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Name: Elvis
Age: Youngish adult
Gender: Male
Race: Half Ork
Class: Monk

Description: Elvis (birth name: Greshford Browcrusher) is a dark-skinned half ork with thick dark brown hair, pointed ears and fangs that just won't stay inside his mouth. He keeps a scruffy beard that's more the result of not bothering to shave than an effort to actually have a beard. His eyes are a light amber and were inherited from his human mother. 
Personality: Elvis is a gentle, quiet man who thirsts for knowledge. He was born from a human mother and an ork father who had formed a love match but grew apart due to the huge differences in their ideologies. Though his parents were only briefly married, they did both love their son and he spent about equal time in both environments. He just never quite fit in. His orkish features were too noticeable for humans to feel comfortable and too delicate for orks to take him serious. Elvis learned to keep to himself and found pleasure in learning and music. His favourite genre is rockabilly and he has taken the name of his idol for his own, choosing to be just as free a spirit as the mysterious human who might just be out there. 
When he was old enough to graduate from school, Elvis decided to start looking for his place in the world and started by joining a religious order of space monks. Suddenly being surrounded by people from all over the galaxy, Elvis was no longer the strange one out and he has felt more at home recently. 
Skills: Meditating, Quiet contemplation.
Enjoys: Rockabilly, Wild dancing (with hip-shaking) and reading.
Dislikes: Injustice, Prejudice and Indifference.


Elvis walked along the monastery's open hallways. He tried to pass by the quiet courtyard at least once a day. Something about the place calmed his heart and mind. Though most of his life could be called quiet and calm, his mind and heart were usually in turmoil. It was as if the careful succession of chords in the music he loved so much had been thrown in disarray. Like there were dissonant notes that disturbed his focus while he meditated, that pained his heart when he was enjoying the beauty of nature and that jangled his peace of mind so that he could find no rest. 
Strangely the feeling wasn't entirely unpleasant. Though Elvis'd never particularly felt drawn to it, something about the way his insides felt had him thinking of jazz. It was like something was about to happen and his very being was taut with energy. 
Elvis sat down on a bench and looked out to the courtyard. The courtyard had been carefully planned, with razor sharp borders and squares. And yet even here he could see the little imperfections that somehow made the whole seem entirely beautiful. Inside himself he could almost hear the music, but the place was very quiet. Not a bird or insect dared make a noise. 
But there was something out there. The longer he looked at the courtyard, Elvis just felt there was something out there. Something to be feared, something to love, something to be revered. Something dear. 
And while the young man was looking intently, a faint form seemed to move slyly along the path. Hardly visible but undoubtedly there. Elvis wasn't afraid as he felt this presence was linked to the music.
"Who's there? Show yourself!" he called.
The dragon who'd spent several days in the monastery, hidden from view, pondered if the time had come to make his presence known. He'd been born far away, on a different world. But he'd been allowed to travel and his eye had spied plenty of wonders. Usually he didn't stick around but something at this temple had caught his interest. A mind that resonated with a different kind of music but that felt not strange at all. In fact Vesperum's own brand of music so complimented the other's sound that he had wanted to meet. 
But not all humans had been around dragons and he knew that his kind inspired fear in most of the weaker sentient races. Vesperum would not harm a soul - not much anyway. So he'd been careful in approaching the humanoid. The sounds between them were harmonious and all Vesperum could hear was wonder and curiosity. So he took his chances and appeared from his intangible state.
"Greetings", he said, "My name is Vesperum Soloculi." 
 "Greshford Bonecrusher." Elvis responded, seeming to sense that this creature would need to know everything about him.
"That name doesn't suit you." the dragon remarked.
"It doesn't." Elvis agreed, "You can call me Elvis."
A fun riff resounded between them as the dragon chuckled and said: "I like it."

Vesperum bonded at Abstract Destiny

Name: Vesperum Soloculi
Gender: Male
Colour: Black, Violet and Orange
Personality: Lazy, cunning and pleasure-seeking. Vesperum won't allow anyone to tell him what he's supposed to be doing. He will let you know whether he likes you or not and if he doesn't you won't be seeing much of him. Vesperum will work for those he likes and has been known to be bribed. He likes the night life. 
Parents: Amicu Soloculi x Yu
Adult height: 10' (anywhere from 5' to 20')
Standard abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Verbal Speech. 
Other abilities
*Chameleon: The ability to manipulate the colors and patterns on one's hide.
*Minor Intangibility: The ability to go incorporeal or "ghostlike", remaining half-visible but able to pass through solid objects while moving at a slower speed than normal.


It hadn't taken Elvis and Vesperum long to realise that their new bond wasn't something that should be contained in the monastery. There was room for them but once again Elvis was different. Neither of them would ever be truly alone again, but they yearned to follow their music and find others like them. Vesperum had told Elvis about the Nexus and the worlds of dragons and dragonriders. 
The two of them hopped in between the worlds, visiting the weyrs, caers, nidus and other agencies. They brought with them their music and their love for the freedom of spirit it brought them. They worked when they needed to help, sang when they needed to entertain and at times they chased, looking for a love to rival all the songs that had ever been sung about it. 

Lantessama Isle
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