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Name: Yisha
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Hunter/Forager

Description: Yisha is a young woman with chocolate-coloured skin and long black hair she keeps in small braids. She has expressive eyes, a long nose and luscious lips. She is sinewy, built more for speed and endurance than for brute strength. Coming from a warm climate she is used to loose-fitting clothes and light fabrics. In colder climates she'll have to bundle up.
Personality: Yisha has seen a lot in her life. Living in a low-tech community where survival depends on climate and luck she has a great respect for nature. She knows just how fragile humans lives are but despite being a realist, she is also resourceful and determined to be one of those that thrive. 
Skills: Hunting, Farming, Foraging, Survival, Camping, ...
Enjoys: A good fire, a soft bed and a having stock of food at hand
Dislikes: things happening that she didn't plan for. 


Yisha pushed aside the large leaves of some jungle plant that was trying to keep her from getting on with her task. She felt wet and dirty, sweat dripping down her back and glistening on her brow. She'd known the road would be difficult but apparently the recent rains and hot weather had caused the plants to grow even more than the usually did. The recent heat had also kept a lot of animals and certainly the humans away from the plains where she was headed. 
Yisha lived on a planet where the colonists tried to live as eco-friendly as possible. They also didn't have a lot of technology. All of the children were educated though and their waste-facilities were up to standards. There was no point in not using technology that worked. But her ancestors had chosen to live more closely to nature and to cut themselves of from social media, mass-production and the general wasteful culture that humanity had become. 
Twice a year, a space ship landed with travellers and with the odd requested item. Messages were exchanged and young people had the chance to venture out in the universe. Some returned, others stayed away. Yisha hadn't felt the urge to leave. She was quite happy living on her home planet and doing what she could to help the community survive. 
But today, she couldn't help but curse a bit. She didn't need industrial clippers, her regular bowie knife would have sufficed if she hadn't accidentally dropped it after a run in with a startled avribee. The running bird had startled her and that moment of inattention had cost her. 
She'd been too close to the plains to turn back. Yisha had decided to chance it and hoped she wouldn't come across an actual predator on her way back home. This time of year she should be safe, but she still worried a bit and kept her eyes and ears open. Which is how she noticed something large was nearby. 
Ducking down for cover, Yisha froze and listened. She breathed shallowly, and located a soft scrape to her right. A few branches rustled and she hastily rubbed dirt on her body. It might already be too late. Whatever was out there might have heard her, might have smelled her already. Yisha hoped the dense shrubs would shield her and provide her with enough cover to creep away. 
But she wasn't so lucky. 
"Hi there." she heard, "I found you!" followed by a deep rumbling chuckle.  
Yisha had never met anyone who talked that wasn't human but something about the voice had been a bit off. Though they were mostly warned about natural dangers, Yisha's mind started to recount the stories her mother and other adult women had told about kidnappings and exploitation of young women on the old world. She suddenly felt cold and wondered if she'd encountered smugglers. 
Deciding that getting away was her best option, Yisha shot up and ran. She had the advantage since she knew this planet. But she hadn't counted on being chased by a dragon. 
Sabulone released her intangibility power and suddenly her vibrant blue feathered wings and sunset-coloured fur stuck out against the green of the vegetation. Her single eye sparkled as she effortlessly pranced after the fleeing human. The girl had spunk. Sabulone liked that. And she was intelligent. Another thing that Sabulone valued. 
Coming to this backwater planet had certainly been worth it. Sabulone had only intended to train her abilities here, but now she knew fate had brought her here. Sabulone wouldn't fight it. She'd circled to where the human was headed and changed into her humanoid form. A tan woman with a single eye and long blue hair that seemed to glow. 
"I won't harm you." she said when Yisha appeared before her, stopping dead in her tracks.
"Who are you?" the girl called, brandishing a piece of wood she'd picked up.
"My name is Sabulone Filidechiroptidae and I'm a dragon." Sabulone started. 
She continued talking to the girl who grew ever more quiet. Sabulone knew she'd won when Yisha dropped her branch. Her mind had long since gotten access to the girl's and she'd thrown her own mental barriers wide open to prove there was nothing to fear. Only all that information came as quite a punch on it's own.
Yisha shook her head, a migraine threatening to emerge.
"Stop." she asked and Sabulone retreated and stopped talking, giving Yisha the time to process.
"So... does that mean you aren't going to kidnap me?" Yisha asked.
"Well maybe..." Sabulone answered, "But only if you want to."

Sabulone bonded at Abstract Destiny

Name: Sabulone Filidechiroptidae
Gender: Female
Colour: Beige, Blue, Green with Sunset feathers and fur
Personality: Sabulone is laid back but has a sneaky side to her which means she usually gets what she wants. She is intelligent and shows it at regular intervals by interrupting, correcting and generally giving out more information than is necessary. All that knowledge is but a front to confuse and get her way. She is great at diversions.  
Parents: Amicu Soloculi x Oplintas Filidechiroptidae
Adult height: 9' (anywhere from 5' to 14')
Standard abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis and Verbal Speech. 
Other abilities
*Chameleon: The ability to manipulate the colours and patterns on one's hide.
*Minor Intangibility: The ability to go incorporeal or "ghostlike", remaining half-visible but able to pass through solid objects while moving at a slower speed than normal.
*Shapeshifting (Anthro): The ability to shapeshift into an anthropomorphic version of oneself.


Yisha walked next to Sabulone who, with her exotic appearance, drew quite a few looks. Yisha had tried to remain at home for a while, but the more time passed she came to realise that she no longer fit in with her community. People didn't quite understand who she was now and what she could do. Though she'd reassured everyone that she was still the same, her connection to Sabulone had of course changed her.
So Sabulone had proposed that they would travel for a while. Maybe they could find a place for themselves among the nexus worlds where plenty of people had bonded a dragon and their union wouldn't be so strange.  

Lantessama Isle
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