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Name: Carac
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: -

Description: Gray eyes, white hair, ruddy skin, slightly heavy set. Carac is short and round, but not to an unhealthy degree. He stands by the belief that he is simply "big-boned". Though he has a quick, charming smile, his general appearance is quite bland. This is accentuated by his preference for dark or neutral colours to allow him to blend into his surroundings. Carac is an animated talker and uses his hands in all discussions.
Personality: Kind, generous, reckless. Carac is the definition of “means well.” He often does not think through actions before taking them, and then does not realize the impact his actions have on others until the damage has been done. He possesses a great deal of empathy and will go out of his way to help those around him, especially after he has caused harm. When it comes to self-preservation, he has none. He is also a terrible liar.
Skills: Blending In, Easy Chubby Charm.
Enjoys: Helping others, Being among people.
Dislikes: Hurting others.  


Carac grew up as the fifth son of a minor Pentas lord on Tris'Hath. He received a fine education, love and attention from his nannies, and developed a good connection with his siblings. His life, up until his early teenage years, was rather uneventful.
During a trip to the capital city, Carac got into a fight with one of his older brothers. He lost the fight, then stormed off and vowed never to return.
What he didn't realize at the time was that was the last day of their trip and his father was not of a mind to wait for his wayward son to return before packing up the family and heading home. When Carac returned to the estate where they were staying a few hours later, he found it empty. Carac went from being a rather coddled child to a street rat overnight.
Over the next few years, Carac attempted to make his way home, but learned that he had absolutely no sense of direction and no idea of how to read maps (he'd hated geography). He survived on the streets by developing a knack for pick pocketing. The right kind of information also appeared to be quite valuable, and so he became something of an information broker.
When a pair of dragon riders came calling one day, seeking anyone that might have that spark of connection with the great beasts, Carac jumped at the opportunity to change his fortune. Though he'd carved out a decent existence for himself, it was still a hard one, and he would much prefer to return to the days of knowing where his next meal would come from. Besides, becoming a famous dragon rider would be an excellent way to shame his family for abandoning him.


Carac found himself at the Burrow and was quite content with his candidate lodgings. Though not anything like the more lavish comforts of his youth, they were far better than the hard reality of his street life. The rooms were utilitarian but had enough amenities to make them comfortable and best of all, they were free for as long as he was a candidate. Once he bonded he would be allowed to stay during training. And once their training had finished he'd be able to seek employment wherever he wanted, preferably an island paradise.
When the eggs showed signs of hatching, Carac went to the assigned placing for candidates and almost hoped to be left standing. He had only just gotten used to the life of a candidate and it was okay - especially when you knew how to blend into the crowd and avoid getting chores. His pick-pocketing skills came in handy like that.
Not too much later, a white dragon with blue hair, transparent wings and a hide that sparkled like snowflakes approached him.
"My name is Hanath, Carac." he said out loud.
But at the same time, Carac heard a whisper in his mind: "I see your dream of an island paradise and I wish to join you. We'll see about whether or not we stick together once I can manage on my own."
Carac blinked and his mind worked at lightning speed to catch up and give an appropriate reply.
"I would love to care for you." he said.
And at the same time thought: "Let's discuss likely places while we pretend to train."


Hanath hatched at The Burrow

Name: Hanath
Gender: Male 
Crystal White Harylime x White-Red-Black Calico Caliakith
Dragon Mutt
Size: 6'8" at the shoulder
     *Official Coloration: Crystal White
Personality: Trickster, Friendly, Inclined towards chaos, Polite
     *Breath Weapon (Icy Air)
     *Psionics (Telepathy*, Teleportation)
     *Verbal Speech


Hanath nd Carac appeared above the island of their choice. Lantessama was a bit out of the way nexus-wise, but it was a simple place with not too many people and the rules were quite liberal. There was a lot of space and should they not like their life there, they could always leave.
"I can't wait to dip into the dating pool." Hanath said through a private telepathic link.
Carac snorted and signalled back, "Do a good word for me to their riders."
"Will do!"

Lantessama Isle
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