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Name: Gobizieth
Gender: Male
Parents: Melitu x Varvikas
Place of Origin: The Refugium
Species: Sever Skai Wyvern
Description: Gobizieth is a indigo blue wyvern with a long, spaded tail and venomous spikes running from head to tailtip. He has a furry hide, highlighted with bright yellow spots. He is bipedal, using his wings for balance while running/walking. 
Personality: Gobizieth is a moody dragon, wyvern. He hates being told he's lacking arms, he's certain a lot of the others around Lantessama are just mutants with extra, unnecessary limbs. So he cannot fly with his wings, he can lift himself with telekinesis and that is how most of the other winged lizards turned to the sky, so let not tell you anything different. Being a bit of a rebel and misanthrope, Gobizieth of course has very few friends. And that suits him just fine. Gobizieth usually evades others by using his limited visibility. Only those glitters are way to cheerful... but they're a necessary evil so he bears them valiantly (ad grumpily). 
Size: Medium
     * Teleportation (surprise based, appears in a burst of glitter)
     * Telepathy
     * Telekinesis
     * Verbal Speech
     * Empathy
          - Mild Empathic Control (able to increase cheer and energy in an individual)
     * Venomous (Spines, Teeth and Claws)
          - Breath Weapon (Acid)
          - Acidic Blood
     * Increased Survivability (able to withstand vacuums and lack of oxygen for long periods)
          - Limited invisibility (the ability to become invisible when remaining stationary, reappears in a cloud of glitter)
          - Tremorsense (the ability to sense vibrations from other beings up to 5 miles away)

Gobizieth hopped around Lantessama Isle. People looked and Gobizieth scoffed. He'd been at the place for a year now, How come he was still turning heads? People should have gotten used to him by now. Yeah he wasn't your typical dragon. There were gem dragons all around, you'd think people would not be surprised about arm-wings. Although Gobizieth did have legs and those winged snakes didn't. 
Syyacy Rona'de walked around the Isle. She was a new arrival and just trying to find her way. People had been pretty kind. Everyone seemed to be keeping an eye out for trouble - apparently something bad had happened in recent history - and people were extremely helpful and curious. Although she hadn't intended to stay here, the young Linaye was reconsidering her travel plans. 
As Syyacy turned a corner all thoughts of future travel fled her mind. Because right in front of her was the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen. He was darkly colouored, that colour between blue and purple with bright cyan stripes and yellow flecks covering his body. But it was his eyes that caught her: broody and gloomy. As usual she could not keep her thoughts to herself:
"You're the most beautiful dragon I've ever seen."
Gobizieth froze in his tracks and looked at the bright yellow and black dragoness in front of him. She had four limbs and three sets of wings but she did have less horns in her crest. Feeling slightly superior, Gobizieth wondered if the dragoness meant it or whether she was playing him. 
But as Syyacy came closer, it became increasingly clear that she meant what she had said. Her red eyes seemed to heat with passion and she headbutted his shoulder. Luckily she wasn't all that big or Gobizieth would have topple over. Feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the sudden affection but not really wanting to part with it, Gobizieth froze. Syyacy noticed and back off a little.
"Too intense? I've been told I need to watch out for that."
Gobizieth managed to shake his head and croak out a: "No it was fine."
Syyacy's face lit up and she happily continued to get up in his personal space as if she belonged there. And oddly, Gobizieth felt that maybe she did. 

Name: Syyacy Rona'de
Gender: Female
Parents: Nirivin Rona'de x Ghaniya Ghaniya
Place of Origin: Nidus Aven
Species: Linaje
Description: Blackskinned with yellow fur and gold-black splotches and leg bands. Syyacy has red eyes and a crest of sharp horns on her head and at the tip of her tail. She has three sets of wings that are aligned on her spine from large to small.  
Personality: Syyacy is loud and boisterous. She has no filter and will say what she's thinking. She does not mean any harm and her comments are never meant to be mean or sarcastic. She is a kind dragon at heart who loves flowers and bees, who delights at being wild and running free. And though she gets in her share of trouble, it's hard to keep being angry at her as she herself moves on, carefully trying to take the lesson with her (but often failing).  
Size: Medium (1.8m at the shoulder)
     * Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation)

     * Size Shifting

     * Balance Control,

     * Shifting (Unlimited)

Syyacy dragged her mate Gobizieth out. 
"Why must we go out?" he whined.
"I'm ready to rise and I want children." she said and added "Our children." before Gobizieth could ruin the moment by protesting.
Over the past months Syyacy had learned how to work with Gobizieth's moods as he had learned to openly say what he meant as Syyacy didn't always pick up his subtle moods. She could sense now that he was more embarrassed than opposed to the idea. Which is why she had dragged him out well before dawn. Almost nobody would see their flight. But that was ok as long as they could have the flight. Gobizieth had given up grumbling which was a good sign. Syyacy gave him a bright smile and then launched herself in the night sky. Despite his earlier protests, Gobizieth was right behind her. He was nearly invisible against the night sky and Syyacy wondered how long she'd be able to outfly her mate as her own bright yellow was pretty visible against the dark sky.
After a while though, it became clear that Gobizieth wasn't up to being sneaky. Syyacy always had a clear picture of where he was in relation to her own location and she enjoyed the unbridled flight. Only when both of them were spent did Gobizieth grab her. 
"Thank you." Syyacy told her mate.
"Just to say I'm not going to do this all that often." Gobizieth grumbled in the nicest way.  

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