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Name: Abidemi
Age: Older
Gender: None of your business
Race: Human? (Abidemi isn't forthcoming with information)
Class: Hunter

Description: Abidemi is tall and strongly built with dark skin, long dreads. Abidemi has the wrinkles to assume that they've been around for a long time. No-one knows more as they hide their body behind a large cloak. For all people know there might be an android beneath which wouldn't be strange at the amount of danger this person has survived.  
Personality: Abidemi is quiet and stern. They seem to be always frowning, although it might be the wrinkles that give that impression.  
Skills: Hunting, Survival
Enjoys: Only once has someone seen Abidemi smile and it was when they heard a good pun.
Dislikes: No-one has seen Abidemi angry, they seem to just suck up and bear whatever comes their way.


Abidemi looked around and noticed the black-maned, brown animal just a bit away. The creature did not seem hostile so Abidemi gave it a wide berth and continued. Today's hunt was one for much smaller prey anyway. 
But as Abidemi walked, the creature followed, curiously looking at the lone hunter. Abidemi was used to looks, people often stared and wondered but they were usually smart enough to keep a distance. This creature however seemed to be less wary than the average human. 
Clawed, grey paws approached and suddenly a whole different creature was standing before Abidemi. A youth with brown skin, black hair and curiously white hands and feet. His large pointy ears and clear crystal blue eyes remained unchanged however. And even if Abidemi had not seen the transformation, t was clear they were dealing with the same creature.
"Goodday." the creature spoke, his voice soft and clear voice.
"Greetings." Abidemi replied, sounding very much older and gravelly. 
"I was interested in knowing what you're doing out here, but I bet you'd just say something along the lines of 'hunting' before you'd carry on. I would however enjoy a deeper conversation wherein we would get to know each other."
Abidemi considered the available options. Answering, ignoring, running away, though that latter option was something their pride would not let them get away with.
"I'm good, thank you." Abidemi finally set and turned aorund.
"But are you? Good, I mean?"
Abidemi considered. The question was far deeper than a simple question to assess experience and aptitude. It seemed the creature would not back away.
"Can I have your name?"
"Volitio Nerano." the youth spoke, "What do you call yourself?"
"Many things." Abidemi smirked, "But you can call me Abidemi."
"Nice to meet you. I think I'll be joining you for a while."
Abidemi felt oddly perturbed by the thought, "Can you be quiet?"
"Certainly." Volitio answered. 

Volitio was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Volitio Nerano
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown-Grey Black
Personality: Volitio is an outgoing sort. He likes to talk and quip and generally enjoys to be around people. That doesn't mean Volitio can't be quiet, he certainly can stalk and track and catch a prey unaware. But it isn't fun to do that all day long. Still there was something about Abidemi that Volitio liked and he bonded the taciturn hunter. Volitio knows all there is to know about Abidemi but he isn't sharing that information. 
Parents: Stake x Aduri Nerano
Species: Avangaean Chyrith 
OriginAbstract Destiny
    *Night Vision
    *Thick Hide
    *Fire resistance



As it would have, Volitio and Abidemi travelled for a lot longer than the latter had intended to give consent to do. They travelled through many worlds and always worked for their meals and board and came to possess a mutual respect. So it was that they didn't need to sugarcoat nor mince words.
"Abidemi," Volitio said, "I have found someone I would like to pursue."
"Be my guest." the hunter answered and motioned for Volitio to embark on his own path.
Volitio shook his head and said, "There is much left for us to discover. But I wish for a small time of retreat in which I can pass my genes. I'm certain you have done the same when you were younger."
Abidemi knew the Avangaean Chyrith knew better but it was an urge Abidemi had seen in a lot of individuals. It must be normal.
"Go, I'll wait for you." 
"You have my thanks."

Lantessama Isle
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