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Name: Biwa
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human possibly some dwarf heritage
Class: Bard

Description: Biwa is a heavyset young woman, with a round face, a flat nose and long, curly auburn hair. She has green eyes that look fearlessly into the world. She always stands up straight with squared shoulders. She prefers wearing clothes that have embroidered embellishments.
Personality: Biwa is confident in her craft. She loves to create melodies and lyrics, being a person who wakes up and goes to sleep while humming tunes or reciting poetry. Because no-one is perfect, Biwa has absolutely no drawing or painting skills. This woman will not bow down from a challenge but she will get lost in her music. 
Skills: Composing, Staring contests and styling.
Enjoys: Looking good and feeling accomplished
Dislikes: People belittling or underestimating her
Pet: -


Thimothei raced across the plains, relishing in the wind playing with his feathers and fur. His gait was streamlined and effortless, his body built for speed and heat. He felt like he could run for days and he probably could indeed do that. But at times, something else caught his attention and he would slow down to investigate. 
On one such occasions, Thimothei stopped to listen to the soothing tunes of a lute. The melody flowed freely with notes skipping over and around each other as deft fingers moved across the strings. The melody mimicked a light breeze playing and curious, Thimothei moved to find the person responsible for the sound. He found her sitting outside on a flat rock, people strewn around.
As luck would have it, the people did not fear dragons, or maybe it was just that Thimothei looked soft and approachable. Within minutes a small group of children had gathered around and on top of him, clinging to his manes, nestled in between his wings or strewn across his feet. 
Meanwhile the woman playing the stringed instrument seemed oblivious to the people that had gathered around her. As Thimothei let his mind wander closer than his body could, the young woman suddenly seemed to react to his presence. Within a single breath, a link was forged. Before the woman could even look up, Thimothei knew that her eyes would be green. He knew that she was an orphan who did not know her parents. He knew that her entire world was music and he knew that they would never again be without one another.
"Biwa." he sighed, uttering the young woman's name as well as the name of the instrument she was playing.
A lilttle while later, Biwa stopped playing, the piece of music finished. She then returned to the copper-coloured dragon with his soft mane and feathery wings.
"I knew I was waiting for something but I didn't know it would be you."
"What was the song called? I've never heard it."
Biwa smiled and answered: "Call to Thimothei."
"You just named it?"
"It did call you, so it seemed fitting."

Thimotei was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Thimotei Quaerere
Gender: Male
Colours: Copper-Roan with Hyper pigmentation
Species: Piralan Asandus-Atuan Mutt
Parents: Tsdeidel x Humili Quaerere
OriginAbstract Destiny
Personality: Loves competing and racing, will bet (if it is on himself), cocky and confident. He enjoys social gatherings and is generally well-liked and a veritable magnet to children. 
     *Avengaean Functional Magic
     *Body-Heat Control
     *Fire Immunity
     *Psionics (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation)
     *Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum)
     *Verbal Speech


Thimothei had dragged Biwa away from the home she was not attached to and had brought her to the worlds of the Nexus. Places connected by dragons, magic and sometimes technology. Her talents were well-received and he felt proud to be her bond. Likewise, Biwa felt proud to be close to such a vibrant dragon who was welcomed wherever they went. The name Quaerere seemed to be known all across the worlds and opened doors without much fuss.
"Are you royalty?" Biwa had asked him.
"Far from it. Just a part of a large family who all take the same last name."
Biwa didn't know whether she could believe that. But it did make travelling these worlds easy. 
"It's race time!" Thimothei told her.
"A real race, or a flight?"
Biwa had quickly learned the difference between the two. Both were shows of power, agility and wits but the prize was quite different. And she'd quickly realised why the Quaerere family could be so large. 
"A flight." Thimothei said with a wink, "I'm definitely going to catch her."
"Go for it." Biwa cheered her bond on, "Just so I know... what is her rider like?" 

Lantessama Isle
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