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The Woman
Name: Kelida
Gender: Female
Hair Color: deep rust red
Eye Color: happy, pale black
Elegant and solid, the rider is exceedingly magnificent and forceful.

The Dragon
Gender: Female
Colour: Orange
Size: 22.4 metres (green)
Parents: dynnysath x bandilier
Personality: Mighty and cynical, the dragon is exceedingly light-footed and witty.
Hatched in: Circle 3

Kelida let herself be escorted to the third circle in the Eriol Weyr frenzy and looked around to see the other candidates were likewise escorted to one of the four circles of eggs. Each circle contained the eggs of several pairs of dragons that had all mated in a single huge mating flight.
Kelida did feel such an event would be magnificent to watch but alas, she'd not been present. She had however been searched to attend this hatching and would do her best to make certain she came out victorious. She owed it to her parents who'd raised her and to all the people who'd worked hard to get her to where she was today. As the 6th child in a minor hold she was lucky to be given such a chance.
Fully aware of her status and chances, Kelida didn't hesitate to jump forward when the eggs hatched, bringing herself into the path of a lightly coloured orange female dragon.
The hatchling avoide a collision with ease and grinned at Kelida, looking deep in the young woman's eyes.
"It seems I stumbled upon a bond." the dragoness snickered.
"It seems we were destined to meet." Kelida agreed.
"You can call me Lhyanpith." the dragon nodded.

Lhyanpith looked around at the lake. The weyrling pairs had been given some free time to relax but she wasn't buying it. They were most definitely being watched.
"So?" Kelida asked, "There is nothing wrong with doing as we were told."
"I'm just waiting for the catch." the orange dragoness sighed.
"A sudden summons just after I go in or maybe even a change in weather."
Lhyanpith looked up at the sky, wondering if the bright blue with white fluffy clouds was an illusion. 
"I know for a fact humans don't hold power over the weather." Kelida vowed.
"I'll just go for a quick dip then." Lhyanpith nodded and dove in the lake.
Kelida proceeded to dress down unto her swimming clothes and waded into the water. An orange tail wound around her waist and Kelida smiled as Lhyanpith's head popped up a bit further.
"See, no summons." Kelida said.
"Yeah, but I'm not sos ure about the weather..." Lhyanpith quipped, poiting at the dark clouds that were gathering at the horizon.
"Well, we can't get wetter than this." Kelida shrugged.

stretched her wings and rolled the different sets of muscles that moved her six limbs, neck and tail. Yes, she was ready. Ready to leap up and take flight. She felt powerful and thogh her cynical nature warned her that she could very well be caught before she got any fun out of this, her humouristic side insisted that she could still dance with her suitors.
As light-footed as she was, she knew no other dragon would be able to follow her footwork. 
"You will get a head start." Kelida told her.
"Hmm, I was actually looking forward to a dance." Lhyanpith sighed.
"I know, being whirled about feels just like flying." Kelida agreed.
"I don't need a dance to feel like I'm flying." the orange dragoness replied.
"I know, now I don't need to anymore either. But it's a close second."
"Then make certain you dance your heart out with the other riders while I lead their dragons by their noses during the flight." Lhyanpith grinned.
"I'll make sure to let you know which one has the best moves."
"I'll do the same." the dragon promised.

Adopted at Eriol Weyr, the Backwards Frenzy (closed)
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