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The Human
Name: Ganrail
Gender: Female
Hair Color: medium brown with a reddish tint.
Eye Color: soft brown with gold spots.
Personality: Ganrail is a rather moody person, she likes to sit and think about how (and when) the world is going to end. Her answers to these two questions of life have remained the same over several years: How? Grewsome, When? Soon. She has little trust in human nature and rather keeps to herself.

The Dragon
Gender: Female
Colour: Red-Brown Mutt
Personality: Girafeene is quite the friendly dragon, sturdy and dependable though being a bit over-simplifying at times. She believes that everything will be allright. After all, she is a dragon, she knows best ;)
Hatched in: SCD 1st Birthday Clutch

Ganrail waited for the ceiling to come crashing down. Well, they were in outer space, the ceiling wouldn't crash down, it would float away, allowing the air to escape and leaving them all to die a horrible death. She glanced up uncomfortably, aware of the thin barrier between her and the huge vastness of the universe. People at the dragonry had insisted it wasn't a thin barrier. That there were multiple layers and advanced warning systems... but Ganrail had her doubts. They were still on a manmade structure and humans were awfully flawed.
Around her people impressed dragons but she could hardly focus on anything else, keeping her eyes on the walls as she scanned for cracks. She knew one thing, she wouldn't be staying here after this ordeal was through.
"You won't? But I like it here?" A thin voice asked her.
Looking down a red-brown hatchling was looking up at her without a care in the world.
"Aren't you scared that something might go wrong?" Ganrail asked.
"Hardly. The older dragons will keep us safe until i'm old enough to do it myself." she replied.
The dragoness radiated trust and faith in her elders. She needn't make certain everything was safe because others had done their part. The thought process was alien to Ganrail, but it was tempting.
"Girafeene?" she asked as the name popped in her mind
"Yes, Ganrail?" the dragon answered.
"Just checking." 

Girafeene had taken to the world of Syl'Neriss without problems. Ganrail had tried to get used to the space station of Star City Dragonry but as more nights ended in frenzied nightmares and dull sleeplessness, Girafeene had told her rider that leaving would be preferred over the decline in Ganrail's health. Though in truth, Ganrail was still plagued with nightmares even when she was on a bonafide planet. Because of course the core of the planet could fracture, rending the surface to swallow all life to the fiery depths below. Or the entire continent might descend into the ocean as the tectona plates shifted... or the shadows might just return and swallow the place as they'd intended.
"I am here." Girafeene whispered soothingly, "No such thing will happen on my watch."
"But you can't be awake all the time."
Girafeene cocked her head, but decided it was time to give Ganrail a glimpse of what was out there. Opening up their connection, Girafeene allowed Ganrail to peek into the shared minds of the dragons that were around. Some were sleeping of course, but many were awake. Girafeene's mind was linked to all dragons she'd met in her life and through them to many more that she had not yet met and might never meet. But she knew them and they knew her and none meant her harm. 
"See, everything will be alright." Girafeene insisted, "There is always someone looking out for our safety."
Ganrail quieted, her face relaxed in sleep, for once not plagued by nightmares or worry. Girafeene knew the worry would return, it was her rider's nature to second guess. But one day maybe, she would be able to enjoy the universe and all it offered, even with the real dangers it was very much worth the risk to see it. 

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