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Name: Isfan
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Quiet Loner with a Mission

Description: Isfan is small, a little short and a little skinny, with pale skin, pale brown eyes and straight dark brown hair that she has a tendency of wearing loose around her shoulders. She has a pleasant disposition, is readily agreeable and almost always can be found with snacks in her pockets for children and little misbehaving fledgling dragons.
More home among the dragons than with other humans, she can often be found wherever it is that dragons congregate, especially little ones who are unbonded and independent.

Personality: Isfan is quiet, not shy, she just doesn't like to speak unless she has something worthwhile to say. She is smart and patient, and would be a good leader or carer of young ones, always able to connect with the littlest dragons. One day, she wants to be a Weyrling master of some sort, but she doesn't have her own dragon yet, and isn't quite sure if there is a dragon that is right for her at the Vella Crean
She likes to spend time with dragons, both bonded with riders and not, and seems to prefer their companionship over other humans.
Short Bio: Isfan's mother is a Light Court dragon rider, and she doesn't quite know what to do with her daughter. She thinks this secondment would be a good opportunity for Isfan to travel the world, make friends, maybe see if there is something out in the Nexus that she wants to do and be part of.
Skills: Observation, High Social IQ, Loved by Dragons
Enjoys: Quiet, Teaching the young and Dreaming Big


Isfan was sitting on the beach, surrounded by young dragons and a few stray children as she told stories of the Vella Crean. None of those around her had ever been and the descriptions of the island statewith it's more advanced technology and large labs left the children aorund her wide-eyed. But other than that, the two places were very similar. Both dragonries existed on islands. Both had roots on another distant planet called Pern and both , though self-sustained, preferred to get a lot of their goods through inter-Nexus trade.
Isfan continued her stories, telling of her life at the Vella Crean as the daughter of dragonriders. It had always been expected that she would bond. In fact, connecting to dragons came so easy, she wondered if she would ever experience an actual bond. In a sense she felt connected to most dragons around her. She was waiting for that special one but also a bit afraid of what it would mean. Would a formal bond sever her from feeling as much of the other minds around her?
That niggling fear was holding her back and she knew it. But still she hadn't been able to take the plunge. Maybe the dragons all knew she was afraid and so none had yet bonded her. Maybe there really was only one dragon in her future and she would just have to trust luck or fate to find them. Maybe she would never bond a dragon. So many maybes warred in her mind. Isfan knew she'd never be apart from dragons regardless of bonding one. There was not a strand of hair on her head that could imagine life without being around dragons. At least that much she was certain of.
Suppertime came and Isfan watched as dragons flew off and children ran home. She stood up, brushed the sand of her clothes and walked along the shore. Talking of home had made her a bit homesick. She still wanted to see the world. But maybe she should go home in the near future to visit her parents. The exchange programm had seemed like such an exciting prospect but she still felt much the same as wehn she'd been home.
Across the dunes, a different entity was watching the young woman walk. Lost in thought as she was, she was transmitting her hopes and fears for all to hear. Well, mostly to draconic telepathic hearing. Shadesoul doubted the humans would pick up on the thoughts unless their bonds or companions told them. Shadesoul ached for the young woman. She deeply understood the worries and uncertainties life brought and though she was an optimist at heart, she had experienced enough to be sympathetic to a lot of other moods.
Shadesoul would never know what it was that spurned her to move. Maybe it was the sad melancholy that tugged at her heart. Or the romantic light of the setting sun that made her long for a happy ending. Or maybe it was just knowing somebody needed her. Whatever the case, Shadesoul stepped forward and spoke with her voice and not her mind:
"I'm new here. Would you know a decent place to eat?"
As a conversation starter it did it's job. Istfan looked up, hastily blinking away a single tear that had escaped her eyes. She collected herself and smiled:
"There are a few places with good food but it depends on what you like."
"I wouldn't mind some company. I saw you talking to those little ones before and you seem like a good talker."
"Hardly. But I hope to be a weyrlingmaster or teacher some day. Maybe the first is not in my cards."
"Because you have no bond?" Shadesoul asked, putting the earlier thoughts together with the girl's current sadness.
"Surely you know that their are other paths then bonding."
Isfan looked confused.
"Not all dragons wish to bond. Especially those that don't need it to live."
"Huh, I didn't know that."
All her life she'd figured dragons bonded at hatching. Some even lost their lives when their bond died, though she knew at least some were able to rebond. So thinking on it, maybe it stood to reason that some species would have other needs.
"I want to learn more about that." slipped from Isfan's lips.
"I wouldn't mind telling you. I'm happy to see you're feeling better."

Shadesoul hatched at The Burrow

Name: Shadesoul
Gender: Female
     *Parents: Black-Red-White Echo x Black-White-Red Horntail
     *Species: Hybrid Mutt (25% Hivewing, 12%Godspawn, 12%Saashiyovi, 25%Angel Dragon, 25%Nightmourner)
Size: 9'4" at the shoulder
     *Official Coloration: Red-Blue-Lavender
Personality: Joyful, Shy, Sympathetic
Narcotic Magic*: The ability to ingest strands of magic spun from their tail, causing euphoria, hallucinations, and dulling pain.
                                 It has a much stronger effect on creatures other than themselves. Abuse of the narcotic can be fatal.
Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum)
Verbal Speech


Isfan had left Lantessama behind and had joined Shadesoul on her travels. It had seemed a waste not to go as both intended to see the same things. They got along well and knew one another's moods. Isfan had been surprised to find out that Shadesoul was in fact a dragon. With her shifter qualities she usually appeared human when visiting a new place. It made for less trouble although the Nexus hubs had no real fear of dragons. But having a dragon around did cut down on travel cost. Even if Shadesoul could not Teleport as some of the other dragons species could, they still managed to get around with a little help from locals and the few intelligent races that employed space travel.
No day was ever the same, even if the two mostly kept to themselves. Shadesoul being shy and Isfan being quiet meant that conversation around them usually died except for the most talkative of people, and those mainly just talked away while the both of them listened so you couldn't call it a real conversation. But they managed to see and learn a lot.
At times they found their way back home to the Vella Crean, the Burrow or even to Lantessama. But they never stayed long as new places were calling out to them constantly.

Lantessama Isle
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