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Name: Numer
Age: 476
Gender: Male
Race: Demon Hybrid
Class: Ranger, Survivalist, Hermit

Description: Numer appears with tanned, wrinkled skin and grey hair. He has curved horns sprouting from his forehead and a long reptilian tail. Of course this is just his favourite look at the moment, in a few decades' time he might look different. Numer prefers wearing natural materials (wool, leather, cotton) but actually doesn't need. However foregoing clothes makes one stand out and he prefers to keep a lower profile.
Personality: Numer is a loner, he prefers to keep away from other sentient beings and only seldomly goes out to get the items he really cant hunt/produce himself. As such he's pretty socially awkward and comes across as strange and unfriendly when he does interact with others.
     *Survival Skills: hunting, tracking, growing food, processing prey,...
     *Shapeshifting magic (takes time but has a rather lasting effect until he wants to change again)
     *Secret Whispers: can hear secrets and lies behind spoken words.

Enjoys: Solitude, Creating, Animals
Dislikes: Crowds, Sinners, Monetary systems (he prefers trade)


Numer wondered how he had managed to find himself in the masses, waiting for dragon eggs to hatch. He'd been unable to ignore or object to the request from a demon who had helped him in the past. They had always been kind to them, knowing they preferred solitude. Maybe he had inadvertently done something to wrong them and this was his punishment. Though most humans would think him old, Numer was only a child in the eyes of the ancients. Would they have interpreted his actions as having malicious intent? And what actions then? He'd just been living on his own, minding nobody's business.
"Maybe they were worried about you? Or maybe they had pity on me?" a juvenile voice sounded beside him.
Numer looked to the side and saw a fluffy bird-like dragon in bold red, vibrant yellow and cool black. Somehow Numer knew this dragon. Knew him well. The demon hybrid gazed at the hatchling before him, oblivious to those around them and the cacophony of sounds, smells and sights, letting minutes go by before he finally responded.
"You might be right."
"I try to look at things differently." Roonla explained.
"That sounds like a promise." Numer surmised.
"I guess we can get out of here now that you've fulfilled your debt."
"Excellent point."

Roonla hatched at The Burrow

Name: Roonla
Gender: Male 
     *Parents: Nebula Red-Black-Yellow Rekepax x Orange-striped Red-Black Lineve
     *Species: Hybrid Mutt
Size: 7'10" at the shoulder
     *Official Coloration: Red-Black-Yellow
Personality: Inventive, Helpful
     *Verbal Speech**
(very adept at speaking: picks up languages with ease, innate understanding of formal forms)


Numer relaxed in front of his small dwelling. Constructed with random finds and held together by mismatched materials, it wasn't much to look at, but it was home. Numer and Roonla had managed to finish training at the Burrow, but as soon as Roonla had been old enough to fly and safely teleport, the two had left and come back to Numer's home.
Together they had continued the hermit life of tending crops, hunting and doing some odd jobs to trade for what they needed. As far as Numer was concerned, life couldn't go much better.
"I'm pretty certain some people would want you to mingle sometimes." Roonla insisted each time Numer said something to voice his hermit thoughts.
"Let them try." Numer then said defyingly.
On one such time, a letter popped out from thin air.
"I'm guessing that is a try." Roonla grinned.
"What does it say?" Numer asked, loathe to even touch the writing.
"That it is about time I should spread my lineage, and that while I'm at it, you should do so as well."
Numer cursed.
"I know just the place to go. You probably won't like it, but it has some options to hide away when things would get too crowded."
"At least that's something." Numer conceded. 

Lantessama Isle
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