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Name: Dhuua
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Species/Universe: Zekiran

Physical description:
     Skin: changeable hazel green to sea blue 
     Hair: weak aquamarine Hair Style: simple styled cut Hair Length: cut short to ears 
     Eyes: medium heliotrope 
     Clothing Style: can't seem to look good in modern fashion, but enjoys older styles 
Physical Stats: 
     Latency at Power Rank 6, 
     Genetic Purity 65 Though a PR 6 does not allow for an active power, some day they might develop a Minor Environmental power 
     INT: 62 
     EDU: 70 
     STR: 62 
     HEA: 77 
     AGI: 64 
     REA: 54 
     APP: 99 
     CHA: 32 
     SOC: 45 
     AGG: 41 
     SAN: 34 
     COU: 64 
     Lifespan: around 220 years 

     Born: Zerin/Stetil/Kelis 
     Status: Kaumburuh (a “free worker” who doesn’t have their own land holdings, but does have a job) 
     Born into their Status and happy to be there Working for a tired older Pelatih (an “animal master”), wanting to find someone to train to replace them. 
     Savings: 6,335 
     Breeding: 2nd Degree Bred (Unmarried Parents) 
     Fertility: Normally Fertile
     What about the future? If they play their cards right this Zekiran might go far.

Bond: Brown Yarmidth
Parents: V2Y3 - Gold Theemdoth+Bronze Rhodith


Dhuua had not been all that opposed to giving up a genetic sample for the ride to Dragonhope Weyr. He had enough money to pay but why waste money when you could give something that didn't cost you anything and wouldn't be missed? A couple of cells that would regenerate seemed like a steal for a life-changing trip. But then Dragon masters were held in high regard on Zekira and adding more to the ranks was probably what Amaranth Marad had actually wanted from him. 
Dhuua hadn't been deterred by the prospect of hard work and cleaning out whatever bodily fluids a dragon might produce. After all he'd spend years working on a farm. He'd seen enough to not mind getting his hands dirty. And being able to communicate with the animal he'd be caring for seemed like something good. At least then they could clearly tell you what they were feeling and where the problem might lie if they were sick. 
Outside the dragons started humming and not much later Dhuua was asked to make his ay to the hatching sands were the eggs were nearly ready to release their occupants. It was the middle of the day and the weather was pleasant and inviting. The dragonlings had picked a good day to be born.
Standing at the side where he had the best view of the stands and other candidates, Dhuua observed and waited. He wasn't a social person and preferred to be alone. 
"Does that mean you wouldn't like me?" the brown dragon inquired.
"I came to impress a dragon, If I didn't want you I wouldn't be here." the Zekiran replied dryly.
"Oh well, then my name is Yarmidth."
"Nice to meet you." Dhuua replied automatically. 


Dhuua had softened a bit during his training. Maybe the contact with a social dragon had done him good, though the Zekiran was still a bit rough around the edges and would prefer quiet over a small gathering any day. But at least his courtesies sounded like he meant them which Yarmidth felt was quite a feat. For the rest he and his rider had gotten along well. Dhuua was a diligent worker and had cared for Yarmidth better than the average newly bonded human. In training they were among the best and they never had problems with the weyrlingmaster. 
"Maybe you're just a bit too good." Yarmidth decided.
"Maybe you should act out a bit..."
"I could stop cleaning your weyr." Dhuua suggested.
"Oh no, not that." Yarmidth was quick to reply.
"I could leave you to go be with the ladies."
"Would they even be interested?" 
"They might." Dhuua insisted.
"I don't think you even know what ladies like. Nor men for that matter."
"Do you?" Dhuua asked, getting ever so slightly annoyed.
"Yes, like that! I want more of that. Feelings!"
"I shall aspire to try." Dhuua promised. 


Dhuua wondered what to do. He'd finished his training and was a free man again. He could go back to the old Pelatih and get his job back. But maybe the old man had found another apprentice to take over his business. He could return to Zekira as a dragon master and get all the extras, titles and duties that went along with it, or he could stay and work at one of the dragonries. None of the possibilities were without drawbacks and all had their merits. 
"You could roll a die." Yarmidth suggested.
"And leave this all to chance?" Dhuua asked with just a tinge of horrification in his voice.
"Well, if you don't like the outcome, you can try again. At least that tells you something."
"Doesn't that kind of defeat the point of letting chance decide?"
"You're still your own master." Yarmidth told his rider.
Dhuua shrugged and did as adviced. He rolled the dice and watched as the side with two dots turned up. Apparently chance wanted him to do his duty and take up the title he was entitled to have. 
"If you don't like the life you could always come back." Yarmidth said.
"I guess that's true." Dhuua conceded and got ready to return to Zekira. 

Dhuua had just laid eyes on his native planet when he was met with Amaranth Marad, the lovely person who'd brought him to Dragonhope. Just as he'd expected they were there to make sure he registered as a dragon master. He was taken through several administrative processes with an appropriate amount of paper work and when he left he was the owner of a sprawling estate of 123 units in the area of Kelis. 
"That went well." Yarmidth offered.
"Oh we're not done." Dhuua replied, "We'll need workers next and all the other people that keep an estate going. I imagine we'll be busy for quite a while.
A slight smile curved Dhuua's lips. He actually looked forward to the work. 
"We're going to have people around?" Yarmidth asked a bit taken aback.
"Servants. They'll know to keep quiet."


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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