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Name: Inka
Age: 732
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Priestess

Description: Inka has the build and posture of her race, Tall and slender, she moves with ease and elegance. Her long pink hair is usually adorned with flowers. She has silver-coloured eyes, a straight nose, full lips and pointy ears. She wears natural fabrics/furs that are either white or dyed with flowers. 
Personality: Quiet and contemplative, Inka has the careful nature of her kin, augmented by her class. As a priestess she is used to looking at the signs that indicate the possible futures. She carefully considers those signs and puts them into a comprehensive fortune. Patience and cerebral are the words that most people describe her as, but Inka is much more than her profession. She has a creative, passionate side to her that loves colour and vibrancy. 
Skills: Healing, Predictions
Enjoys: Bright colours, embroidery and music


Liralei Jariane stepped into the temple and was met with stares. Her iridescent white hide shimmered in the dim lighting, reflecting the flames in an alluring pattern that was ever-changing. She could have entered as a human, she could have even dimmed down her looks to be quite plain. But why showcase false modesty? She was who she was and she'd found that flashing her draconic form got her through the motions faster. And Liralei's time - though unlimited - was something she chose not to squander with meaningless administration. 
"Greetings." she said in a low voice, "Might I see the person in charge?"
A woman, clad in natural linen, draped in soft furs and long, pink hair adorned with flowers stepped forward and gave her the barest of bows.
"How may I help you, enlightened one?"
Liralei gave the elfen priestess a once over and decided the woman - presumably not all that young anymore though her looks were deceiving enough - was a better fit for the position than the previous head priests she'd visited.
"I am looking for a temple to reside in." Liralei explained plainly.
In fact Liralei had been searching for such a place since she'd been hatched. She was quite powerful, with both healing and holy magic and even functional magic in her array of skills. Her immortality made her simply perfect for the job of deity too.
"Our temple has a deity enshrined though." Inka remarked, leaving out that she was the resident deity spoken off.
"I will certainly be better." the dragon remarked with no shortage of confidence.
"I quite like your way of thinking." Inka smirked, "But we'll of course need you to prove your worth."
The dragon nodded, anyone could barge in and demand a position. Liralei had heard that this temple specialised in healing and fertility and she knew that she could perform whatever they asked of her.
"Follow me." Inka said and led her to the innermost gardens of the temple.
No-one followed them and a slight change in atmosphere told Liralei that they had entered the Sanctum. She had not thought she would be brought here so fast. It was like throwing the doors wide open to an invader. The current deity must be quite confident of her skills then too.
"I've foreseen one coming to take my place." Inka clarified, "But I also know that should we combine our skills, we'd be stronger than any of the deities in our region. I'm sure you catch my drift."
Liralei thought for a while. It was not uncommon for deities to group together. But alliances often fell to treason and strife. But the Asandus-Avyndal dragon had a way to counter that. She laid her soul bare and cemented the bond that her kind was known for. Never would they part and everything they would share. 
"What's mine is yours." Liralei projected.
"What's mine is yours." Inka answered in agreement. 

Liralei was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Liralei Jariane
Gender: Female
Colour: Yellow-winged Iridescent White
Species: Asandus-Avyndal
: Askan/Piralan Asandus Demulcei Jariane x Copper-Black-Blue Avyndal Shalomji
: Mysterious, secretive and alluring, Liralei is temptation personified. Look but don't touch. 
     *Avengaean Functional Magic
     *Healing Magic
     *Holy Magic
     *Psionics (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation)
     *Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum)
     *Verbal Speech


Some time had passed and Inka had been quite right in her prediction. Their temple was now the biggest one in the region and well underway of becoming the dominant religion. Why would people hesitate when their teachings and regulations were fair and practical. But with their success came boredom. 
"The temple quite runs itself." Inka agreed.
"Our priestesses are knowledgeable and powerful. They don't quite need us."
"Oh, I don't think we're completely obsolete." Inka objected, "But maybe it's time for a vacation."
"Some excitement."
"Where do you want to go?"
"I know a couple of places." Liralei smirked, a plan forming in her mind. 
The world would need more of her. There were temples to be built, expansions to be made. 

Lantessama Isle
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