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Name: Mary-Beata
Age: 51
Gender: Female
Race: Presents as Human
Class: Nun

Description: Mary-Beata is a dark-skinned woman who moves rather smooth for her recorded age. She has dark brown to black hair, brown eyes and a large nose. Her ears and hair are usually covered by a habit but it is rumoured that her ears are on the pointier side. Others dare tell that they have seen a pointed tail and a forked tongue. While some even go so far as to say that this mysterious nun can fly. The red of her soutane and habit is an odd colour choice, but the Nexus is large...
Personality: Mary-Beata is calm and collected. She has spent many years praying, meditating and reflecting and has learnd to keep her emotions in check. Which doesn't mean that she is devoid of emotions. Just that she hides them well. Mary-Beata is strict and she commands others well, using the authority that naturally comes with wearing religious garb.  
Skills: Rifle/Gun-use, Flight/Floating (aka Telekinesis), Augmented Reflexes, Augmented Strength, Augmented Agility.  
Enjoys: a good cup of tea (or something stronger), the soothing quiet of religious places.
vices, injustice


Mary-Beata sipped on the straw of her cocktail and let out a sigh as the refreshing tonic hit her palate. The mysterious nun was on vacation but she had a feeling that trouble would come to her. It always did. She'd gotten about two days of R&R in so it felt like disaster could strike at any moment. Which was pretty much why she had strapped on her rifle and taken her small atomiser with her when she'd gone out to the deck today.
There were of course rules against carrying weapons on spaceships, but with the right permits anything was possible. To their credit, most of the staff around her didn't so much as bat an eyelid at her blatantly present weapons. But then, nuns usually weren't associated with violence. People should remember that their existence was meant to combat the evil spreading across the Nexus. And some of this evil was very real. It was this evil that Mary-Beata fought.
As a crash sounded behind her, the nun clad in red smiled and turned. It was time to do her job. Mary-Beata turned and saw the large crack in the spaceship window. This time trouble came with a capital T. As the staff rushed toward the window to fix it, the nun faced her enemy. A dark entity of vile vices, devoid of any regard to the sanctity of life. The terrorist only noticed her then and it took a while for him to figure out what was going to happen.
Mary-Beata took his hesitation to get closer and by the time he had figured out who she was, she had him under control. All without even having to have used her weapons. But just as Mary-Beata was about to bind the terrorist, he activated a hidden button and both of them were sucked into a teleportation void. Mary-Beata tried to hold on, but the wily terrorist bucked and fought like a trapped cat and he was able to have her unhand him.
The minute Mary-Beata lost her hold, she was ejected from the teleportation void. By standard safety measures, this happened to a relatively safe space. meaning there was breathable air and life forms around. It remained to be seen if those life forms were friendly.
"Oh, you're one of those." someone told her.
Mary-Beata looked up and noticed several people staring at her. Behind them larger reptilians, dragons, observed her.
"The Benevolent Unknown be with you." she greeted them.
"Please follow us." the same person told her and then turned to the others: "They usually impress so why not let her in?"
After a few nods, Mary-Beata was led to a place with dragon eggs. The eggs were close to hatching. Others were looking at them expectantly and apparently Mary-Beata was to do the same. Eggs hatched, spilling three-headed hydra's onto the sands. With wings, horns and feathers they were of a similar enigmatic existence as the nun herself.
"I see evil landed you here." one of them, striped red with a white belly and white and black feathers told her.
"The Benevolent Unknown works in mysterious ways." Mary-Beata answered.
"You might say so, but how can you be sure? Have you ever seen this unknown presence?"
Mary-Beata smiled serenely and retorted: "I hadn't seen a hydra such as you either, Dvorovoi, but it doesn't make you less real."

Dvorovoi bonded at The Burrow

Gender: Male
Colour: Red-White-Black
Parents: Zagovor x Tee'hepha
Species: Hydra
Origin: The Burrow
Size: 8'6" at the shoulder
Personality: Likes to play Devil's Advocate, Serene, Seductive
     *Healing Tears
     *Verbal Speech*


Dvorovoi turned out to be a very eloquent companion. As the hydra grew, he started to tower above her. People had obeyed her before but now they were quicker about it. A looming hydra did that. Although Mary-Beata felt very certain that they had more to fear from her than from him. At least where bodily harm was concerned. Dvorovoi was a glib talker and he enjoyed seducing people to do his bidding for free when they would usually ask payment for their services.
"They should be happy to help us on our quest to aid the Benevolent Unknown."
Mary-Beata barked with laughter and gave her hydra a little pat on his side.
"I'm happy you're at least humouring me in the converting department but you don't need to unless it's finally true."
"Well, I like to keep you on your toes."

Lantessama Isle
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