to get it back. Those who didn't like blue would just have to focus on the black. Although, he could use some of those cosmetics the human women used to lighten his dashing wings if they so requested it. 
Thinking on it, that didn't seem all that comfortable either. Kreenoth just decided to keep his wings folded tightly. People usually didn't mess with dragons anyway. The feeling of being slightly out of line was nice and he would enjoy the subterfuge.   

They definitely noticed the flash of blue on his wings, but Kreenoth kept his wings tucked none the less. The food the humans and others were eating smelled like they would enjoy it, but he also smelled the chopped meat and fresh water that would be available to the hatchling dragons.
And there were plenty of those. He'd been allowed to tour the dragon dens and lounges, of course, who was going to stop him? Well - one of those incredibly scary spiky ones that showed up a while later, but then it didn't matter.
Because before they even got to the party, some of the clutches on their private sands had hatched, and he'd been privileged enough to be there for one of them. He'd been told to remain, by Gertith the stunningly icy white mother of this clutch. And though there was something odd about how these nooks messed with time, slowing the need for a bond long enough that the other hatchlings would be able to find theirs among those in the ballroom beyond... Kreenoth was drawn directly to the icy sparkly seventh to hatch.
"This place is big and strange and I am hungry", that dragonet bespoke to the blue-winged black. She was definitely hungry, and he remembered this feeling from his own hatching long before.
He was ... dizzy! Blinking away brightness that didn't really exist in his own eyes - the newly hatched dragoness, she'd spent the entirety of her life in a shell, in a dim room, and now there were noises and people and lights... oh, and a small local usher dragon that brought in a bucket with meat - which Alpinth just dunked her head right into. Kreenoth watched her, and knew that if he had been human, he would have had happy tears in his eyes.

Kreenoth impressed the 2021 New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball

Name: Alpinth (AL pine th, as alpine snow; -TH ended Pernese name inherits normally or modified depending on partner)
Gender: female (+preference as desired)
Size: 5'3" s/l/ws
Build: barrel chested, strong wings
Physical Features: Pernese, four legs, two wings, all with claws; head knobs and soft short neck ridge, tail spade, some have faceted eyes
Colours: body ice blue-white 'snow cap' (head and spine to mid tail brightly snow-white marking); wingsails dappled high white and iridescent white; ridge and tail spade festive iridescent white; light claws; pupiled blue eyes
Stats: Strength 6, Speed 3, Endurance 4, Agility 2, Health 1, Intelligence 5
Abilities: 6 nexus senses, local teleport; 5 nexus teleport; 4 telepathy; 3 time port; 2 nexus communication; 1 unassisted firebreath
Personality: A classy lady who enjoys attention and gifts. She was definitely pampered by Kreenoth while growing up. 
Parents: Gertith + Surrith
Bond: Kreenoth, Impressed (odd for dragon)

Alpinth gazed at her bond and appreciated the similarities between them. They had the same build, the same size. Even though they were about opposite in colour, they were both still partly blue. The snowy white dragoness liked comparing herself to her bond lately. She'd never done that as a hatchling. Not even as a weyrling growing up. 
Both dragons had returned to Lantessama Isle and now shared Kreenoth's lair. It was a bit tight maybe, but it never bothered either of them. They were out most of the day and at night they snuggled close together. Alpinth knew Kreenoth indulged her too much. But she just could not deny him the pleasure of giving her little trinkets. He knew her so well. There was hardly anything she could do in return as her bond was rather selfless. And what could you give the dragon who had everything already? 
"My heart." she thought and grinned.
It was all kinds of sappy but Valentine had just gone by and some of the humans' silly romantic notions must have rubbed off on her. Alpinth wondered if making a big heart to hand over to kreenoth was the way to go or whether she would just have to tie a ribbon around her neck. In the end she went for both. 
Kreenoth found his bond, sporting a giant blue heart attached to a silver ribbon, waiting in their home.
"My heart is yours." she crooned.
Kreenoth felt his heart stop for a second. Was someone playing a prank on him? But he soon realised Alpinth was seriously making an effort. They had exchanged hearts the moment they bonded but that was a technicality. The blue-winged black dragon was mesmerised by his bond once more. 
"Maybe I should make a heart too so we can exchange them for real." Kreenoth suggested.
"No, you've already given me so much. I don't need anything back."
Alpinth tucked her head behind the big cardboard heart, "I would appreciate a kiss."

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