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The Man
Name: Napiel
Gender: Male
Hair Color: mixed hazel brown and rust red
Eye Color: bright, dark mint green
Personality: Flexible and loving, Napiel embraces just about every day head on to live life ot the fullest. Usually greets everyone with a cheery hello, so it's easy to see when he's upset. Unusually balanced, he knows when he's gone too far in something, like academics, or is in over his head, and is unusually deft at loosening his workload.

The Dragon
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Size: 28.2 metres (blue)
Parents: green amlath x brown kinrath
Personality: Unlike his rider, Arnooth is short-tempered and hates mornings. An afternoon-or-night dragon, Arnooth enjoys stargazing. The dragon is exceedingly nimble and strong, so stargazing is a rather random habit. A small dragon in a large world, fending a way for himself and his rider.
Hatched in: Circle 4

The Frenzy at Eriol Weyr was in full swing. Napiel found himself ushered toward the fourth and final circle of eggs. There were plenty of caniddates and eggs. Looking around he saw the other candidates grouped into a similar fashion around the other three circles. With the chaos of the mass hatching people didn't quite know what to do or where to look first. Napiel greedily took in all the sights, not in the least the soft white eggs that seemed to be glowing in the low lighting. 
The eggs started rocking and the loud buzz of whispers accompanied the humming of the dragons. Candidates craned their necks and leaned forward, trying to get as close to the eggs as they could. Maybe because the eggs came from multiple clutches, most of the dragons hatched at the same time. The sands in the circle were suddenly filled with green blue, brown, bronze and gold. 
Napiel laughed, wonder filling his mind as he watched the hatchlings clumsily get up and start to walk. When you thought about it, it was amazing what they could do. Some candidates tried to get the attention of the dragons but Napiel could only wait. The moment was too precious to break with any kind of intended action. Napiel could only hold his breath and wait, feeling something like seeing a beautiful sunrise from a high vantage point. It was magic.
A voice sounded in his head, "It's like the first twinkle of stars in the night sky."
"That is a very beautiful sight too." Napiel agreed.
"My name is Arnooth. I think I like you. Just don't expect me to get up to look at the sunrise."
"I probably won't be able to if I stay up to watch the stars with you." Napiel promised. 

Napiel tried to look calm and collected as he once again stood alone during the first lesson of the day. Arnooth never did attend those early classes, no matter what promises Napiel made or what bribes he tried. At some point, Napiel had just decided that he could just go to the lesson and keep the practical part for the afternoon when he and Arnooth stayed later than the other weyrling pairs.
At first the Weyrling master had been skeptical, but after seeing the work Napiel put in and the way Arnooth usually showed up later, yawning and dragging his tail, only to get better when the later hours drew near, he'd relented and had allowed the pair their unusual hours. They still needed to fly the tests but were usually put near the end of the group.
At first some of the other newly bonded dragonriders had chided Napiel for allowing his dragon to run all over him. But they'd been effectively shut up when they'd had their first nightly training and the roles had been reserved. 
"Once we graduate I'm requesting permanent night shift duty." Arnooth signed sleepily.
"I think we won't even have to request that." Napiel smiled back, earning him a groan as the young man's energy hit the still sleepy dragon.

Arnooth happily watched as the sun dove below the horizon, painting the skies in oranges, pinks and purples. Up above the brightest stars were already twinkling and calling for Arnooth to look at them. Though he wasn't always on Night watch duty, he was in that part of the roster often enough to keep up his energy. 
It was a peaceful time and most shifts were perfectly uneventful. Which made flying at night all the more exciting, giving the nimble blue dragon free reign of the skies to practice intricate flight patterns. Lately these practice sessions had become even more elaborate, makine Napiel wonder what was going on his dragon's mind. Well, he had a pretty good idea as his own eyes and thoughts had wandered to a certain dragonrider whose dragon was on the flight board. 
"Do you think you're ready?" he called to Arnooth.
"And what about you?" Arnooth asked.
"I'll support you with all I've got." Napiel promised.
"I can't ask for more." the unusual contented thoughts of his dragon returned.

Adopted at Eriol Weyr, the Backwards Frenzy (closed)
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