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Name: Atode Kikkerdril
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Class: Demon

Description: Atode has tanned skin, leathery wings that have seen some wear and tear and a long, thin tail. His black hair is soft and wavy, he keeps it long and grows a beard and moustache. His sclera are red and his pupils black giving him an unsettling gaze. His large curved horns complete the picture.  
Personality: Intellectual and wellspoken, Atode acts the part of a gentleman despite his looks suggesting otherwise. As a demon he is of course drawn to vice and sin and he relishes in dispute, war and strife. But that doesn't mean he needs to rude about it. He is usually open and willing to make deals and bargains. 
Skills: Toad-summoning, Flight, Dark Magic, Energy Drain
Pet: Can create/summon toad familiars which he often does. 


The sky was dyed black and red as fires burned on the horizon. The clashing of metal on metal and the shrieking of collapsing structures permeated the premature dusk. War was being waged in all it's glorious destruction. Atode watched as countless toads emerged from the muddy pool. His little familiars would do his bidding, draining every last ounce of madness and sin for what it was worth. 
As usual Atode had not needed to start this war. Humans managed quite well to kill each other without his interference. In fact, they seemed to work better at it without the meddling of demons. But Atode did like to watch calamity unfurl. It was a satisfying type of appetizer for what was to come.
"And what is to come?" A dark voice asked.
Atode was surprised, but not taken aback to have been addressed by a dragon.
"A feast." the demon remarked, "An all I can eat buffet of delicious dark energy that will last me for quite a while."
"I think I'll stick with flesh and blood." Razpuchin responded.
The black, brown and orange striped shadow hound had razor sharp claws, deadly fangs and impressive horns that looked closer to antlers. Everything about this beast screamed murder and mayhem. Just being close by gave Atode a little jolt of power.
"It's not like I would share." Atode smirked.
"Not like I care." Razpuchin retorted testily.
The dragon briefly wondered if he should bite the demon but even he could imagine that his infectious bite would do little to harm an immortal entity. Although the prospect of giving the demon a rash was plenty appealing. Sometimes it was best to just follow his instincts, so the Shadow Hound opened wide and took hold of his destiny. 
"You'll be mine now." he growled. 

Razpuchin was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Razpuchin Filidehound
Gender: Male
Colour: Black-Brown-Orange
Species: Rabid Shadow Hound
Parents: Orange-Black-Brown Rabies Hound x Shadow Bunny Xention
Personality: Single-minded, stubborn and impatient. Often leads to vicious behaviour. 
     *Infectious Bite


Though their bond was shaky and violent, it did work and produced astounding results. The fear that people had of the shadow hound omen intensified their actions and Razpuchin knew his presence would always lead to bloodshed. He lived for the thrill of the hunt. Stalking, playing and drawing closer inch by tormentingly tiny inch. 
"If only there were more of me." he sighed.
"Want me to summon toads?" Atode offered. 
"Toads aren't me." Razpuchin growled back, his fangs dripping venom and his claws extended.
"Maybe I can summon shadow wolves now. It's worth a test."
"Practice takes too long. I'll just need to make offspring. That's by far the easiest way!"

Lantessama Isle
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