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The Woman
Name: Bryony
Gender: Female
Hair Color: medium blonde
Eye Color: alert, light hazel green
Personality: Sudden and bold, the rider is overly proud and sarcastic.

The Dragon
Gender: Female
Colour: Green with Gold Wings
Size: 23.5 metres (green)
Parents: liriath x jonirth
Personality: Robust and imposing, the dragon is excessively flexible and arrogant.
Hatched in: Circle 4

The frenzy at Eriol was in full swing. Three circles had already hatched and Bryony tensed as the eggs in the 4th circle started to show signs of hatching. She'd been assigned to this circle when she'd arrived. She knew that luck was a big part of dragon impressions. Hatchlings could bond to a lot of people realistically speaking. Like people had more than one possible marriage partner that would make them happy. But still, Bryony wanted to believe that there was one, and only one, dragon that was right for her. 
Bryony wasn't a romantic. She just knew she deserved the best. She wasn't high-born, didn't hold influence beyond her own life but she was tough, intelligent and never backed down from a challenge. There was not a doubt in her mind that she was going to go far. 
Eggs cracked and limbs pushed through the shells that confined them. A lot of dragons appeared together on the sands and candidates struggled to get the attention of the dragons. Some coaxing greens and blues, others going for higher-ranking hatchlings. 
Bryony saw a glint of gold and reached out her hand to touch the hatchling. A green head turned her way as golden wings unfolded. Twisting her limbs in an unnatural way, the gold-winged green dragoness suddenly faced Bryony, looking her up and down.
"I guess you'll do." she spoke, "My name is Chorohuyth."
"I guess you'll do too." Bryony answered, her mouth quirked into a smirk.

Bryony watched as Chorohuyth twisted in mid-air and changed directions. Pride swelled in her chest as she saw her dragon who despite her golden wings was only about the size of a regular green, bested a bronze in the flying contest and roared.
"Yes!" Bryony called, pumping her fist, "You did it!"
"Of course." Chorohuyth responded, "Did you have any doubts?"
"Hardly. But your opponent was storng."
"Strong but dumb." Chorohuyth chuckled, earning her a death-glare from her opponent and his rider.
Bryony patted her dragon on the ide and helped her cool down from the exertion. Caring for her dragon always made Bryony remember her father. He'd worked with runnerbeasts and had taught Bryony what it took to care for a large creature from a very young age. As such, caring for a dragon was almost second nature. She'd easily taken to the slightly different way to care for the dragon's hide and talons. But the basic things were the same. And a dragon could tell you things that a horse couldn't.
"Of course I'm better than a runner beast." Chorohuyth said indignantly.
"I'm well aware." Bryony pacified her dragon, "And I love taking care of you. Sometimes I just get a little nostalgic about my family."
"You have me now, that is enough."

"They shall have to limit the number of applicants for my flight." Chorohuyth stipulated.
"Why? Scared that they might gang up on you?" Bryony asked.
"Hardly. The paper will just be too small to list every one who wants to chase me."
"I guess we'll just say that those who can't fit on the list are excluded." Bryony decided.
"Or you could join a frenzy." Bryony said.
Chorohuyth considered. She'd hatched at a frenzy after all. Entering one for her first flight wouldn't be all that strange. But then, there'd be other females and males who wouldn't chase her. That just felt wrong. This day should be all about her. She'd play with her chasers and taunt them until there was only one left. And that one she'd milk dry until he had nothing left to give.
Cackling, Chorohuyth announced: "No. I'll go for a single flight."

Adopted at Eriol Weyr, the Backwards Frenzy (closed)
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