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Name: Praya
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Description: Praya is all tight musle with not an ounce of fat. She hasn't bulked up but when you see her move it's apparent that she is no wimp. She has shoulder-length auburn hair, red-brown eyes, a straight nose and (usually) a determined look on her face. 
Personality: Praya is determined, cunning and focused. She knows where she's headed (up!) and she won't hesitate to take every opportunity available to get there. She can be vindictive, when people look down on her, she'll definitely get them to reconsider in such a way that they will never think about her as being weak again.
Skills: Swordfighting.
Enjoys: Working up a good sweat and taking a long soak afterwards.
Dislikes: Swearing and grunting while training/fighting.


Praya could hardly fathom how she'd ended up here on some alien planet, standing in front of a clutch of dragon eggs like she was expected to know what needed to happen. It had only been a couple of hourse that she'd been walking her normal route, guarding the outer walls of the city she lived in. As usual there hadn't been a lot of suspicious activity. But just as she'd been about to return to her lodgings in the military barracks, she'd felt a strange pulling sensation and next thing she'd known, she'd been here. 
Some random people that had looked pretty feeble but maybe had some other powers that she knew nothing off, had told her she'd reached a dragonry where people who so wished could bond a dragon. Everyone who turned up there by magical means - how odd to suddenly think of magic being a thing - always did well during the hatchings, so she'd promptly been told to follow and stand there. Apparently if it was fated a dragon would find her and that would be it. 
"Well you could always decline." someone told her.
"I doubt it." Praya returned, "It seemed like one of those shady deals you can't get out of."
"I assure you I won't be bonding you against your will."
Praya looked down and saw a brightly coloured red dragon with brown locks of hair, orange wings, two white horns and a big orange tusk standing before her. 
"Oh, sorry. I'm Praya. Can you tell me a little bit more or is that a crazy request?"
"I just hatched so i don't know a lot either, but I think my mother might be able to help. She's seen a lot. My name is Capuda and I'm a dragon. If you bond me and help me grow up then I'll stay beside you for as long as our natural lives last."
"So it's like a marriage?"
"Kinda, but we can both still get mates."
Praya considered, her day couldn't get much weirder and at least the dragon seemed nice.
"I guess I don't mind bonding you. I guess we'll be helping each other out then."
"Much obliged."

Capuda hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Capuda Caelumpictor
Gender: Female
Colour: Red-Orange
Personality: Warm and inviting, Capuda is always ready to put up a few lost strangers when they knock on her door. She is very generous and open-minded and will not pressure others. She does however know how to defend herself, so don't think she's an easy target! 
Parents: Silver Zyllae x Silver-White Votanu Caelumpictor
Species: Cormwood, Makanan, Iulerbrilan
Size: Small Medium
     *Functional Fire Magic


Capuda had grown up to be an adult dragoness of decent stature and build. There were far bigger dragons around, but her smaller size made living with her very agreeable. Praya did wonder whether she was to return home or not, but Capuda had told her that if she wanted to get back home she'd first need to know the name or coordinates of her planet. And that was something Praya didn't know. 
Luckily for the warrior woman, she'd been allowed to live at the dragonry and had even been useful as a guard. Sometimes the more shy women asked her to move something for her, but aside from that she had little chores she needed to complete. Life was pretty good here, Praya had to admit.
"So maybe we could just stay here then?" Capuda suggested, "I could always try one of those flights and see if we can grab us some mates, or at least a fun time."
"Anything that works for you." Praya agreed.
It was not like she'd been in a relationship back home and getting acquainted with some of the other dragonriders she'd met here had taught her that most people around were nice and laid back. There was the odd weirdo, but that was to be expected. As long as they didn't end up on the flight board this could be fun.
"Got it, no weirdoes. I'll write that under requests." Capuda grinned. 

Lantessama Isle
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