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Name: Aymeri
Age: Looks quite ageless
Gender: Looks female but who can be sure?
Race: Demon
Class: Mage

Description: Aymeri usually appears as an eery-looking female of Asian descent with a yellow skin and dark brown hair. She has a rather large nose and voluptuous lips. But the most noticeable features are no doubt the ram horns at the side of her head and the reptilian tail that sprouts from her lower back. While using her magic, Aymeri's eyes turn luminous and bright red, scaring people who are superstitious.
Personality: Aymeri is a relaxed and quiet individual who enjoys the solitude of living away from settlements. She doesn't like to pry or meddle and trouble will have to come find her. Annoyingly it always does. It might be something about her demon genes that pulls chaos to her but she's never been interested in finding out why it happens.
Skills: Wispy shadow magic that she can ask to show her images of past, present or future, or that can solidify into items of her choosing that will continue to exist even after she stops casting.  


Aymeri decided that she needed a change. People had figured out where she lived and in the past week she'd discovered three humans on separate occasions who were spying on her home. She'd sent them on their way with a little charming curse that would aid them in what they needed but if word got out that she'd helped them that would only serve to bring more people to her.
So, although it pained her, Aymeri would move. Being a demon this wasn't as big an impact as it was for some others as she could magically teleport her house along with her. Aymeri was grateful for that little convenience. But fact remained that she had to relocate far too often for her liking.
This time she would choose a better place. Somewhere people didn't come. Somewhere dark maybe and cold.... underground. Aymeri could adjust her environment as she saw fit anyway. She decided the underground angle was something worth trying so she let her shadows wander, searching for a place that had room for her home, that was not too close to humans and as a last ditch measure she called for a place that would not rely on magical means to get things done.
She focused her magic and then she was there. The underground was dreary, but with a few well-placed shadow windows and some artificial lights, she felt quite good about her new lodgings. She quickly set to work and soon forgot all about her new home location...
That is until one of the natives came knocking. And not a human this time around, but a veritable dragon. The white dragoness with red and purple spots, sizeshifted down and then entered Aymeri's home.
"Goodday!" Alirylu said cheerfully, "I've come to greet my new neighbour."
Aymeri looked up from her work with a puzzled look on her face. She'd heard that non-human sentient species could be very tolerant of others but Aymeri wasn't use to such friendliness.
"There's no need to go out of your way for me." the demon responded, "I won't bother you."
"Oh, it wouldn't be a bother!" Alirylu responded, "In fact I look forward to talking with you and joining you for meals and having you teach me..; and well, just anything. I just knew you'd be right for me the moment you appeared in this realm. Why it happened just as I broke my shell. I'm so lucky too, who knows what would have happened if you hadn't been there!"

Alirylu bonded at The Burrow

Gender: Female
Colour: White-Red-Purple Calico
Parents: Alaiso x Silianjath
Species: Hybrid Mutt
Origin: The Burrow
Size: 8'10" at the shoulder
Personality: Innocent, Contagious Cheer
     *Verbal Speech


Alirylu rested her head on her paws and looked at her bond who was - as usual - working. The many-eyed dragoness wondered how she could liven up the life of her bond, the demon mage Aymeri. The demon really was all about work and no play. It was funny really, considering how much people thought of other things when they fantasized about demons.
Aymeri definitely needed a little fun, a little letting loose.... a little romance? Alirylu perked at that thought. Alirylu could rise anywhere so maybe they could even travel a little, do some sightseeing. Only with their home coming with them, that would mean that Aymeri would still have her work at hand. It was a troubling difficulty. But maybe she could ask the other dragons for advice. Alirylu steadied her resolve and went out to tell her bond about her wish to rise.

Lantessama Isle
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