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The Man
Name: Shaymar
Gender: Male
Hair Color: dark red
Eye Color: soft, light apple green
Personality: Speedy and emotional, the rider is excessively impressive and dynamic.

The Dragon
Gender: Male
Colour: Black Night
Size: 27.6 metres (blue)
Parents: cwerty x kevverth
Personality: Sturdy and intelligent, the dragon is very spry and dangerous
Hatched in: Circle 3

Shaymar looked around as he was pushed inside, driven by the candidates that were coming in behind him. There was little he could do to change the direction he was headed as people from Eriol Weyr dictated where everyone was going. Still, with his slender build and fast reflexes, Shaymar did make certain he was one of the first to reach the third circle, making sure he got a good spot.
He was close to the eggs and could hear the tapping of claws on the inside of the egg nearest him. The soft scraping and tapping somehow sounded ominous but Shaymar couldn't avert his attention away. Moving closer, Shaymar bent down to listen as the tapping and scraping continued, accompagnied by a low growl.
Suddenly the egg burst open, spraying Shaymar in shards of eggshell. But Shaymar hardly noticed it as he was looking into bright swirling eyes. The dragon's hide was black as shade, making it seem as if the eyes lacked a body, and would follow him wherever he went. A shiver went down his spine as a cold and dark voice spoke in his mind:
"Jhanihth. You are mine."

Jhanihth was still a bit creepy and most other weyrling dragons kept their distance. This didn't bother the black dragon as he was driven to get to great heighths. Shaymar was also quite competitive and together they trained hard. Some would even say they trained excessively, but the pair never made mistakes so the Weyrlingmaster could hardly berate them for doing the extra work. 
Some of the older riders were worried about the way the black dragon kept his rider from interacting with other humans. It was almost like he was too possessive, too controlling of the human. Some of them even had the nerve to ask the young man if he needed some help or companionship, to which they got an odd look and a polite refusal. 
"You can go with them." the black dragon whispered in Shaymar's mind.
"Why would I?" the young athlete asked, "I don't mind your company."
"I seem to remember you were frightened by me when we first met."
"You are quite intense on first contact." Shaymar replied, "I've gotten used to it."
"Hmmm. Fine with me."

Jhanihth rapped his talons in an ennerving rhythm. The uneven pattern and long deliberate pauses put most of the humans in an uncomfortable mood. Shaymar took note of his dragon's agitation but knw Jhanith was too driven to stop in the middle of a test. They would finish and then they would talk about what was rattling his usually unperturbed and sneeky dragon. Who knows, the tapping could just be Jhanihth's way to confuse the competition though they usually didn't interfere with other pairs during tests.
An hour later they were released from training and Shaymar glanced at Jhanihth as the dragon nervously lashed his tail around.
"What's gotten you all riled up?"
"I feel like I need to act. Prowl. Hunt. Chase." Jhanihth hissed.
Shaymar quickly listed the possible causes in his mind. Jhanihth had eaten normally and couldn't be hungry yet. He'd never been one to hunt mindlessly. But he was a young adult male and Shaymar had a good idea about what could cause such feelings. His dragon had always been on the more instinctive side of wild. He needed to find a female dragon on the flight board who'd be able to hold her own. And preferably one who was flying right now.
"Let's go fly." Shaymar said, determined to siffon some of the energy away.
"Fly. Chase, Catch."
Jhanihth agreed.

Adopted at Eriol Weyr, the Backwards Frenzy (closed)
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