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Name: Hildegard
Age: 54
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Rune Witch

Description: A tall, skinny woman with a sallow complexion and some irregularities in her facial structure. Hildegard's age is difficult to determine. She's been around for a long time but her face has that stretched quality that seems to come from cosmetic surgery (or magic tinkering). She gives her age as 54, but that is a questionable truth. The fact that she covers up in robes, cloaks and turbans gives her quite a nomadic air. She likes to dress in earthy colours, emphasizing the fact that her powers come from nature.  
Personality: Hildegard is shrewd. She has seen a lot in her time and has learned to look out for number one and squash just anyone who thinks about getting in the way. Hildegard has been hurt in the past and she will never give another that kind of power over her again. She is bitter, but it's a taste one comes to savour with age. 
Skills: Prophecy. Potions. 
Enjoys: Control, Secrets and Mind games.
Dislikes: Goody Two Shoes, Piety and Self-sacrifice. 
Pet: Not exactly pets, but she does have a contract with some goblin minions. 


Hildegard knew a calling when she got one. As a young girl she'd left everything behind to answer the calling of the wild that had let her to another like her who'd taught her the powers she could wield. As a young maiden she'd felt the calling of her blood that had led her to love but also to betrayal, hardship and loss. As a woman she'd felt the calling of vengeance and scorn, driving her to become more powerful and fearsome and to ruthlessly take out her enemies. Later still, she had felt the calling of power and dominion, a sweet melody that seduced and charmed and promised big things. 
The song she was hearing now was almost as sweet. A lonely melody that ached for a second part, that promised a bond that could never be broken, not even in death. And though it spoke of such endings, it also promised eternity. Still, Hildegard had become wise and knew that a promise so sweet would have a hidden flaw. 
A bitter taste spread in her mouth as the melody came closer. A green scent surrounded her, assaulting her nostrils and airways. Still, she chuckled as the taste of bitterness was something she'd long since become accustomed to. There was a way to enjoy it and the discomfort it brought. It didn't take long for her body to adjust. 
A harmony joined the melody and the promise of grandeur grew. Visions of their future assaulted her, battering her mind with all possibilities of their union. Hildegard muted them and focused on the present. She was approaching a dangerous and moody creature after all. Best not to be disadvantaged lest she become lunch.
"I'd imagine you would taste quite unsavoury." the dragon told her.
"I'd imagine so." the rune witch replied, "With whom do I have the pleasure to converse?"
"My name is Hellebore Balechild, daughter of Pariah Balechild who comes directly from the great mother Anathema Scalesbane."
"I'm Hildegard, wielder of nature, prophetess of fate and ruler of goblins." she spoke out her title.
The dragon nodded, finding the woman, who was not exactly human, but less of anything else, quite interesting. The counterpart to the melody she'd woven had been one full of turns, unexpected jumps and haunting notes. She would be a welcome presence and a powerful ally to the objective.
"I propose a partnership." Hellebore offered. 
She wanted to be in control, to be the alpha in this relationship. But she knew those conditions were best left unsaid.
"I accept." Hildegard nodded. 
She knew she'd have to be on her toes at all times to keep in charge. But the power this dragon could give her were worth some discomfort. And she would adjust, Hildegard always did.

Hellebore Balechild hatched at Abstract Destiny

Name: Hellebore Balechild
Gender: Female
Parents: Ny'aune Selamputo x Pariah Balechild
Species: Balespawn (Balehome)
Size: around 20' at the shoulder when not sizeshifted
Description: Hellebore is a pale beige dragon with slightly darker belly-armour, hotns and claws. The faint green of her unwordly fire illuminates her skin and makes it look sickly. Hellebore was named after a plant that can withstand the cold and can be poisonous, causing sneezing and having a bitter taste. She will not take kindly to being injured, even by accident. Her toxins will cause rashes and irritated mucus membranes.
Personality: Like most of her kind, Hellebore wouldn't mind to populate the entire universe with a hoard of balespawn children to do her bidding. But since she has that immortality stat and there are just so many interesting and tasty things around, she might get sidetracked on occasion. She will be taking the road to dominion one step at a time while enjoying every moment so she's sure to have no regrets. 
   *Balefire Breath, The ability to spit a gout of bright green corruptive balefire. 
   *Corruption Powers, Mastery over the corruption of anything around them, organic, inorganic, and magical alike. 
   *Immortality, The cessation of physical aging upon reaching maturity and possession of eternal life thereafter. 
                        Can still be killed by lethal injuries. 
   *Realm-Travelling, The ability to travel and cross into dimensions separated from the Nexus by more than mere space and time. 
   *Shapeshifting, anywhere on a spectrum between their natural shape and a human form that tends to retain their coloration
   *Sizeshifting, The ability to change one's physical size. 
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
   *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
   *Toxic Moss, Their bodies are capable of growing mosslike foliage that contains their natural corruptive essences. 
                       The rashes that result from touching this moss could expand into corrupted mutations. 
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.

A Note on Balespawn: These dragons are Balespawn. They cannot produce half-breeds. Any mating with a Balespawn will produce more Balespawn, even when new physical traits or abilities are inherited. Balespawn are a line of dragons that live to spread their own power and influence. They don't have to be evil but they're self-serving and power-seeking, loyal to their mother-goddess Anathema Scalesbane and her bloodline.


Days, weeks, months, years, decades... time flew by. When life wasn't scheduled to end it lost much of it's meaning. Sometimes they travelled by day, sometimes by night. Sometimes they stayed at a place for a while, other times they avoided people altogether. In their wake they left their roots of power. Small tendrils that were nonetheless strong and durable. People they'd convicted to their cause, others they'd swayed with the use of potions, crafted by the moss that grew on Hellebore and had, to say the least, some very peculiar properties. Communities that opposed them had met with destruction. But the universe was vast, taking into account all the possible dimensions and realms, their work had only just begun.
Which was why they had travelled to this place, taking a bit of a vacation. After all, one could not work tirelessly on one task, even one as dreamy as domination of all. Hildegard had just harvested moss from Hellebore when a change came over the dragon. 
"What's wrong?" Hildegard asked, not sensing an enemy in the vicinity.
"The time has come to procreate." she told the witch.
"Helpers would aid our task." the woman who still looked as she had all those decades before agreed.
"I imagine you might want to stick close." Hellebore added, already sensing what the other woman was planning.
"Oh, I will. Have fun." Hildegard grinned.

Lantessama Isle
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