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Name: Ophelia
Age: 310
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Potion Brewer/Artificer

Description: Ophelia is a tall elf with good posture and classic features. Her peculiar hairdo adds a bit of an edge to her appearance, making her stand out between all the other tall and classical beauties in the elf realm. Ophelia has large pointed ears, dark brown hair and brown, nearly black eyes. She enjoys wearing whimsical clothes with lots of little embellishments in bright colours. 
Personality: Ophelia has lived a long time and has long since left her youthful idealism behind. She has learned to choose her battles and carefully considers her options before deciding/acting. If people don't understand that she takes her time, it's their loss and she couldn't care less. 
Skills: Following recipes and manuals to a T
Enjoys: Working on novel recipes
Dislikes: Getting rushed.


Ophelia carefully compared several mineral deposits. She needed just the right composition to work on her next potion, which might not be something the world was waiting for, but everyone who suffered from chapped lips and winter toes would be happy to have something they could alleviate their symptoms with. Because those ailments stemmed from the cold, she needed just the right type of fire-aligned gemdust. 
Ophelia rummaged further and suddenly stumbled on a not-so inanimate gem. 
Jaspis woke up as she was prodded by a humanoid and looked up yawning. She'd fallen asleep here yesterday, sheltered by lovely warm rock that blended with her hide. Sometimes a gem dragon just needed to recharge and some moonlight was just the ticket to regain some spent magic. Only, staying awake at night had made her tired.
"Hello." she yawned, "Did you need me?"
Jaspis picked up the woman's need for fire-gems without problem. There were plenty around so Jaspis didn't feel inclined to conjure some up. She had a feeling the woman would prefer to find them herself anyway. 
"I was just intrigued to find a gem dragon here." Ophelia confessed.
"I'm travelling to broaden my horizon." Jaspis shared, "I'm surprised you know of my species."
"Enough to know you aren't full gem."
"Right right!" Jaspis got excited, "I'm part Asandus too."
"I haven't read much about them. Aren't they the ones with flowering gems?" Ophelia asked.
"Your knowledge is quite extensive." Jaspis purred.
She liked being recognised for what she was. Too often people just got to 'dragon' and that was that. But that was like calling all bipeds 'humans'. Jaspis suspected most non-human bipeds would protest. Maybe a person such as this was worth hanging on to...

Jaspis bonded at
The Last Oddessy

Name: Jaspis
Gender: Female
Parents: Iolite Corine x
Species: Gem-Asandus
Description: Jaspis has a vibrant dark red hide with brighter orange wings and nearly luminiscent pink gems encrusting her body. He has two curved horns and long, fur-lined ears. When crafting magic her birth-gem (red jasper) appears as an amplifyer. 
Personality: Jasper is gutsy and righteous. She is very grounded and protective of the people/dragons she cares about and will not tolerate injustice toward them (or others). She is very stubborn and will never give anything less than her full 100% of effort. Being such a loud, energetic being, she can be exhausting to be around. 
   *Functional Magic (Fire, Earth): Though innate, practice is necessary to become truly skilled.
   *Seedling Reproduction Every few years, the dragon's gemlike scales bloom into flowery structures. 
    If they contract the pollen of another seedling-capable dragon, they could very well become "pregnant", regardless of the 
    dragon's actual gender.
   *Telepathy The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
   *Teleportation The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
   *Verbal Speech The ability to communicate in spoken words.


"What are you thinking off?" Jaspis asked, "You feel nostalgic."
"I was just thinking of our meeting. I'm still surprised you bonded me so quickly."
"I knew a gem when I saw it." Jaspis told Ophelia.
"Thank you for the compliment. But your definitely a treasure too. Without you I would have taken so much longer to create all these new potions and cures."
"I think we both deserve a little reward." Jaspis grinned.
"All work and no play makes humans go crazy."
"It's a good thing I'm not a human then." Ophelia retirted, knowing it was a joke.
"Still, a little vacation wouldn't hurt."
"I guess you're right."
"I might want to flex my wings a bit while we're away." Jaspis confessed, "I think it's near the time when my gems bloom."
"Ooh, I would love to see that happen." Ophelia said, already packing extra notebooks and vials to take samples.

Lantessama Isle
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